Humsafars 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Humsafars 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with …doc checking Zeenat Sahir Khan’s reports …. as she lay staring blankly at the ceiling

….in another room in the same hospital…. doc tells Nausheen that she had suffered due to tension
Arzoo confiscates nausheen’s phone and warns her not to speak to sarfaraz as he was the one to give her tension
nausheen replies that he was still her shohar .. how could she not talk to him !!

Arzoo tries to persuade her against it.. bad mouths sarfaraz but right that moment Sarfraz’s
Second wife Farah arrives .. bad mouths nausheen …bad mouths nausheen’s children
accuses nausheen of meeting sarfaraz secretly at night ….

Farah says Nausheen was still his first biwi .. so she pleaded him

for money .. now she would put an end to this .. she warns nausheen that she would make sarfaraz divorce nausheen ‘
nausheen is redused to tears
arzoo is upset too .. she is in tears .. she walks thru the hosp corridoor heart broken .. next moment she spots sahir .. she runs to him .. hugs him tightly .. she howls loudly ..
sahir is taken aback with this ….. but unable to stop his arms from going around arzoo .. hugging her back .. supporting her as she wept inhis arms
..romantic BG song plays ..
in the next window Zeenat is seem lying on the bed staring blankly unaware that sahir is hugging Arzoo

slowly realisation dawns on Sahir .. he disengages his arms from around Arzoo ….. arzoo looks expectantly at sahir and is unable to understand why Sahir was leaving her after hugging her tightly ‘

in nausheen ‘s room she feels guilty for upsetting Arzoo
she tells arzoo that she did not invite Sarfaraz …. she had no option but to meet him …
arzoo tells nausheen that sarfaraz had always created problems for them .. now that they were slowly getting back on their feet over coming all problems he was back creating more troubles for them

soon alvira calls up asking arzoo about Nausheen .. she the asks if Sahir was there .. alvira is happy to know sahir had met arzoo at the hospital

arzo goes out of the room to meet the doc .. she reminisces Sahir hugging her tightly .. she misses him ..
right next to her .. in another room Sahir is seen sitting quietly with his wife Jannat as she stares blankly …

back at haveli
sahir is sitting deprssed .. worried .. lost in thoughts beside the pool
alvira comes there and asks how was jannat
she asks how was jannat ‘sahir replies that she is exactly as she was last 7 yrs
he went to meet her every friday expecting hoping for some improvement but his hopes were shattered

alvira assure him that the lord would bless then surely . then she asks if she met arzoo at the hospital .. sahir is surprised at this unexpected Qs

alvira the informs Sahir that arzoo did not go there on her own .. she was sent by Kurti apa .. just to make her aware of the guarded secrets of the family …..sahir is shocked and furious with KA

at the guest house Nausheen is back home . arzoo , myra , zara are there pampering her .. nausheen refuses to rest or take medicines . she asks for pakorey
arzoo taunts Nausheen bahanebaaz khan to stop disobeying her
arzoo declared she was pakka family baaz .. for her family came first .. she gives medicines to he mother
nausheen says sorry for upsetting her ..arzoo is loving and caring towards her ammi jaan

Else where in haveli ….Sahir confronts Kurti apa for sending arzo to the hospital ….. for trying to let arzoo know the well guarded secrets of the family ….reprimands her ….that a mother would never do such an action …..

KA then narrates that Arzoo came to her crying that her mother was very sick .. she needed doc’s services ,.. so she just gave her the doc’s referral .. she tried to help the girl but sahir always treated her like a servant .. always doubted her intentions …
KA pretends to get annoyed and hurt and goes away
sahir then feels guilty about hurting his kyrti apa

precap for tomorrow …. Sahir is in the swimming pool taking a swim .. arzoo comes ther and asks him if he visited the hospital just because of her ….sahir furiously orders her to get out …
arzoo tells him hesitantly that she came to thank him for ..
sahir slowly pins her to the wall….
Arzoo gets hyperventilation with excitement… being so close to hot looking Sahir

Update Credit to: sumana

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  1. Romantic precap!

  2. I don’t like humsafars because sahir has a wife.

  3. I love this show. Loving the oncoming tracks b/c its finaly different from other TV shows these days

  4. its no different as it has a negative character like all other Hindi programmes., why is nausheen so week . please make these women strong , she should give few solid lines to sarfraz and shut him up . egoistic pratt

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