Humsafars 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo informing her family about her panchgani fashion consul trip with Sahir. They all get happy and Zara says even she will accompany her. Arzoo says she is going there to work and leaves. They all wave her bye bye.

Sahir is waiting for driver. Arzoo comes and says they got a drive. She makes him sit in backseat and sits on driver’s seat. He asks if she will drive car. She says she could not get driver in such a short notice and says now that she is junior designer, he can trust him. He says ok and asks her not to drive car above 40 kmpl. She happily starts car and applies break seeing a truck ahead. He asks her if she really knows to drive. She says yes. She then starts honking and he asks her to overtake. She tries to overtake from left side and

he asks her to stop car. He then sits in front seat and says now she does not have to look backside now. She then starts FM and Baby doll mai sone di… song plays. He says it is very ugly song and asks her to stop music. She says she likes songs while driving and changes FM, but gets embarrassed hearing romantic songs in all channels and switches radio off. He says she had switching off option even before. Her phone rings. He asks her to pick it. She says she cannot pick while driving and asks him to pick. He picks call and switches on speaker. Daadi speaks and asks her to beware of Gabbar Chaudry as he may get attracted to her and says even he is handsome like Viraat Kohli and not to get attracted to her. Arzoo says her network is down now and cuts call. Sahir drops phone down and they both try to pick it and clash their heads. She gets shy, then starts car back and starts driving.

Arzoo stops car seeing a tea stall. He asks her why did she stop. She says she is getting sleep and wants tea, else she will make accident. He allows her to stop car. She gets out of car and starts yawning but stops seeing him watching her. She then orders tea and he orders black coffee. Tea vendor says he has only tea. She asks why he eats only burnt toast and black coffee. Car’s rolls back and falls from cliff. He asks why did not she apply hand break. She says she she forgot. He asks her to call office and get help. She says she cannot as even her phone was in car. He angrily looks at her and takes her to jungle in search of car.

Sarfaraz comes to Alvira’s house and calls Nausheen out. Nausheen comes out and asks why did he come here. Sarfaraz says because of your daughter, I lost my job from Sayyara and I am trying my best to get back in. He has brainwashed Anam, but she cannot convince Sahir, so he needs her help in convincing Alvira to talk to Sahir and get him back in Sayyara. Nausheen says she cannot. He warns her to speak to Alvira in 2 days, else he will create a problem. Anam sees them and thinks of checking what relationship they have. She then thinks of calling Sahir and check if he has reached fashion consul. His phone is out of reach. She calls hotel and asks if Sahir has reached there. Receptionist says he has not checked in yet. She asks about Arzoo. Receptionist says even she has not checked in.

Sahir and Arzoo continue walking in jungle till late night and they see a tent there with man. Sahir asks his help. Man says they can occupy his tent. Sahir goes to check tent. Man starts misbehaving with Arzoo and says he wants to sleep with her. He tries to touch her when Sahir comes on time, holds his hand and starts beating him.

Precap: Sahir sees Arzoo sleeping and pampers her romantically.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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