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Sanskar’s pov

I was in my room….I just walked towards the closet where I kept all the belongings of swara though I tried to remove everything of her in my life but I couldn’t …
I have treasured her mangalsutra ,her vermillion box, the ring which I gave and out photographs safely in my locker such that no one would see it…..
I then caressed her mangalsutra and her picture in which she is making cute pout …then I saw the photo’s which just swept my feet I was shocked to the core …..which just changed my world …
I just forcefully closed everything and kept inside the cupboard ….
How could she do that .. I loved her soo much but she just cheated me ….she just proved that she is same as her brother….
Swara I can never forgive you never ….
Then I heard ragini calling me downstairs to have dinner I just declined saying I was ill but she forcefully took me to dining area
When I was walking downstairs realization struck me that dad is hurt by my earlier behavior and about the deal …I was sure it was called off…
I went and sat on the dining table and I observed that dad had stopped eating and was about to get up…
“Dad please look I am sorry for whatever happened but please don’t leave food in the middle”I said
“what do you expect Mr. Sanskar kapoor” dad said
I just closed my eyes …he is just too hurt with me…he was always proud of me…but for the first time he is ashamed of me such that he called me by my name he never does that ….all because of you swara I can never forgive you for this…
“Dad please “I tried to please him..
“Sanskar I was proud of you and my upbringing but you proved me and your mom that we are failures thank you for making us realize” dad said with little choke in his voice…
“What happened, why are you saying like this?”Mom asked with concerned voice…
Then dad narrated the whole story to mom and ladoo
They were numb I know I felt ashamed of myself…
I tried to justify myself….
“Mom …I…I “stammered
“Sanskar your dad is right you failed us today…I always thought you to respect women but you …” she said and started crying..
Before I could go near mom and console her …laddoo went near her…
“No bhai don’t …not today because your wrong bhai not today but few years back I thought you are angry on rajbeer soo taking out on swara but today you crossed your limits bhai” she said when she saw me approaching near mom…
Then all left to their respective rooms… giving me angry glares…

Next day evening >>>>

All were giving me silent treatment since yesterday night …
They were angry on me for swara huh….
Why did she even agree to this deal? Maybe this is her new game plan to trap me along with raizada’s .. I am never gonna let this happen swara …just wait and watch…
My mind is full of stress I just need to relax myself I then decided to leave the park where I met that little devil…
I left for the park with a little hope that little devil will be there…
I reached the same place where I last met my devil..I was about to sit on the bench …
When I saw something it crushed my heart into million pieces…
I saw my little devil crying vigorously, I just went near her and patted her shoulder…
“ u..ncle …”she said in between her sobs and clearing her face with her tiny palms…
“Hey little devil” I said
And in return she gave a small smile to me…
“What happened will you not tell to your bad uncle?” I asked making a puppy face
As I asked her …her eyes became wet again I cursed myself for asking her that..
I just pulled her in my arms and hugged her …it may sound weird but I have some kind of connection with this little one .. something eternal…I feel some kind of soothing and happiness when she is around only for few seconds or few min’s ….
“What happened bacha ?”I asked her
“Mumma has locked up herself in room “ she said controlling her crying..
“Why “I asked her
“Pari mami told that mumma Is playing hide and seek … But I know she Is lying I heard mumma crying a lot…” she said taking break occasionally
“Then tell you papa to tell your mumma to don’t cry “I said
“Pappa is busy in office …I never saw him …He is very bad …he didn’t came to meet me..mumma tells that when his work will finish that time pappa will come” she said
Why …oo my god this kidoo is facing through a lot…I hope what her mumma saying is truth or else she will be heartbroken….
I hope god has some mercy on this little angel and let her be happy…
My trance broke when I hear her saying
“I will be angry at him.. I want to play with him”..
“NO problem little devil we can play together “ I said
“How can we play? Nope we can’t play we are not friends bad uncle..” she said and pouted cutely
Every time she pouts she remind me of my shonna (swara)
“Do you want to become friends with this bad uncle, little devil?” I asked her forwarding my hands towards to gesture to shake hand
“Yess…Bad uncle” she said
And shake hand with me with her tiny palms…
I then picked her in my arms and played with her for some time when one of servants came there asking her to come with him as it was late in the evening….
She just kissed my cheeks and bid me byee
“Byee bad uncle friend ,meet you tomorrow” she said waving her hands and left
I smiled at her and went back to my home….

End of pov;


Swara’s pov

I opened my eyes and I saw I am in the same position I knelt down onmy knees and slept on it…I was feeling drowsy and headache I went near calendar and saw the date..
Tomorrow is teej festival …oo my god!! How could I forget it…
God knows …next thing strike my mind …
I was locked up in the room since two days, how should I face everyone they will be worried about me. I was just thinking about myself I was just so selfish and my baby I didn’t even think about her I am so bad mother…
Then again I remembered sanskar’s words and my mood went off thinking why didn’t he didn’t believe and still he thinks the same about me … he knew I loved him to the core …why didn’t he trust …I know he loves ragini but he was not that blind in love…
I then composed myself …. WHATEVER THE REASON IT IS …I JUST HATE HIM….
Then I rushed downstairs only too see all worried

End of pov…

All the raizada were in hall expect arradya and aarav…
“Tomorrow is teej and we have organized the party as you said and invited kapoor’s too” sujatha said..
“Ok tomorrow we will finalise deal if swara come’s out her room” ram said worriedly
“Don’t know what happened to her ..she never locked her self like this “ laksh said
“I have made all the attempts to tell aadya that swara is playing hide and seek game…finally after lots of time she agreed..pheww but I am worried about swara she locked herself in room for two days”parineeta said worriedly
‘I know’ sujhatha said sadly…
“This all because that kapoors but this girls want us to work with them like realy” laksh said irritated..
“yes laksh I agree with you why she is hurting herself like this and this decision wasn’t necessary shonna is really mad I need to talk to her” said aadrash worried
“We need to know the truth and today I am gonna ask her and she has to share her worries with us” said sujhatha while crying
“we will but we have to be careful with our daughter “ said ram
Looking up at the family members they all agreed with that then they heard swara voice
“maa” said swara seeing sujhatha
Sujhatha immediately took her in a bear hug and patted her hairs with motherly affection….
“maa ..maa..”swara said and fainted in sujhatha’s arms…..


Precap ; Teej celebration


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