Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 20)


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Part 20
Soo here it goes..

Few days later….
Sanskar’s pov
It been few days since swara was discharged but still she didn’t remember anything….
Nothing changed from past she is more close to that blo*dy sampath god knows why she avoids me almost time…but I will not give up this time I know I made a huge blunder but I will make everything as it was before
I don’t wanna loose my love and my daughter I want them back in my life….
I can’t just forget how aadya reacted on that day when ragini said her the truth…
As soon as I hugged her she just pushed me away … my baby just pushed…
I can see anger filled in her eyes as well as tears rolled from my baby eyes …I can see there are many question filled in her mind which should be answered by me…But what will I tell her or answer trance broke…
“Are you really my pappa?”aadya asked me..
I was numb to react then she continued…
“If you are my pappa toh why didn’t you come to meet me till now?”aadya my baby saw me innocently and then continued

“Why didn’t you tell me when we met at hotel, when we met at park? You didn’t tell me you are my pappa and mumma said that you went to bring toys for me but does it take this much time? …But when I go with laksh mamu it doesn’t take much time to take toy soo don’t say excuse as mumma …. I know you and mumma had a fight that’s why you don’t come to meet you hate me…that’s the reason you didn’t recognize me you don’t know about me..(she started sobbing and continued) you know how much mumma missed you? She always cried a lot at night…I missed you soo much you know why when aarav wants chocolate aadarsh mamu buyed it for him and me but you were not there …then when my friends teased me that I don’t have pappa…then those gandi aunties tell I am najaish(illigment) child though I don’t know the meaning but I felt bad and when I asked mumma about this she cried a lot that day…”as soon as aadya said those words I just took her in a bear hug trying too soothe her pain by patting her back..
It pained in my heart by listening to those word because of my misunderstanding my love and my baby had to suffer a lot…

“ I am soo sorry baby.. I know pappa is very bad but pappa promise’s you beta that I will not leave you whatever happens even pappa misses you am soo sorry beta I will make everything perfect you me and your mumma will stay together”I said patting her
Her sobs went low little as we detached from hug
“sachi(really) pappa” aadya said
Her voice stated that she was happy…
“” I told and I kissed her forehead…
I was beyond happy now I asked my baby to call me pappa again and again and she called me happily…
Next day…….

Swara got discharged from the hospital she was soo happy to meet aadya ..
As soon as we reached raizada mansion …sujatha aunty welcomed swara and hugged her whole heartedly and swara too felt that mothers warmth in sujatha aunty..
I am so thankful to them they took care of swara and aadya these years and now also standing beside her for her happiness.. I don’t have any problem in them testing me as I will not hurt swara again and win their trust back…
Aadya just came running to swara and hugged her as swara knelt down on her knees..
“I missed you mumma”adya sai kissing her cheeks..
“I missed you too ..”swara said and kissed her whole face then she met aarav who came running to her and kissed his cheeks…she hugged them both lovingly …..i just stood there admiring my love
Swara I promise that I will never hurt you again will win your trust back..
I was zoned out .. I am standing near the window gazing the stars and cursing myself for letting misunderstanding come near us …for not trusting my love…for everything happened till know…

From that accident I don’t know why swara started ignoring me… she is always occupied with some or other family members or she would spend time with samapath and get close to him….
She just sleeps with aadya If I sleep with aadya she intentionally acts as if she is sleeping …. I though wanted to confront her about her behavior not because I don’t trust her but it is because I want to sort everything out if necessary tell her the truth and beg her to be with me ..
Aadya slept long back and now my is with sujhatha aunty I know she will come late and thinking I will sleep ..but not today I will have to confront her…
My trance broke when I heard the sound of door knob opening I know she is here to check aadya as she slept with me today…
She flinched a little seeing me wide awake and hurriedly gave a peck on aadya ‘s forehead and then tried to move out off the room ..thats when I catch hold of her wrist
She got startled for a second I know I may hurt her but I want everything to be alright between us ..

“Leave me “ swara said trying to getting out of my trip but I tightened my grip on her and took her to the terrace as aadya was sleeping in the room..
“leave me kahdus”swara said and started hitting me while I was taking her to the terrace..
“ quite “ I told her..
As soon as we reached terrace … she freed herself from me as I loosened my grip
“What the hell sanskar ..Why are you behaving like this and why did you bring me here?” swara said to me furiously..
“I should ask you the same thing swara why are you avoiding me ? why are you behaving like this?”I said moving forward and swara was moving backward..
“ you a.bou..t sanskar “ she said stammering and looking other side except me
“Oh really, swara don’t you know what behavior you’re talking about huh?” I walked damn close to her and made her look at me ..
“what are you saying sanskar I don’t get you?” swara said ..
“The drama that you lost your memory and getting close to sampath only to provoke me to do the same mistake that I did years back removing and my baby from my life …BUT NO SWARA THIS TIME YOU ARE WRONG I TRUST YOU SOO MUCH TOO LET YOU GO AWAY”I said with all content of my heart
As she saw me at that point our eyes got locked for sometime..she was looking at me shocked as how I got to know about her little secret well my love is good actress but she doesn’t know I am principal of her heart …
I moved damn close to her as I know she was numb by my little revealation…I leaned towards her smirking..

“What did you think swara.. I am fool for not knowing your acting all these days…I know from that day only swara when the reporters questioned you and you cooly ignored and diverted other from the info of you know you’re Sharma..and then going near samapth just to provoke me..and lastly how could you forget the love I saw for addya in your eyes and the way you hugged her and you said
“I MISSED YOU TOO PUMKIN” I got confirmed that your acting and no one noticed that but swara I noticed that shine and glimse in your eyes by seein aadya and the soul you got back hugging aadya at that time…” I said and moved away from her
She just blinked her eyes rapidly I know she is shocked….
Precap: Confession
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