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Humsafars 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo sadly walking out of Sahir’s cabin after he accepts her resignation letter. She goes to beach first and enjoys cool breeze and then comes home and reminisces Alvira getting her home and praising her beauty. Sahir’s secretary gets Arzoo’s appointment letter and gives it to him. Arzoo reaches home and hears her family telling though they lost their Lucknow home, they got new home by god’s grace. She sadly walks back and starts crying vigorously. Sahir sees her crying. He gives her letter and asks her to sign it. She sees it is her promotion letter instead and gets happy. He says he prepared this when he got to know that she was the designer and wanted to teach her a lesson that only creativity does not work, marketing also plays a role.

He asks him to get ready for Panchgani fashion consul.

Avlira comes to kitchen and asks servant why did not he prepare food yet. He says Arzoo did not come to select menu. She says Arzoo has office work also. Anam comes and asks servant to prepare soup for her. Alvira asks the reason. Anam says she wants to maintain figure as she is going to fashion consul with Sahir. Alvira sends servant to bring her magazine and says she will prepare soup for Anam. She adds medicine in soup.

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Anam looks at her face in mirror and is shocked to see rashes all over her face. Sahir calls her and asks if she is ready for consul. She tells him about her rashes and says she cannot come as she is face of Sayyara.

Alvira thinks Anam has not come yet, so she must have gotten rashes for sure but thinks Kurti is also in her room, may be she will create problem. Arzoo comes and thanks her for getting her here and says Sahir promoted her as junior designer now and wants her to design panchgani consul clothes. Alvira gets happy and asks her to get ready for the consul meeting with Sahir. Zaki congratulates Anam for being promoted. She says she is going to panchgani with sahir. He congratulates her again.

Sahir sees Anam and tries to speak to her, but Kurti places veil in between him and Anam and says a woman is always worried about her face and cannot let anyone see her ugly, so he cannot see her. He asks Anam what about consul meeting. She says she is going for doc’s appointment now. Alvira comes there, says rash won’t clear for 2 days, and asks him to get Arzoo with him as she is his junior designer. Anam is surprised to hear that and asks Sahir how can he make such dumb girl as junior designer. Kurti backs her and asks Alvira how can be so sure that rash won’t go in 2 days. Alvira asks her to stop brainwashing her bahu. Sahir says he will go alone.

Arzoo reaches office. Linda asks where is she roaming around, Sahir will get angry if he sees intern missing. Arzoo says she is junior designer now. Linda gets happy. Sahir calls her and asks her to get driver in 5 minutes. Arzoo says she will become his designer.

Precap: On the way to Panchgani, Sahir orders black coffee at hotel. Owner says he has only tea. Arzoo asks if he does not have any goodness in life that he drinks black coffee and burnt toast. Car starts sliding and crashes with tree. Sahir gets irked seeing it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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