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Humsafars 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir rescuing Arzoo from goon and beating him. Goon calls his friends and they start following Sahir and Arzoo. They both hide under tree. Arzoo hugs Sahir. Goon walk out from there after not finding them. First goon says they have to find out that girl as she was very beautiful and they cannot let her go like this. Another goon says they must have eloped from here. Arzoo sees Sahir holding her and nervously frees herself. She feels a pull and thinks he is pulling her near him. She turns back and sees him standing away, with her dupatta stuck in his watch. She frees her dupatta nervously.

Kurti asks Anam why is she tensed. Anam says she called Sahir’s hotel and receptionist told that they have not checked in at all yet. Kurti says that bakri/Arzoo has

started her game. Anam says she hates that Arzoo bi…..(sensored). Kurti asks her to go and rest and leave everything to her. She then thinks she has to take out her cards and show Arzoo Sahir’s past, so that she should keep away from him.

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Arzoo and Sahir are sitting under a tree. She looks at moon and says it is very beautiful. He says it has spots in it. She says it depends on individual’s view. He says it shows people’s betrayal. Arzoo says moon is a companion and walks with you wherever you go. He says when clouds cover moon, it leaves us before anyone does and says once sun comes, it leaves and in world there is noone who walks with you. She asks why is he having a bitter opinion about life. He says because he knows life well and it is gives only pain, she has to understand it. She says life gives pain and even happiness, we just have to change our views. He asks what does she know about life, howmuch life she has seen, with only book philosophy, she cannot describe life, one who has seen it knows it well. Arzoo says a girl who has lead life as an orphan even after having a father, one who has seen her mom leaving life alone and who has felt the burnt of life knows life well.

Kurti sees Alvira walking out of her room and enters it silently, starts searching her room, gets locker keys. She walks out and sees store room door open, sees a fire and thinks what is happening, sees Alvira burning pics.

Sahir sits silently under tree while Azroo goes alseep. She turns in sleep and holds his hand. He turns her back and sleeps next to her. Serial’s music….. plays in the background. He then sees leaves on her eye and picks it up, then gets conscious and gets up angrily. He picks up axe and walks from there.

Kurti asks Alvira how can she burn pictures. Avlira asks why she should not and asks her to save them. Kurti tries but unable to as they are burning already. Alvira says Kurti it is her dreams burning and says she cannot succeed in her dirty game, she will make sure Sahir forgets his past and marry Arzoo.

Arzoo sees Sahir angrily cutting tree and touches him. He holds her hair, asks her to keep away from him, and walks out from there angrily.

Precap: Kurti tells Anam that she has sent Arzoo and her family to a hospital as Sarfaraz is hospitalized.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. day by day its going quit sahir and azroo togeather.per wt will be sahir past.

  2. i love ths serial

  3. I luv arzoo and sahir..I think sahir was once married..which has spoiled all his hopes of life into darkness

  4. Praveen tripathi

    Sahir has already married

  5. yeah, dey look stunning together
    kuch achchha honeko hai
    want to knw his past desperately

  6. Can sum1 tell me that whether the show timing had changed?!! Like it was not shown on monday(17/11/2014)

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