Humsafar ~a twinj ff episode 24

Hey guys….
Back again….

Lets begin…..

Leap of 6 month….

There was hustle bustle in sarna mansion as it was sixth month birthday of Avashit nd twinj’s 3rd marriage anniversary…..everyone was busy in decoration nd preparation….

Next scene…
Twinj room….

Kunj was playing with Avashit wen twinkle came out of the washroom in a pink colour transperent saare….kunj saw her nd he lost her nd started moving toward her…..twinkle was getting ready when she felt two arms cagging her waist…..she smiled as was familier with the touch….kunj rested his head on her shoulder nd smelled her fragrance while twinkle smiled….twinkle asked kunj to leave her as she has to go down but kunj he kissed her neck than her shoulder while twinkle moaned…later kunj turned her nd she landed on his chest…kunj tucked her hair behind her ear nd kissed her cheeks…twinkle hugged him tightly so that he stops but kunj he cupped her face nd leaned nd captured her lios in a passionate kiss….the kiss lasted for 10 minutes … soon as they broke the kiss Avashit started crying…twinkle went to him nd took him with her nd they both went down….everyone wished them nd went to get ready for the function………..


Guest started coming nd everyone welcomed them….soon light went off nd twinj along with Avashit came down….They cut the cake nd feed each other ….later they took blessing from everyone nd sat down…

Yuhi came nd danced on baarish song from half girlfriend nd now they called twinj…twinj went on stage nd they both danced romantically on hareya song from meri pyaari bindu….

Guest started leaving nd now everyone had dinner nd went to there room…

Thats all…
Sorry could not extend it….
1episode more….
Will be back soon with a new ff …
Intro will be posted on sunday…
Love u all…

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  1. nice cute lovly epi

  2. Sohi

    Lovely episode
    Twinj romance was cut
    Waiting for new ff
    Do continue

  3. SidMin23

    Presha iam going to miss this ff so much glad u will be back with different one soon wait for Sunday to be published

  4. Yeyy girl u r a grt writter but dont u think u write same thing again and again i remember this scene it was in i belong to u and u belong to me atleast use some sense and write yrrr i know how much u people work hard to write a ff even i m a writer but i won’t reveal my name
    U always write same thing again and again atleast try something unique like kyristal purvi aamna( bestest writer of tei tu)
    There r also many writers who try thie level best and i know one day they will be also one of the best writer like tamanna adeeba ramya
    So please if u dont have idea about a unique ff leave TU yrrr

    1. Baby

      thanks for being sweet yaar………but
      whoever u are….or d rtr u are……
      but don’t say like dis dat she repeats things becoz I literally luvd it….n all luvd it…..
      I don’t think she repeated anything…….
      we found it cute n soo…hope u got my msg…. 🙂

    2. Purvi128

      Hey Zara..!!!
      Thanks for being sweet..! But that’s not the ryt thing..! You shouldn’t have done that..! It may have broke her heart and she must have felt bad..! I didn’t found it same..!
      I don’t know who you are..! And if u are the writer then you must encourage her so that she can improve her writings..!!
      Thanks for mentioning my name in the bestest writer but I personally feel there are many writers who writes better than me..! Like Ritzi,Tamanna, Paavu, nd most importantly Sara di..!
      You can’t say that to her to leave TU..!
      Uski jagah khud ko rakh ke socho..! Then you may feel that u hurt her..!
      Sorry, if I was rude!☺

  5. Superb episode yaar ???❤️????come back soon

  6. Baby

    preshu baby loved it yaar……♥
    srsly muuuaahhhh……♥
    osm speechless too cute…..♥
    d kiss n romance……..♥
    d cute way kunj was playing wid d baby……♥
    n also d cute sa episode…..♥
    loved it all…….♥
    lods of love…….♥♥♥♥♥♥
    will miss u for somedays hmm……. 🙂

  7. Ramya

    Awesome preshu
    Amazing one so cute
    Love you keep smiling

  8. Amazing episode mujhe ye ff yaad aayega presha??plz jaldi aana new ff lekar ????hum wait karege OK bye luv u????

  9. Twinj

    Hey presha
    Never mind zara’s word….views u know….but that’s not what I think…I loved it…n I mean it…
    cute asusal….u r an awesome writer…..Love’s ok u couldn’t extend it…seriously gonna miss it…seriously…..will be waiting for tye next fff…thank god u r posting it soon on Sunday…otherelse I would have gone maddd….

    1. Presha

      Sorry to break ur heart…
      No more ff by me…
      Sorry couldn’t help but today someone broke my heart not zara but someone else ….so its better i dont write anything….

      1. Twinj

        What did I read it right….no no no plzzzzzzzzzzz presha no u can|t stop writing…….no no no no….U have to write…plzzzzzzz this Sunday I will be eagerly waiting for the intro….plzzzzzzzzzz presha don’t say like…I am already depressed right now plzzzz don’t make me more depressed……I am sorry…I guess I am the one who broke ur heart…if tgat’s not me then also from the person who broke ur heart side I apologise but u can’t stop writing…plzzzz presha…plzzzz request plzzz

      2. Presha

        So sorry to hurt you nd to dipress u ..
        I m not leaving TU nd about writing i dont know…
        Hmm wait…
        Lets see

  10. Nice episode

  11. Purvi128

    Hey my butter cake Its awesome..!
    Never mind Zara’s words..! Whoever she is..! But u r really a great writer..!!!! Whoever broke your heart..! Tum uski wajah se hum sab readers ko to aesy nhi chod sakti na..! U have to post the intro of next ff..! Nd I promise I will comment in every epi..! I know I haven’t commented on many episodes..! I comment rarely..! Nd I m sorry for that..! Mujhe time nhi milta..! Pata nhi kyun..!!!
    Please preshu don’t be disheartened..! We all r here for u..! Forever..! So please..! Don’t feel bad….! I love you..! Nd u have to post the intro of other ff..!
    The epi was too cute..! Loved their romance..!! Amazing yarr…!!!
    I hope you don’t ignore what I said and post the ff…
    Love you ????

  12. aaj kal tu pe bohot hi kum writers hai.they r trying to keep twinj memories alive unn loko encourage karne ki jaaga discourage kar rehi ho.mujhe aisa kyu leg rehi hai the person who is creating so much negativity here is one person only and giving comments in different ids.
    presha don’t quit dr kya tum chahathi ho hum log twinj ko bhool jaya.just ignore those negative comments.u just look into the positive response u r getting.

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Cute lovely epi

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