Humsafar- SWASAN (chapter 2)

Chapter 1

I am here standing near the beach searching for my love, my life but she is no were to be seen ..
Where are you swara?
Where did you go?
Leaving me alone her..
I saw an appetite figure walking into the beach lifelessly ….
Wait! Is that swara…
I rushed towards beach …
Swara …swara…I shouted…she turned for a second I can see a tear drop ..the thing I hated most her tears…
I rushed to stop and held her by wrist and turned her to face me…
I slowly cupped her face with my hands..then I went near her slowly kissed her eyes sucking her tears ,I slowly started kissing her whole face her cheeks ,her eye lids, then fore head ,then eyes again I kept on kissing her…
I kissed her soft pink lips calming her down. The kiss was smooth yet passionate…she started responding with equal passion…
“Where are you swara? Why did you left me alone? Where are you going? I can’t live without you please come back..” I said cupping her cheeks..
She suddenly distanced herself from and removed my hands and…
“sanskar I am not the one who left you …you only left me …you promised me to be with me but…you just left and now your blaming me…
Why can you just leave me alone sanskar …. Let me at least die peacefully..
You don’t let me doo that too of my own will…” saying this swara this she ran towards the beach..
Swara…swara …stop …I tried to stop her…
I am trying to catch hold of her…
Swara I can’t leave without please listen to me ..
I just knelt down on my knees ….
Swara please once listen to me ..but she was gone forever…
Swara…I cried …I closed my eyes as something sharp rays falling on me…
Swara….I mumbled
But I opened my eyes suddenly ….uff it was dream… I realized I was in sitting position on my bed…. I then composed myself..
Thank god it was a dream I thought rubbing my eyes to create some warmth..
I hope she is fine..
“fine …really are you thinking about her “ mocked my heart
“she is not worth of feeling” my mind mocked..
“sanskar you don’t deserve her love” mocked my heart..
“I don’t deserve her or I should say she doesn’t deserve me …THE SANSKAR KAPOOR” mocked my mind
“ohh…the poor SANSKAR KAPOOR” mocked my heart and gave pityfull smile
“ohh …please if she was that good and loved me…she would have explained me and proved me she was not that what I thought” mocked my heart
“does she really need to prove you and you claim you love her…I pity you sanskar “ mocked my heart..
“oo stop this blo*dy nonsense …I don’t love her anymore” chided my mind..
I just closed my eyes just to remove those thought …
I got up from my bed shrugging all those thoughts aside …
I did complete my morning chores ….I was about to leave the room when I remembered I forgot my wallet…
“swara ,where is my wallet..give me” I said.. while going towards cupboard..
“sanskar you always forget your wallet” swara said smiling at me and was about to turn when
I immediately grabbed her hand and turned her to face me …and hold her by waist and pulled her more closer, moved her hairs aside and started giving her wet kisses…she tilt her head a little to give me a grip…
“sa..sans..sanskaar”she moaned when I bit near her earlobe
and before I could move further I got a call from my office that there is some urgent work which I should attend ….
I was annoyed and saw swara was suppressing her laugh I soo wanted to be with her but I cant help..i just pecked her lips..
“I will give you punishment for laughing tonight jaan” I said in husky voice to which she blushed crimson red..
I winked at her moving out of room…I know she was still shocked..
I am proud of myself I had this affect on swara ..i smiled to my self thought..
Flash back end;
I took my wallet and went to down stairs..
Where I took blessings from my parents and whished them.. I saw ragini coming wishing us with a smile …but I know it is a fake smile…
Its been five years since I saw my sister smile genuinely ..i cursed swara as she was responsible for everything..
“bhai don’t curse swara…I know you hold swara responsible for everything but which is not true” she said like she read my mind and she knew me verywell
I cut her off in middle before she could say further..
“ladoo please ..i don’t wanna listen to anything and I told you not to bring this topic” I said in calm yet stern tone…
We all had breakfast in silence … it was different back then but everthing has changed..
People do change …when they get backstabbed when the person whom you trust more broke that trust badly…
I went to raizada’s hotel…as there was meeting with raizada’s as we are collaborating our business in hotels …
We have a meeting in which all the main share holders are also present …
Dad ,Ragini was also there as she has half shares on her name though she is not interested on my insistence she took that responsibility…right know we are in conference room at raizada’s
All were present at hall except…
Mrs. Parineeta raizada and Miss. swara sharma …
“I hope this swara Sharma is not her…”
But little did I know somewhere deep in my heart I wished it should be her ..the door opened and two ladys came in one in formal shirt and jeans that was Mrs. Parineeta raizada
The another lady who wore pointed heels and formal shirt and skirt reaching till her knees and giving a warm smile to everyone …
“my swara sanskar kapoor” I thought ..
“no she is not your mrs. swara sanskar kapoor but she is miss swara Sharma” my mind mocked me again..
My trance broke when ragini shaked me through shoulder and giving me a warm smile..
I can see ragini is genuinely happy seeing swara ..i shrugged my thoughts..
Throughout meeting I kept stealing glances at her …
But she seemed un affected of the fact that I am near her…
I shrugged my thoughts and concentrated on the meeting..
I was lost in my own world… She is same as back then her smile ..her innocence face …her warmth everything is same as before… my trance broke when laksh was asking swara what does she think about this collaboration..
I was in rage off anger…not that she would decide that collaboration should be done or not…they seem comfortable with each other
“how dare she move on with another man in her life” I thought
“why when you left her she has right to move on in her life” mocked my heart again…
{A/N : this full chappy is on sanskar’s pov }
Precap : meeting …. swasan…swaadya…swarag ??

Soo here I end this chappy…
Thank you everyone to spare your valuable time for reading and commenting on this ff it really means to me a lot 🙂 ?????
I request silent readers to please do comment :)☺☺☺☺???
Do drop your precious comment and tell me how is this chappy
Love you all a loads ??????☺

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