Humsafar ~a twinj ff episode 20

Hey guys…..
Back again….

Lets begin guys….

One week later…..

Twinkle was coming down from the stairs when suddenly she started feeling pain in her tummy nd she started shouting as the pain was unbearable….everyone heard her shouting nd rushed to her….kunj reached her first nd carried her in bridal style nd took her down …..anand opened the car door nd twinj alond with yuvi drove to hospital while everyone after informing leela followed them…..

Twinj reached hospital nd twinkle was taken to labour room nd kunj was waiting outside restlessly hell worried while yuvi was consolling him….soon everyone came to hospital nd rushed to twinkles ward…they prayed to god for twinkle nd babies safety….everyobe was hell worried nd kunj was restless as it was his first child nd twunkle his love was in pain….

After half an hour….
Loud noise of crying of a baby is heard….
Everyone is hapoy hearing it…kunj has tears of happiness…dictor comes out nd kunj rushes to him nd blasted him with loads of question…while doctor replied saying both the mother nd baby is fine nd congratulation its a baby boy…..everyone hug eo in happiness nd congrats kunj…..

After sometime kunj went in twinkles ward only to see his love with there bundle of joy in her arms ….he went to twinkle nd kept is hand on her shoulder…she has a 440 volt smile on her face….he shows him there baby nd he smiles with tears…he kisses her nd baby’s forhead nd took his life in his arms nd the baby smiles….
They had some emotional sweet nd cute moment….later everyone else visited twinkle nd the baby….nd later twinkle nd kunj stayed as twinkle still need observation ….

At ni8….
Twinkle was sleeping nd baby was in baby cot nd kunj was on couch in the hospital room wen baby started crying… Both twinj woke up nd kunj gave baby to twinkle….twinkle feed the baby as he was crying nd kunj as a perfect father helped twinkle in changing babies diapper…..nd they slept after the baby was back to sleep….

Thats all….
Love u alll….

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  1. Superb episode yaar post soon give some baby and Twinj moments ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Nice one

  3. SidMin23

    This is cute love it presha wait for next part as how will twinj will be as parent do post soon.

  4. Sohi

    Sweet episode

  5. nice too cute n sweet epi

  6. hey preshu
    the shot was
    too good
    so sweet
    do continue
    and please
    post soon
    lots of love

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing cute lovely epi

  8. Twinjfan.tamanna

    This was so so cute! yaar itne sweet epis na diya kahin diabetics na hojaye! it was so sweet!
    Post soonest!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  9. Ramya

    It’s so cute
    Love you keep smiling

  10. Baby

    awwww preshu….♥
    jst soo sweet….♥
    soo cute….♥
    loved it….♥
    lods of love…♥

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