Humsafar- SWASAN (chapter 5)


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Chapter 4


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Next morning:

I was sleeping peacefully …I was not in a mood to get up but my sleep got disturbed when I heard the sound of anklets . I knew who it was I smiled widely as idea popped out my mind..
I pretend to be asleep as per my plan.. when I heard her voice..
“Sanskar please get’s getting late” she said while moving curtains aside from the window such that sunrays fall on me.. I groaned and flipped to the other side…
I can feel she is coming closer to me…
“sankar..get up naa”she said shaking me..
“swara please let me sleep naa “ I said
“ sankar” she said once again
“swara ..why are you torturing your husband I said in irritated tone just to tease her..i knew her next step…
“Achaa! Really! Then I am going, sleep how much you want to sleep”saying this she was about to get up..
I just grapped her wrist and pulled her towards me in a way she fell top off me..i just grabbed her waist and hugged her in sleeping position..
When I felt she was circling her hands on my chest….in senual way she never does this she never intiates but I was happy..
I just opened my eyes and was about too kiss her forehead when I saw her face I was just shocked and cursing my self seeing in that condition …I was just angry on myself how could I let her come close to me…she is just my friend..
I immediately got up and detached herself from mine..I composed myself..she stood near bed…

“samaira what are doing here?” I said

“sanskar I came here to wake you up as we have meeting with raizada’s followed by oberoy’s “ she said cooly as if nothing happened..
“you could have called me samaira or asked ragini to wake me up shouldn’t have come here” I said
“sanskar I thought why to bother ragini and moreover I tried calling you but it was unreachable soo I thought to come here and wake you up…
“it’s ok ..from next time you don’t need to come all way along samaira just to wake me up” I said and gave a smile at her..
“okiee go get ready “ she said while going to downstairs…
I shrugged all my thoughts finished my chores …

End of sanskar pov..



Bhai is getting late I have to wake him up and I was in hurry going towards his room when I saw samaira coming outside from his room..
She was thinking something and smirking. As soon as I went near her and asked her what is she doing here ..but she sweetly declined by saying she came here to wake bhai up and didn’t want to bother me ..she was smiling at me and diverted the topic and we moved towards the dining area…
I smell something fishy…she is one of close friend of bhai but after swara left she is visting oftenly…I shrugged allmy thoughts as I know bhai still loves swara…
She said they were going for the meeting with raizada’s ..hope swara doesn’t misunderstand the things…

End of pov…

Swara’s pov…

I got up when I felt someone was caressing my face. I opened my eyes only to see sujhatha maa loving seeing and wishing me good morning..
“Good morning maa “ I said while getting up..
She kissed my forehead..and again was preparing my bed tea…
I don’t know why she always does my works.. I wonder if my mom was like that but it never happened she always loved rajbeer..
I shrugged my thoughts..
“maa why are you here would have just called me up..i would my self come down naa” I said like a kid I guess cause sujhatha maa smiled at me sheeplessly
“beta ..I am your mother and she doesn’t have any issue with her childrens work” saying this she gave me a cup of bed tea and she took her tea and sat beside me
It was our routine to start our day …we talk little about how was the day and some gossip and laugh on it..meanwhile pari bhabhi also joined us..
Later on I completed my daily chores and went to kitchen …
“maa can I help ?” I asked as soon as I entered kitchen area
“you go seat ..we will come no need of any help as all the work is done..” sujhatha maa said
Before I could retort
“if any help is needed I am there to help maa “pari bhabhi said while giving a smile to me..
I could not to anything soo I came out ..had breakfast as decided we lets kids sleep for some more time as they were tired…
We had our breakfast I tried to ignore the meeting with kapoors but I had no choice…
I was all set to face him…

End of pov

Third person pov..

Both swara and sanskar bidded bye to family and started from their respective mansions…
Both were seeing out from window and recollecting their moments…

Mm.. meri har kushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Meri har khushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Tu jab milna chahe
Na mil sakoon
Na milna mera koi doori nahi
Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai yeh ji hazoori nahi

Swara was sitting in the garden to talk with sanskar when they met for the proposal..she was soo shy that she couldn’t raise her head..
She wore his favorite red colour Punjabi suit…she was more beautiful than compared to photo which he saw he thought…he thought of starting a convo..
“see I am sanskar I wanted to say I work with my papa and did complete my studies from abroad”he said and she saw him..
“I am swara studying in b.e final year “she said with a smile on her face..
“see I don’t want to waste my time ..i will come straight to the point .. it is yes from my side” he said
“yes” she said and he smiled wildely at her..

Mujhko ehsaas hai par main kehta nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazoori nahi
Paas pehle ke jitna main rehta nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh jee hazoori nahi
Yeh takaza hai mere, haalat ka
Lena dena hai nahi
Kuch bhi jazbaat ka
Ye sach baat main tujhse keh raha
Na aayi hai inme zara bhi kami
Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai ye ji huzoori nahi
Mohabbat hai ye ji huzoori nahi

Swasan were on their engagement venue…
Swara was waiting for sanskar too put her ring but he was not puuting the ring when she saw him seating on his knee
“swara I know I am not good at words but wana try …our’s is arranged marriage ..but I don’t know when and where I fell in love with you…I just wanted to ask you will you grow old with me” he said
To which swara just sat on her knees and hugged him and said yes to him…
They composed themselves and exchanged their rings

Ji haan!
Tujhko manana mujhe toh mujhe aata nahi
Mohabbat hai ye ji hazuri nahi
Par ye nahi ke main tujhe, chahata nahi
Mohabbat hai ye ji hazuri nahi
Waqt badla hai zara sa
Main wahi hun jaane jaan
Kaise tujhko baat mein yeh
Samjhaun saathiya..
Kaise khush tujhe rakhoon nahi pataa
Par chahta hu tere labhon pe hansi

Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai yeh ji hazoori nahi
Mohabbat hai yeh ji hazoori nahi

Swara and sankar’s wedding with full chaos and both were very happy with eachother….
How sanky used to monofy swara …his ideas…his gifts…


Mm.. meri har khushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaruri nahi
Meri har khushi mein ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaruri nahi
Tu jab milna chaahe, na mil sakoon
Na milna mera koi doori nahi
Ji haan!
Mohabbat hai yeh ji huzuri nahi
Meri har khushi mein, ho teri khushi
Mohabbat mein aisa zaroori nahi
Tu jab milna chaahe
Na mil sakun
Na milna mera koi doori nahi


How sanskar dragged her out of the house …threw her out house…

End of pov

Swara’s pov..

“I hate you sanskar “I thought when

Laksh told me we reached the place…

Sanskar’s pov

“I hate you swara”
Then samira informed him about they reached .

End of pov’s …

Precap: sanaadya’s second meet… and swasan


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