Humsafar ~a twinj ff episode 10

Hey guys…
Back again…
Thank u for ur comments though it has been decreased …
I just got 10 comments in 2 days…
I think i write very bad…
So thinking to end this ff in next 5 episodes…
Well lets move to the episode…

Leap of 1 month…
Kunj pov…

It has been 1 month to my nd twinkles endagement… Nothing has changed between us.. But our bond has grown… We have came close nd the best thing from tommorow our wedding preparation will start i mean weeding function….
Just some more days nd twinkle will be mine … Mine forever….

End of pov…..

Twinkles pov…

Hmm sitting near the mirror nd blushing madly looking at my engagement room nd smiling sheepishly …. I do it everyday.. It has been a month for my engagement with kunj … Nd i m very happy for that… Iss ek mahine ne meri puri zindagi badal di… Kunj aur mera relation ek step aage gaya …. Hamare beech k distance kam hua comfort level bada nd the most important we r gonna get married… Preparation h ll se function start ho rahe h kl se… Nd its just some days left for me to become MRS. TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA ????



Both the families r together disscusing the rituals nd place where the function is to be done… All r having family moments… This relation of twinj is relly gonna be the happiest moment in both the families…
Everyone disscused the venue nd went to had dinner… They dine together nd left for there respective place…

Thats all….

Precape: marriage function begins…

Ok guys…
Surprise was twinj marriage to begin…
Nd i think the shock was ending of my ff…
Do share ur veiws hw was the episode…
Love u…. ?????

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  1. SidMin23

    First is shocking that your going to end it at least make it to 20 episode and I hope people do comment so that writer will be encourage to write more episodes was marvelous as always twinj pov was nice donpost soon.

  2. Twinjfan.tamanna

    pretty it was awesome yaar! just so beautifully written! and plz don’t end yaar plz! I love this ff yaar! its so,cute!

    With love,
    Urs Tamanna

  3. anushka shetty


  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing

  5. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Amazing epi presha….
    Ur surprise was fab Finally Twinj wedding….
    PR shock Ni achaa tha
    BT don’t end it yrr…
    Post soon
    Love you ????

  6. Wat????? u r going to end ur ff noooooooooooo plzzzzzzz bujji don’t take such type of decisions plzzzzzzz
    U do continue bujjji plzzzzzzz
    And today’s episode was awesome superb dear I loved it a lot
    Nd don’t u dare to end ur ff samji

  7. Twinj

    Hey presha
    That’s so unfair yaar I was confused with the but never expected that u would give a 440 volt jathka…..u r ending it…not fair enough…plzz yaar don’t end it…we love ur writing….awww marriage track is awesome….just few days left to be mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna….so cute…loved it…plz post soon n try not ending it plzzzzzzz

  8. Anshikajainn

    Yrr it was awesome but please don’t end this ff

  9. Baby

    ohhh god preshu ♥
    amazing dear…too cute jst sooo sweet plss sad mat ho dear….dekh na koi aajkal post bhi toh nhi kar rha huch tei page pr…..
    koi aayi nahi rha kya karaien plsss sad mat ho baby….
    loved it…though ♥
    I was too cute….. 🙂
    lods of love………….♥♥♥

  10. Mia12

    Oyeh janu ki bacchi,,??????
    Kamini kya bola be tune 5 epi mai hi end kardegi tu how dare u,,???????
    Or esa kyu lagta hai tuje ki tu buri likhti hai khyali pulao pakana band kar,,????
    Tu janti hai na ab TU mai exam ke liye ajkal koi visit nai karta,,???..So upset mat ho ok muje bhi to cmnt nai milta to kya mai likhna band kar dia nai na,,?? Ab chil mar ok or ajke epi to bhtttt hi beautiful tha meri janu ki tarah,,??????? Twinj povs I Love it janu,,❤❤❤❤❤❤ Can’t wait 4 the next jaldhi post kar,,??? or ha jaldhi end mat kario ok warna tu smhle ok,,???

  11. Hey presha sorry for not commenting in previous episode because I m busy in my cousin brother wedding plz don’t end this ff kesh ne bola ki tum bura likhti ho ??? u r best your ff also plz don’t end

  12. it has got a good plot I feel you are trying to rush with the writing so may be that is a drawback to your ff

  13. Ramya

    Preshu u r bad very very bad
    U r ending itt I’m miffed wid u
    Go I won’t talk n uu saod it is shocking na
    Den let me clear ye shock nahi heart attack hai u know heart attack
    Are don’t end itt na plshhhhhhhhh
    N surprise was so lovely but shhock nahi
    Well don’t end na plsss
    N sry for late comment
    Love u keep smiling

  14. Sohi

    Nice episode

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