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Humsafars 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with, KA justifying her act of sending Arzoo to Khurana and does drama of drinking poison. Sahir stops her and apologize her, and assures her that he won’t and leaves. After he moves away KA looks at Alvira. She says you were going to do a very good work. But Sahir stopped. KA drinks it while Alvira shouts not to. Then KA says cunningly that it’s not actually poison and boats about herself as usual. Alvira is unhappy.

Sahir enters his room, he finds a hair in his shirt button. He gets flashes of their hug. He wonders why he gets her memories always and why he can’t see her in tears, he decides that he shouldn’t get weak and jumps in his pool. He also gets flashes of his past. He gifts a car and how they shared a romantic moment, and finally her accident.

Aarzoo talks to her parrot about how comforting the hug was. She wonders how he came to hospital on Thursday. She feels that he might have come for us and goes to thank him. She goes and talks with him, Sahir says go away, and gets furious with her. She feels bad and looks at his blocking hands, he takes them off, and Aarzoo leaves looking at his wound on his back. She meets Alvira. She asks what happened, where’s Sahir. She says he’s in the dining table. Alvira asks her to serve food for Sahir. Arzoo tries to avoid the situation but Alvira insists. Sahir is at the dining table. Arzoo comes there with a tray. Sahir is shocked at seeing her smile at him, he imagines her feeding him roti. He asks why are you affecting me like this, I don’t want to bogey used to you. Coz I know getting out of a habit is very painful. Arzoo says that some habits are for good. The dream fades and he comes to reality to see Arzoo bring him burnt toast, he gets angry and shout at her. Arzoo is crying outside her house..(it’s indeed very devastating to see Arzoo broken like this). Sahir looks at her. He goes to touch her, at the moment he gets a call from the doctor. He informs that Zeenat is showing a sign of recovery. He leaves without looking at Arzoo. She wonders why is she behaving so weirdly with her.

Her granny comes there, she says that she knows everything. Arzoo is frightened how she knows. She says that she doesn’t have anything in her mind. She says its coz of Nausheen’s ailment. She consoles that she will be alright, and says that they’ll go to a mosque tomorrow. Arzoo says that she’ll be missed coz of office. Sahir informs Alvira that Zeenat is recovering, he says that he has to fulfill a promise given go her.

Precap: Aarzoo is thinking about Sahir and realizes that she is in love with him.

Update Credit to: Jyo_Veebafan

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  4. can anyone tell me at what time this series comes on tv. plz plz

  5. It is at 8:30 from Monday to thursday

  6. Wat will be the promise he gave to zeenat…zeenat luk somewhat similar to arzoo

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