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Chapter six

chapter 6



Soo here it is ….

Swara’s pov

Tomorrow is teej festival …oo my god!! How could I forget it…
God knows …next thing striked my mind …
I was locked up in the room since two days , how should I face everyone they will be worried about me. I was just thinking about myself I was just soo selfish and my baby I didn’t even think about her I am soo bad mother…

Then again I remembered sanskars words and my mood went off thinking why didn’t he didn’t believe and still he thinks the same about me … he knew I loved him to the core …why didn’t he trust …I know he loves ragini but he was not that blind in love…
I then composed my self …. WHATEVER THE REASON IT IS …I JUST HATE HIM….

End of pov…

All the raizada were in hal expect arradya and aarav…
“I have made all the attempts to tell aadya that swara is playing hide and seek game…finally after lots of time she agreed..pheww but I am worried about swara she locked her self in room for two days”parineeta said worriedly
‘I know’ sujhatha said sadly…

“This all because that kapoors but this girls want us to work with them like realy” laksh said irritated..
“yes laksh I agree with you why she is hurting herself like this and this decision wasn’t necessary shonna is really mad I need to talk to her” said aadrash worried
“We need to know the truth and today I am gonna ask her and she has to share her worries with us” said sujhatha while crying

“we will but we have to be careful with our daughter “ said ram
Looking up at the family members they all agreed with that then they heard swara voice
“maa” said swara seeing sujhatha
Sujhatha immediately took her in a bear hug and patted her hairs with motherly effection….

Sanskar’s pov…

I know I was rude at you swara I should have said but that is not the way you talk with samaira she too good too you…she asked me many times too find you and forgive you cause she knows how much I loved you…
But you just cheated on me swara..your are a lier…
Samaira was right about you if you had loved then you would just have justified yourself proved yourself innocent but you didn’t you choose to leave me alone leave me all alone…
Then it striked me it was teej where we both used to fast for each other still I fulfill my promise swara…
This teej I am atleast happy too see you safe and happy and I will surely keep this fast swara…maybe you don’t but I will always love you swara…

End of pov..

Somewhere in the city …. In the dark room … A person is taking in phone

“I hope you do your work properly “ the person said…

“yes mam “ said someone…

Wait and watch swara your game is over ..tommorows teej is gona be wonderfull she started laughing evilly


Who is it any guesses..

If then drop your comments …

Thank you everyone for sparing your valuable time and reading this ff and commenting on it …it means a lot to me..

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I hope you like this teaser…

I know it is short teaser…I will try to make it upto in update…

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  3. nice update soon

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    Awesome very nice….. Still sanskar is just thinking only in his pov…. Idiot…. I think that person is samaira…..

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    It’s Samaria or rajbeer ( swara ‘ s bro)

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    i hate ppl who made conclusion without asking, just kinda sanskar did.. grrrrr..
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