Humsafar- SWASAN (chapter 3)


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Swara’s pov

I just entered raizada’s hotel …leaving aarav and aadya with staff…
I entered conference room just wishing it should not be him…I should not get effected by him….i just entered only to see him, for a second I was just freeze,
Then I met sanskar’s dad and ragini the people I didn’t want to meet or say I have moved on with difficulty…seeing them again …
I felt like my world is shattered again … then

Flash back…

I was feeling pukish and sick since a week …soo finally after insistence of sansakar I finally agreed to meet the doctor …we met the doctor two days ago she asked me to do some test …today finally my wait is over and the report shows positive …
Which means I am pregnant ,I was first scared of it but later I was happy…
Sanskar was also coming along with me but couldn’t because of some work…don’t know which work it is but I am sure once he get to this …he will more than happy…I hope soo….
As soon as I reached home(kapoor mansion)I saw dad ,mom and sanskar were sitting in the hall …
I immediately went near sanskar and hugged him tightly and I was about break the news to him.
But suddenly I felt some harsh pull to me and immediately I felt some hand on my cheeks and that impact was such that I fell on the floor and was numb for a second…I was just registering what all just happened..
Sanskar just slapped me infront of everyone for no reason …I just consoled myself nothing happened I am just assuming things…I was brought back
when sanskar catching my hair and pulling it roughly and made me stand still pulling my hair roughly…
“you ….you glodigger!!!!” sanskar said…
“ sanskar..” before I could say anything he cut me off again
“what is your plan ,tell me clearly haa??” he said it in a high peak …
I just closed my eyes hoping it was just my assuming…but noo
“what sanskar …what are you talking about” I tried to speak but I was again cut by him…
“You gold digger..You also faked love like your brother did to my sister ragini haa? what do you brother sister think about yourselfs haa? You would play with our feeling and we will sit quite haa? “
He was ranting everything continuously and dragging me with full force I was only hissing in pain..whenever I tried to protest him he just cut me off everytime…
I could see mom and ragini were trying to release me from his grip and were trying to tell him that I didn’t do anything…but he didn’t even listen to them..i asked for everyones help begging them not to do this with me but all in vein..
“Rajbeer what does he think about his self ….if he kicks out my sister from his house toh she has no one..but he is wrong. I am there with her and my family is also with her…go tell your brother this” he pushed me forecefully out of kapoor mansion…
For a moment our eyes met…I saw his eyes moist for a second but he again showed his blood shot clearly states that he hates me…
“Please sanskar listen to me “ I said while going towards him …but he just shut the door…
I again and again banged the door but no one opened it but no one opened it.
I was there for an hour then I thought I would go to my parents house and daddy would make sanskar understand clearly …but I was shocked when I went there….
I got to know that rajbeer bhaiya has left ragini and said he don’t love her anymore and was having extra marital affair…though daddy and mummy where angry on him but when they got to know about sanskar left me…
They just simply dragged me out like sanskar did …despite out of my pleading none of them were there to support me….
There is no difference between MR.SANSKAR KAPOOR AND GADODIA’S…

Flash back ends;

I was on verge to cry but I controlled myself …I cannot just people effect me without any reason…I cannot be weak that to infront of him…
I made sure that I look unaffected.. putting my inner turmoil aside…
I noticed that he was continuously seeing me but I remained unaffected …
I noticed that dad I mean Mr. Durga Prasad kapoor and ladoo I mean ragini amazed to see me again … but why..
Why do they even care about me…when I mean nothing to their lives??
I shrugged my thoughts..
When I noticed laksh asking me about this partnership …
“I just need time to approve about the presentation and would take time” I said calmly..
“How can mr…Miss. sharma decide ?”asked sanskar…
Though I thought to did hurt me little..firstly like he addressed me as Miss. sharma and secondly why does he even care..
“She is family “ laksh said turning towards me and blinking his eyes assuring he would handle it ..
I just gave a smile to laksh and turned to see sanskar’s reaction…
I just smirked at him when he saw me… I did it purposefully to let him know he is nothing to me..
Though it hurt me a lot…
After meeting was over…
Sanskar left and banged the door loud which meant he was angry..
But, why do I care?
I questioned myself and shrugged it…
By the time i realized I was lost in my own thoughts …
I just knew only dad I mean Mr. Durga Prasad kapoor and ladoo I mean Miss. Ragini kapoor were only there In conference room ..
I knew they wanted to talk to me about sanskar and me and want to know how am here and with some explanation …
I could sense that…before they could start it..
“I am honoured to meet you Mr.kapoor “ I said while giving a small smile..
“ And Nice to meet you to Miss. Ragini kapoor” I said while shaking hands with both …
In that moment I realized aadya was also there in raizada’s hotel…
Hoping that sanskar would not meet her …
I just rushed out of the conference hall in hurry…


Precap: sanaadya’s meeting…swasan’s encounter….swarag’s talk


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