Humsafar- SWASAN (chapter 8)

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Recap: swara fainted….


All took swara to her room and called doctor check her..
Doctor arrived soon and checked her condition…
“Can I know did she eat properly from 2 days?” doc said
“No, doctor she didn’t “ parineeta told
“That’s the reason she fained her B.P is low “ doctor said
“Ok” said sujhatha
“Is swara having some depression cause..i can see her face pale” doctor askedc sujhatha
“NO doctor she doesn’t have any depression but she was upset from last two days” said sujhatha worriedly
“Ok I have prescribed some medicines and make sure a she eats something “saiying this doctor left…
After some time…
Sujhatha and parineeta were preparing food and soup for swara
When aadya came there asking for swara.
“nauu (sujhatha), mumma where is mumma” asked aadya
“she is in her room aadya , she is not well naa don’t disturb her” said sujhatha
Hearing that swara was ill , aadya immediately ran towards her room despite not listening to what her nauu was saying…
Aadya entered swara room tiptoed and went towards her bed where swara slept she slowly sat on bed near where swara was sleeping peacefully…
That little angel of her mom started caressing swara’s hair and she kissed her forehead…
“Mumma, I know your upset that pappa is not coming from his office .. I will pray to god he come back soon and you will be fine then…” as soon as aadya said that
Swara opened her eyes and got up slowly from her place and showed her open arms to aadya …
Aadya immediately went up to hug her mother happily where as swara was emotional seeing her daughters care..
“aadu beta you will not leave your mumma naa?” swara asked her
“nope mumma “ she said while nodding her head in no …
“I love you aadu baby” swara said pulling her cheek and kissing her cheeks..
“I love you too mumma” aadya said swara jumping on her and giving her a hug…
Their moment were broken when aarav came to swara room and asked her to play with him…
While going aadya gave her cheeky sound kiss on swara’s chhek and left from there….
All were in swara room convincing her too eat something ….but swara being swara was too adamant too eat…
“Noo means no maa , I don’t want to eat” saying this swara pouted
“shonaa listen eat it naa” ram said to convince her and sitting beside her…
Swara was not listening to anyone over there ….all were like pleading her but none was usefull…
Swara and raizada’s were busy is convincing …..when they heard a voice..
“swara” said a person….
She stood there with a box in her hand and she smiled at everyone when they saw her and went near her…
“Ragini , you here how come?” asked sujhatha.
“Actually got to know that Barbie “ all saw her with confused expression when ragini again rephrased the word
“ I mean swara is ill ..soo couldn’t stop myself from visiting her” said ragini
Then ragini saw towards swara and said I know your angry and upset with me Barbie but please don’t punish me like this …
I’m sorry what happened back then..i know I am worst bff ever but please swara don’t stop talking to me…
I promise , please barbiee.
Its been ages since ragini called swara baribiee….they both knew they both were victims …they both love each other the same way back then and now too…
It is said that friendship is that bond which cannot be forgetted …though they will be parted for sometime but it can be recreated with in minutes…
Same happened with swaragini …they friend ship was alive again…
“ I thought to give chocolate cake , that too baked by me to you Barbie, but no worry’s “said ragini opening the box she brought..
Swara rolled her eyes at ragini
“Nope who said I don’t want to eat” swara said
“You, just when I was coming I heard…right aunty” ragini said while asking sujhatha..
Ragini was about to close when swara snatched it from ragini and started eating
“ Candy… you know I missed this chocolate cake soo much especially baked by you” swara said happily relishing the cake
“ what only cake? Not me” sayin this ragini pouted
Swara immediately looked up and saw ragini and kissed her cheeks
And said
“ I was missing you too”
With this they both shared the cake along with raizada family and talked happily with eachother and spent some quality time together …though aadya was also there ragini didn’t knew about her being swara and sankar’s daughter
With this ragini left from raizada’s mansion …promising that she will be there on the function and left from there….
Swaragini were happy and content with the thing that they are back together and their friends again and will not leave each other side…


Sanskar was sitting in his room ….

Sanskar’s pov…

I know I was rude at you swara I should have said but that is not the way you talk with samaira she too good too you…she asked me many times too find you and forgive you cause she knows how much I loved you…
But you just cheated on me swara..your are a lier…
Samaira was right about you if you had loved then you would just have justified yourself proved yourself innocent but you didn’t you choose to leave me alone leave me all alone…
Then it striked me it was teej where we both used to fast for each other still I fulfill my promise swara…
This teej I am atleast happy too see you safe and happy and I will surely keep this fast swara…maybe you don’t but I will always love you swara…

End of pov..

Somewhere in the city …. In the dark room … A person is taking in phone
“I hope you do your work properly “ the person said…
“yes mam “ said someone…
Wait and watch swara your game is over ..tommorows teej is gona be wonderfull she started laughing evilly

Precap: truth revelation and swasan confrontation

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