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Chapter 5



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Sanskar’s pov:

I was in deep thought when Sammy told me that we have reached..As soon as I got down from the car I saw shonaa nope Ms. Sharma laughing along with laksh raizada that too holding her stomach and leaning on his shoulder like really ..
They composed themselves as soon as they came near us..they all formally greeted and we went in conference room where will be talking about business deal…

“Does moving on is that easy for you swara” I shrugged my thoughts and reached conference room…

End of pov

Swara’s pov..

I wanted to distract myself as I saw samaira there this girl will never leave an opportunity to be at sanskar’s side *chipku as usual* ..
Thanks to laksh as usual he just diverted my mind my his not ending pj’s like really but in fact he is very kind hearted person …
He is very focused and dedicated when it comes to work , he always believe in there is good in every person. Raizada’s always consider me as a family I am very lucky to have them..
I shrugged my thoughts …

In meeting at present me ,ram pappa,laksh and adarsh bahaiya along with sanskar, sanskar’s dad and more over that *chipku* urf samaira was there we were discussing about how it will be useful for our hotel –chain based companies due to collaboration…
Which locations we can be better place as per tastes of people who will be living over there…
We were discussing normally. Just to stay away from the thoughts of sanskar . I actively took part in every discussion point giving my inputs samaira is trying hard to defame me but it’s not working…

“I think we should see the sites where greenery is around and people can get peace of mind and beautiful view from the hotel” I said…asusal miss*chipku* akaa samaira has to interrupt..

“I don’t think Mrs .ka ahh Miss. Sharma it is a nice idea” she said and bit her lip as sanskar gave her a deadly glare..
I composed myself…I was hurt though I can’t show him I’m weak..

“Why not as I explained it has uniqueness and will attract people” I said..

“I know you only know how to attract people and keep them by your side that is your habbit . Right Mr. Laksh raizada” she said
As soon as I shot my head up she saw me and smirked at me..i know what she wanted to really can’t she go get her life..

“What Miss. Samaira singh I didn’t get you” laksh said ..
He didn’t knew about my past infact whole raizada family didn’t knew about my past.. I had to hide from them cause I was scared to tell them…and I closed my eyes..

“Like really Mr. Laksh Raizada you don’t know about her the blo*dy cheap girl, who has no shame at all and I am sure she is trapping you too like she did five years ago…” before she could say anything I heard a thud sound..

Then I saw adarsh bhaiya just slapped her and laksh was going to slap her once again I just went near him and stopped him by catching his hand which was just about hit her…

“Bhai and laksh please stop “ I said

And turned toward her and I was about to say sorry to her but I was interrupted by sanskar

“How dare you slap my friend for this cheap girl” sanskar said …

I was numb at the words he spoke right just broke my heart once again into thousand pieces. The sanskar I know I loved was never him.. I just closed my eyes and tears made their way through my cheeks …

I composed myself in seconds and was about to snap at him before I could do that I saw dad I mean sanskar dad pulled him by shoulder and just gave a tight slap …

“Sanskar, I didn’t expect these from you I am ashamed of you right now and leave right know” dad said..

He was angry and he saw me with rage and he took samaira’s hand in his hands and were leaving …
Then I remembered something

“Wait Mr. Sanskar kapoor and Miss. Samaira singh “ I said

And turned towards them and they turned towards me..

“ I know you have got your answers samiara” I said

“What do you mean?” samaira hissed in anger…

Like really how dare she ..if I had been the swara who was five years back I would have kept calm and beared it though they got tight answer by dad, laksh and aadarsh bhaiya.. I wanted to tell them I am not weak …

I just slapped samaira..she hissed in anger and I just gave her deadly glare

“ You “ I pointed at samaira

“ I know how you attract people, shall I say it everyone present no right soo keep your mouth shut and haa remember one thing…
Don’t even dare to point faults at me before doing that see yourself first I know how you reached at this position
And what did you say I am shameless girl, cheap girl let me clear you one thing
I know what I am and what I am not …I don’t need to explain myself infront of you people to justify myself.. Get that in your little brain” I said

I was about to say something when
“how dare you?” I heard sanskar saying and he was about to slap me I was numb for a second ..

I composed myself and then catch hold of his hands and

“Mr.sanskar kapoor I didn’t knew you forgot mannerism like how to behave..Like seriously I don’t want to waste my time for the person who didn’t knew how to respect women” I said
And just jerked his hand away ..

I know he was hurt, numb and didn’t know how to react but he deserved it..I am not that swara who believed in being calm back then but now I know how to answer them and can’t tolerate it..

I moved aside when they both left the cabin…

“I’m sorry beta , on behalf of sanskar “ dad said while joining his palms
I really felt bad for dad …he in his anger hurting everyone…
“It’s ok da..Mr.kapoor “ I said
“It is Mr. sanskar mistake you don’t need to be sorry and elders don’t ask for sorry” I said with a smile on my face…
Though all knew it was fake but gave a smile in return ..
“I don’t think we can precede this collaboration” ram pappa said
“I know “dad signed and said
“Please I request you because of me don’t take harsh decision. I know how this collaboration is helpful for each companies …soo I ask you people to think about it..
Dad was trying to speak something but before pappa spoke
“Beta we don’t care about profit things more than you know naa” pappa said by caressing my face..
“I know pappa but I will handle this situations pakka promise..
Don’t do this..Or else I will feel guilty because of me you are in losses..”I sighed and said
“Ok Mr. kapoor we will precede with this project only for you swara but I have a condition..”pappa said
“What” dad said
“That girl what is her name samaira will not be related to any collaboration and company matters and moreover stay away from my daughter.. I think I am clear” pappa said
My eyes were wet as pappa stood for me even aadrash bhai,laksh though they knew I was hiding something…
Pappa just took my hands in hand and took me away from these conference hall..
After that I excused myself saying that I am not feeling good..i went to raizada mansion and locked my self in my room
Though maa and bhabhi tried a lot but I asked them to let me sleep..

End of pov

On the other side

Sanskar’s pov

I was angry on myself…I knew I was wrong I shouldn’t have raised my hand but what can I do she was not right either…
I came out conference room

“did you see Sammy how that b*t*h slapped me and I am sure that she trapped that raizada too…like she did to you…such a gold-digger she is …and don’t worry about that b*t*h” she said

{A/N : sanskar and samaira call each other Sammy }

Before she could say further I slapped her hard..

“This for bad mouthing her and Samaira don’t come between our matter” I said to her

She left stomping her feet..

I felt ashamed of me and my self how could I just I was about to slap her my love my shonaa…

I was driving my car aimlessly and suddenly stopped at the park where I find peace…I always visit this place when I am angry or irritated….

I was just going to seat near the bench in park I felt some tug near my leg I saw down

This little devil like seriously
“What “I said

“Heloo bad uncle” she said smiling at me

Yes I am very bad person I had to raise my hand on my love on top of that this little devil pouring spice on my wound..

“You little devil don’t know who am I ?” I said composing my self
“hoo…who don’t know who you are and I am not little devil” she said making oo and pout face..
This is soo similar to swara…she had that innocence but she is changed then
“I am aradya kapoor” she said giving a wide smile
“You listen whatever your name is but your little devil only and I am sanskar kapoor get that in your tiny mind “I said to her
“you listen whatever your name is but your bad uncle only “ she said same as me pouted and huffed at me and went away …
I wonder what is my relation with this little one…

End of pov…


Precap : sanskar’s reaction on knowing the deal and swarag interaction


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