Humsafar-SWASAN (One Shot)


Hii everyone before starting with os. This is not the same Humsafar FF written by me but a different one with different concept 🙂
Hoping you all will like it


A man around age of 28 is standing near the cliff end of the mountain and enjoying the scenery with a pleasant smile on his face and closed his eyes to feel the fresh air aroused around him…the serene smile didn’t leave his face…he just took out phone and saw his screen lock ..
“Swara, I know it has been two years since we got married and still I didn’t confess my feelings to you. I am your beast and you’re my beauty swara and I know you’re waiting for me to trust you and love you like I do…..”He was about to continue further with his talk with photo he was interrupted by the phone call…
On the other way if it would have been any other caller he would have make sure his life is at stake as it broke his beautiful trance…but..But …he smiled seeing the caller id name …It showed the name swara who rules his heart, his mind and his soul completely..Inshort his lifeline and only hope to lead his rest of the life peacefully …
“Sanskar, where are you?”(Yes it is Sanskar Maheshwari)He heard her asking and grinned sensing her getting worried for no reason..
“Swara..jaan, I am a near the cliff at the end of the city I showed you and please get ready as I have kept your dress packed at your wardrobe”he said and sensed his wife pouting and with a little frown he knew he missed his wife doing those cute antics and he was not there to cherish the moment
“Jaan, don’t give work to your chotu sa brain go get ready” he said
“sanskar..”she chided like a kid
“Now go jaan shuu..I will be waiting”he said while chuckling at his wifes cute antics…and cut the call…
He again saw the screen lock in which swara looked a beautiful bride avatar…
“Today your only beast will confess his love to you , swara” he said while kissing his phone and closed his eyes …
Remembering the moment they met, they got married…he was lost thinking he did some good deed to deserve her…


A girl was walking out of the elevator and was murmuring something to herself
“Swara , you’re gone get fired today..Why god ..Why me..This traffic uff ..Seriously boss is not gonna listen to my excuse now he is soo strict …bappa (oh god) please save me” she murmered to herself
Suddenly she bumped into someone and she was about to fall…
That person caught hold of her waist and was holding her tightly …
She was soo lost in those mesmerizing eyes she wished time would stop at that moment …when she realized her position she tried to move away but hold on her waist become tighter…that person lean
Near her and whispered
“Beautiful” his trance broke when he got a phone call..
He slowly made swara stand and started talking on phone still holding swara by her waist..swara tried to getout of his grip but he didn’t leave her…after some time she observed that the persons hold was getting loose she took a chance and escaped from there…
Swara reached her office cabin put her belonging and took relief as she remembered her encounter with that weird person..
“bappa(oh god), who was that person such a weirdo”she thought and started working..
On the other hand..
The person was just reminiscing the moments he was smiling and grinning …
“I have to find her man at any cost…she is my prized possession” he thought himself
Thinking that he reached the someone’s cabin..
He was shocked to see his angel his prized possession over there taking some notes over dictation..
She looked cute with the frown on her face..
His trance broke ..when he heard someone calling him
“Sanskar , man after a long time” said the other person said giving sanskar a bear hug
“sahil, hii man yes after a long time” he said while gazing on swara contioniously…
Swara was stunned to see sanskar and being addressed by her boss…Sahil observing this sent swara to her cabin whereas swara signed in relief but didn’t knew what has future store in for her…
“sahil, who is this girl?”sanskar asked
“oh, she is swara my personal assistant”sahil said
“Swara ,my angels name is swara”he thought and smiled
He got angry thinking about swara working under sahil as his assistant thinking about it his blood got boiled and anger reached it peaks …whatever happens he will make stop working under him and him and make swara his ..sanskara thought…

24 hours later..

“Who the hell are you ?where are you taking me?”Asked the girl
Who was being dragged by someone…he made that girl sit into the car and he himself sat in the car… the girl tried to escape but of no use because all the car locks were automatic and were not opening…
“Swara , jaan no use of wasting your energy ,you’re not gonna be released till we get married ..that is today only”he said
“sir, why are you doing this to me” she asked feeling afraid and was sobbing contionously..
When the other person leaned towards and caressed her face with his finger…meanwhile swara closed her eyesfeeling his breath faning on her face she breathed heavily..he leaned more closure to her
“Jaan, it’s not sir for you, it is sanskar, sanky whatever you want to call me” he said and kissed her cheeks and started driving again
He stopped at the temple..and looked at her her eyes were swolen
“This wrong”she said meekly..
“I know I am forcing myself onto you but can’t help jaan..i cannot even let anyone take you away from me..”he said and dragged herin the temple..swara tried to protest but all in vain..
Soon they got married..sanskar catch hold of her wrist and started dragging her..
“My parents will be waiting please let me go”swara tried to protest once they sat in the car…
“Jaan , I know you are orphan you don’t have anyone in this world I promise you swara I will never let you cry and give all the happiness you deserve..”he said while taking her into his lap ..
Whereas , swara gasped at the little information like how did you get to know this information…her trance broke when she saw him tying seat belt around them she tried to get out but all I vain when she heard him saying..
“Jaan , no use of wasting your energy and don’t give your chotu sa brain that work.. I had kept a detective to find the information about you…”he said
Swara was shocked with revelation, she didn’t knew why sanskar got married to her..she was shocked how a person can love her love at first sight and then get married forcefully …that doesn’t mean she didn’t believe fairytales but she was not able to know her feeling and yet confused..She was too attracted to his charm..But never in life wanted to get married…thinking that she didn’t know when sleep consumed her..She slept hearing his heartbeat peacefully…sanskar saw her sleeping and smiled within himself..
Sanskar somehow managed to take his sleeping beauty into the mansion and made her sleep in the room…he just tried to remove her jewelry except mangalsutra and vermilion..He just adored his sleeping beauty…

Sanskar’s pov..

Oh my god swara, my jaan is looking so beautiful and serene in sleep.. I know I married her forcefully but what can I do I had left with no other option left…the moment I saw her I was so lost in her.
This something different feeling, I just want to keep her for myself, If it would have been anyone like my previous one night stands that doesn’t have any kind of feelings for anyone..I don’t want to hurt swara but can’t see any one snatching her away from me…
I had appointed a detective to find her whereabouts I got to know she is orphan…no one can understand it better than it knowing having no one whom you can say that is your family…all the family relatives were back off my money and properties .huhh…
I promised that I will fill that void space in her life.. I will be love of your life…

End of pov..

Sanskar saw Swara was sleeping peacefully he went near took her in arms and slept peacefully after a long time..
At morning..
Swara snuggled more into him..she felt something hard..listening to heartbeat …she felt little comfortable listening it..she smiled little but something strike her ..she open her eyes meekly to register everything happened last two days…she woke up with a jerk but she fell on top of him again..he nuzzled in her hairs and inhaled her smell
She gasped little at his actions she realized their position sensing him bit losing his grip she just pushed him and got from the bed with a jerk
“What are you trying to do, haa?” she asked him in rage yet shivering..
He got up from bed and moved towards her slowly and she was moving back with same pace till she got hit wall and he got a chanced took her in a hug and started nuzzling and giving wet kisses on her neck..she just catched his collar ..and closed her eyes shivering a bit..
“I am your husband jaan, I can do anything with you”he said
She pushed him gaining sense..
“No , forced marriage…your are not my husband ..i don’t accept this marriage…”she tried to move here and there and finally she was about to go out off mansion..
He catch hold of her hand and pulled her with a jerk
“help”… “help” she shouted and started crying..
He again took her in his arms and hugging her may be trying to comfort her…he started nuzzling in her arms…
“you’re lawfully wedded wife…this is our home and you will find no help cause we are far from city and only my man watchman will be there but he is my man no one can take you out from this home expect me…”he said actually whispered near her ear softly..
He lifted her in arms and she wiggled a little in his arms..
“NO , moving jaan orelse I’ll bite you every where”saying this he smirked and she was just shocked and didn’t try to move…
He dropped her in the room
“Jaan, there is a wardrobe inside I have made it for you you can go wear anything your comfortable in, I know you didn’t eat properly soo I’ll bring something to fill your tummy” saying this he saw swara was about protest
“If you don’t follow what I say I will do what I said just now” saying this he smirked and showed wardrobe way to swara she nodded and left …smirking at his actions he too left to bring breakfast….
Swara was shocked to see the wardrobe as he has got every single thing from sarees to comfortable pyjamas
She quickly got freshen up and changed into kurthi and legging …she peeked out saw no one there she searched for mobile but all in vain..when she heard a voice saying
“you won’t find any phones , jaan..don’t waste your time”saying this sanskar smirked..she saw him getting aloopoori her favourite as breakfast
If it would have been another day she would have been eating it,..but she was not interested but was hungry too…
“and this is for you showing aloopoori , specially made by me taste it and say how is it jaan” saying this he smiled
Swara was little hesitant to eat , sanskar observed this and
“jaan , do you want me to do ..what I said”he asked innocently
“if not eat”he repeated again, swara nodded and started eating
And finished it in one goo, sanskar thought being his wife she has to live in this house …he showed her every hook and crrok of the mansion and clearly mentioned her that she has no escape as camera’s are fixed everywhere and the fencing of wall is full of current circuits..she lost her hope of leaving this home…
Night arrived she started shivering his mere thought of touch in whole day he was to cosy and gave several bites of kisses..
After dinner she sat on bed with this thoughts and he went to change…
Seeing her shivering…he just catch hold of her hand and then he sat beside her
“I know swara , you must be hell scared what will happen I will never do anything without your consent and till I realize what actually my feelings for you are”he said caressing her knuckles and saw her seeing with shocked expression he then smiled and kissed near knuckles
“I know I married with you forcefully and making you stay in house alone forcefully…what to do swara I am obsessed with you I liked you swara and I can’t let anyone take you away from me..not even you swara..and I can’t promise to keep my hands away from you but trust me I will not cross my limits” saying this he locked her lips with his slowly kissing her and deepening the kiss assuring in his way that she is with him always forever…
Swara was shattered but didn’t utter a word she know her life and accepted it somewhere…
Her trance broke when she saw him making her sleep with him and resting her head on his chest..
“good night , jaan now go sleep”he whispered and then she slept in his arms peacefully …

Flashback end

I know swara you do love me and the patience and love you showered this two years now your wait is over swara…
“sanskar” he heard someone calling him he knew the owner of this voice he smiled within himself..he immediately turned towards her and went to that girls and took a bear hug
“Jaan , finally you came” he said with happiness and kissed her cheeks..
“yes, sanskar and what is this”she said while seeing around the cliff was decorated beautifully ….immediately sanskar went on his knees and took out a box of ring..
“swara, jaan I know I married you forcefully and finally fell for you in this two years. The beast in me died swara with your love and care I am healed swara, I know I did wrong with you..please give me a second chance and marry me again and I will announce it publically you’re my wife and I trust you and finally I love you, I love you..I love you swara”he shouted at top of the voice…
But was shocked when he heard some thud sound and he just numbly touched his left side and saw the blood oozing out and then again at the same place the gun was shot again…he saw swara with questioning and lovable eyes and was numb how to react….
{yes it was swara}
He saw swara standing with gun in her hands and shot him thrice and he didn’t react and was too numb…he saw her smirking and saw her sitting with support of her one knee and bent towards him..
“You must be wondering y I did this to you …if I wanted to kill you why didn’t I do before right…”she said and observed him giving a pain look..
“This is what I wanted to do , you propose me and then I will give you the same pain you gave to my soulsister my one and only kavitha di…do you remember her and what you did to her” she said with full rage..
Sanskar was confused at start but when he heard kavitha’s name he was startled just because of his stupidity then and he acted as he loved kavitha in his college days and just used as his lust satisfaction and one day she came with a news being pregnant and if he would not accept her she would go take support of media and complaint in police..sensing his reputuation in stake he got her killed with his man..
“Remembered ? kavitha di and I were in same orphanage we were like soul sisters when you killed my sister I was out of station …and I planned this I joined your friends company know you would come one day…I thought of seducing you and then gaining trust by you made my work easier you liked me and in this I waited for you to trust me..”saying this she got up and turned back and was going away when she heard him saying
“swara, I know I hurt you a lot and I accept this punishment from you and this is what I deserve please ask your sister and the god to forgive me”
saying this his breath got heavier and died.
she just turned and realized at that moment she loved him truly but it all started with revenge plan but in this process she really loved and care for him which was real…
she turned and saw him lying lifelessly on the ground..she ran towards him took him into her lap and started rubbing his heart and hands
“sanskar , I know I am late at realizing please get up , give me a sign that you are alive..Please sanskar get up” she cried hard and the moment she realized he died , she took out her gun and shoot herself..
“I am coming to you sanskar..maybe because me we can’t meet here but we will meet in other world atleast” saying this she took a last breath…


Hehe ,I hope I entertained you with this os .
I am really sorry beforehand if I hurt you 🙁
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