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Humsafars 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo writing her resignation letter. Sahir on the other side asks his secretary to get a contract for Arzoo and write a condition that she cannot leave Sayyara for 3 years. Arzoo reaches his office. Her colleague asks why did she come to office at this time. She says she did not work last month, so she came to work 2 hours OT every day. She then goes to Sahir’s cabin, keeps her resignation in his diary and thinks Gabbar Chaudhry will be shocked to see this.

Arzoo comes back to her outhouse and informs her family about her resignation letter. She says now we will go back to Lucknow. Daadi informs that we don’t have house as Farah (Sarfaraz’s second wife) forcefully evicted them from their house. Arzoo is shocked to hear that and asks Nausheen

if she is her step daughter that she did not inform erh about it. Nausheen says she is her trust and she cannot break it, she did not want to trouble her. Arzoo says she did not know Sarfaraz could stoop to such low level. Daadi says it is all her mistake that she transferred her house in Sarfarz’s name. Arzoo says he can remove from house but now ruin our fate. She hugs her whole family and cries, but runs to get back her resignation letter.

Anam asks her secretary to prepare her dresses as she is going to Panchgani with Sahir. Kurti comes there and asks her about it, and she informs she is going to Panchgani. Kurti says she wants all the bakris/Arzoo’s family get out of this house.

Kurti walks down murmuring that with her schemes, Bakris will be out. She clashes with Alvira. Alvira asks what is she murmuring. Kurti says her plan of getting Sahir and Arzoo married will not work. Alvira says she will get them married in front of her.

Arzoo runs towards Sahir’s cabin to get her resignation letter. She picks it and thanks god that nobody saw her letter. Sahir reaches his office and asks what is she doing. She says noting. He asks what is in her hands. She says fingers. He asks her to show her both hands and takes letter from her. He reads his insult in his letter, referring him as Gaffar Chaudry and asking him to try and sell even a tooth brush at Lucknow station. He further reads that she will murder him, etc, and is resigning from his work.

Kurti asks Alvira how will Sahir and Arzoo unite as Sahir is going to Panchgani. Alvira says it is good she informed her, now instead of Alvira Arzoo will go to Panchgani with Sahir.

Sahir asks Arzoo how can she write so bad about him. She apologizes. He says he accepted her resignation. She tries to speak, but he asks her to leave. She sadly leaves from his cabin.

Precap: Alvira mixes something in Anam’s makeup and thinks now Anam cannot go with Sahir. Anam wakes up in the morning and shouts looking at her pimply face in mirror.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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