Humsafars 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Humsafars 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir punishing himself with belt lashes for developing feelings for Arzoo and trying to get intimate with her.

Myra and Zara ask Arzoo to tell what happened when she was with Sahir alone. She tells them abou the incidents happened and says they got lost in jungle. Nausheen gets Sarfaraz’s call and goes out of room silently. He asks if she spoke to Alvira about his job. She says no as Arzoo had gone to Panchgani. He starts scolding her that she is of no use to him as a wife, taunts that she could not give him a boy child and can’t even get Sayyara job. Nausheen gets nervous and falls unconscious. Her family on floor and runs towards her. Arzoo checks her mobile and finds Sarfaraz’s call. She says daadi that they have to take ammi to hospital.

She sees Sahir and requests him to help her take her ammi to hospital. He does not reply anything and walks out. She clashes with Kurti while walking hurriedly. Kurti scolds her if she can’t watch and walk. Arzoo asks about Alvira. Kurti says madam has gone out. Arzoo says my mom has fallen ill and she needs to take her to hospital now. She calls Alvira. Kurti thinks she got a way to kick these bakris out of house now and says Arzoo that she will help her by admitting her mom to hospital. Arzoo thanks and runs towards Nausheen. Kurti thinks Arzoo will get Dr. Khurana thee who will tell her about Sahir’s secret.

Anam gets her informer’s call who informs her that Sarfaraz has 2 wives and he lives in Mumbai with his first wife Farah. She asks what is his first wife’s name. He says Nausheen Sheikh. Anam is surprised to hear that and realizes that Sarfaraz is Arzoo’s dad. Kurti comes there and says she has a good news for her. Anam says even she has one for her. Kurti asks her to tell her news first. Anam says she got a way to control Arzoo now. Kurti asks what does she mean. Anam says Arzoo is Sarfaraz’s daughter and she will make him dance to her tune and he will make Arzoo dance to his tune. Kurti says Arzoo’s mom got a heart attack and she sent Arzoo and her mom to Dr. Khurana, they will find Sahir and his secret there. Anam says we will send everyone to hospital then for a big drama.

Azroo and family takes Nausheen to the hospital and reaches Dr. Khurana’s cabin. Peon says Dr. is busy and they cannot him. Sahir is inside Khurana’s cabin who counsels him and asks him to be courageous.

Anam calls Sarfaraz’s house and speaks to his second wife Farah. She says she is shy to tell her some important thing. Farah asks her to be specific. Anam says it is difficult to forget first love, so Sarfaraz meets Nausheen even now. Farah says he does not even go out without taking her permission and says Nausheen must have done her black magic again and if she sees her, she will kill her. Anam says Nausheen is ill now and is in Dr. Khurana’s hospital, she should go and check if Sarfaraz is there with Nausheen or not.

Alvira comes homes. Kurti asks if she wants to know which hospital Arzoo took Nausheen to and says the one which Sahir goes every Thursday and says a man cannot escape from his past. She says today past will haunt Sahir and Arzoo and now Arzoo will not become this house’s bahu. She says Alvira that she won against her and warns not to come in her way.

Sahir comes out Dr. Khurajna’s cabin, Arzoo is busy requesting peon to let her in and does not look at him.

Precap: Arzoo hugs Sahir and cries. Even Sahir reciprocates by hugging her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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