Humsafar: swasan ff by Malika Part : 2 (Last Part)


I’m sooo sorry guys…. I know I have not updated my ff from a long time…. But I’m becoming lazzyyyyy…. Sooo here is the last part…… Of hamsafar story…. I hope you all love it…. And thank you all for your support and love…. So let’s start:

Swara reluctantly  goes to Karachi,  on her friend’s  advice,  to visit her estranged husband  to seek financial assistance for the  treatment  of their daughter Isha,  who needs an open heart surgery.  At first  sanskar refuses to help but later he relents  and moves both swara and Isha in his house.  Sanskar and swara play doting  parents in Isha’ s presence.  Ragini spot sanskar  with his wife and daughter at a restaurant.  After making  comments that sanskar,  she leaves angrily and called sujata who is attending  a conference  in new York. Sujata quickly  return and threatened  to throw swara back in the streets  of karachi again. But swara threatened back and tell her that she would tell sanskar the true about what happened that night. Sanskar tells ragini that he never had any feeling  for her and suggest  her to move on. Laksh arrives from America and blackmail  sujata by saying that he will tell sanskar the truth about swara ‘ s innocence,  if ragini does not marry him. Sujata insist  ragini to get married to laksh and that after a few months  she will get them divorce and get her married to sanskar but ragini and her mother refuses.  Isha’ s operation is successrful . Sanskar finds himself redeveloping feeling for swara.

Laksh visits sujata and threatened  to reveal  the truth to sanskar.  When sanskar  confront  sujata about laksh,  she lies that laksh wanted sanskar and swara to get divorce. Sumi is distressed  to see ragini in depression. Sanskar attempts  to reconcile  with swara for the sake of their  daughter  but swara reject  him,  deciding  to leave Isha in his care.  Swara says good bye to her sleeping daughter. Laksh visits sanskar to tell him the truth,  but sanskar angrily  slaps him and has security  escort  him out.  A desperate  sanskar remember  the romantic moments that he and swara had together.  He discovered swara’ s original  notes that she left behind  four years  ago and find out the truth.  Sanskar  overhears his mother’s  phone call with laksh,  revealing their duplicity.  Sujata stumbled  upon swara ‘ s letters and is very distressed that her son had finally knows the truth about what did to him.  Ragini commits suicide,  leaving her mother alone. Sanskar  goes to Hyderabad to get swara back.  Sanskar accused  sujata of destroying his happy  life that he and swara had and blames himself  for not trusting  his wife. Distraught sujata loses her sanctity  when confront  by the illusion  of her dead husband,  ragini and swara. Sanskar attempt  to reconcile with swara and ask swara  to take him back and begs for her forgiveness. Swara finally takes him back. Three months later,  the climax sees sanskar and swara  being a happy  family.

So here is the final part.  I’m soo sorry for late update. I hope you all didn’t forget  this ff….. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous diwali….

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  1. Jazzy

    First of all belated happy diwali to u
    Where u disappeared suddenly
    Today’s part was awesome
    And when r u updating raglak ff ???

    1. Malika

      Same to you too sister… Soory yr koo I didn’t disappear hahahhhhh… I was very busy that’s why…… Thank you soo much for your lovely comments. Raglak ff will be posted along with ragsan ff. ….don’t worry……

  2. Deeksha

    Nice dear…..

    1. Malika

      Thank you sister for your lovely comments and I’m really sorry for not commenting in your ff. Well…… Don’t worry I will read it soon…… As I can’t miss any ep…

      1. Deeksha

        Read it…. I already posted it…..

    1. Malika

      Thank you sister yes I’m the same one in wattpad. Well… Must say your ff and writing skill is awesome. And thank you soo much for your lovely comments

  3. Radhika..

    Belated happy diwali di and the part is amazing . and at last swasan united.and don’t worry about ff firstly enjoy ur married life than think about ff. And laziness due kar lo di the ff is amazing not ff but two shots. Loved the story . come back soon with raglak ff waiting for it . love u di and miss u soon vala much and ur writing too…..,. Love u?????

    1. Malika

      Yeah yeah not ff but shots. And yes raglak and ragsan ff will come together …and I will hbe to reupdate raglak ff as the story is changed….. Well why don’t you come in wattpad it’s really awesome…. And yes you also update your ff.. Hmm swasan…. Yes… Love you yr……. Choti

  4. it was amazing

    1. Malika

      Thank you soo much myna…. For your lovely comments. Keep smiling and stay bless

  5. Mahjabeen

    Huhhh u posted aftr a long time mallika…awesome it ws..loved it

  6. Arshaanya

    Loved it

  7. Wow loved it I come from Pakistan and I love this drama a lot I didn’t even thought that this drama could be done on Swasan and that also so nice wow ❤️

  8. Wow Di.. Superb …I loved it Di. Happy belated Diwali Di and Please post next part of Raglak Ff?
    Love u loads Di..
    Keep Smiling

  9. nice

  10. Kakali

    Waaa!!! Di love it… it was like m travelling in Rajdhani expresss …. huhuhuhu… thnk u.. ;-*

  11. Amazing

  12. Shrinjal

    Dii dis is really really amazing????????? loved it like….!!!?

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