Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 19)

Humsafar – swasan
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Chapter 19
Sanskar was in his own thoughts his trance broke seeing he was beyond shocked to see the scenario in front of him…
Like he would break million things he just fisted his hand …when he saw swara hugging samapath that doctor…
“Thank you soo much Sammy , that’s soo sweet of you” swara said
Sanskar saw that she was catching some chocolates and some bookie that too white lilies which she hates the most…and she is smiling on that..
Sanskar pov:
She hates that white lilies flower and now see she is is thanking him…he thought
“Awww so sweet of you brought this food …I was soo bored eating that hospital food”swara said

Actually sampath brought some Chinese food with him…seeing this sanskar fumed with anger seeing all this
“What the…how can you gift all this flowers ok but chocolates and then Chinese food “he yelled st sampath and glaring at both of them?
“Khadus Kapoor …how can I not expect that you can’t see me happy”swara said sarcastically
Sanskar just closed his eyes he didn’t mean to hurt her but he always hurt her
“I …I …didn’t mean..that “sanskar stammered while saying that

To which swara gave whatever look and saw sampath smilingly and forwarded her hand took the plate which has Chinese food…
“Eager are we? “ sampath asked
“Sammy “ swara whined like a which sampath chuckled and sankar was numb seeing their bond…
Swara started eating really fastly as she would be caught by someone
“Slow down baby ..the food is not going to run away nor anyone off goona eat your food” samapath grinned saying this

To which swara hit his shoulder playfully..
“Now will you let me eat ? Before again he starts lecturing me “swara said
While eating and simultaneously glaring at sanskar ..
“I didn’t mean in that way swara” sanskar said and turned to sampath
“And you …she is patient but your doctor by profession and you yourself are encouraging her…like seriously “sanskar said irritated
“I myself made it sanskar with my own soo don’t worry its safe and healthy “samapath said cooly
“That’s soo sweet of you “ swara said pulling his cheeks
Sankar’s pov
What wrong with her she is smiling at him , hugging him and even like seriously now even pulling his cheeks ..
Huff she never does to me like this…she always like I hurt everyone..
Soo from now on I will cook and do everything for my swara and will impress her
End of pov
Sankar smiled at himself…his trance agin broke
“Khadus phir se kaha khogaye(kahdus not again…where are you lost?)”swara said waving her hands
Sanskar immediately saw her standing and eating

“Why did you get up from your place swara please sit and eat “ sanskar said worriedly and taking her nearby sofa
“I am ok “ swara said
“Can you tell me when can go home Sammy ?” swara asked sampath and asked him to sit near her …
“You can goo soon cutieepiee” samapath said while sitting beside he
“here eat na..your awesome cook loved the food Sammy “she just kissed Sammy cheeks and forwarded the spoon and asked him too eat…

Sanskar jaws clenched…
On the other side Raizada mansion….
Aadya was in swara’s room she started decorating the room while laksh , arav and ragini’s help
“maasi mumma …will you teach me how to bake chocolate cake mumma likes it na I want to bake it for mumma”aadya said…
Ragini was overwhelmed too here from aadya how she wants to welcome her mumma even after she is hurt she just ignored every feeling and welcoming her mother happily…this made ragini remember how swara was potray her self strong just not to bother others by swara’s worries and addya is same like her …
Ragini smiled at her and caressed her face
“Beta you’re too small to bake the cake but you can help me in preparation” ragini said
While aadya started jumping and clapping her hands together as she was happy that she was doing something for her mother..
“Mamu lets go to come “ aadya said and dragged laksh with him along with ragini

At hospital

“Sammy I am soo excited to meet aadya you know from the time maa showed me her photo she is soo cute she was contionously talking while ..
Swara totally talked to samapath and ignored sanskar’s presence she was soo involved talking and laughing joking around
Sanskar’s pov
Swara is completely different only with me…she talking laughing with sampath but she didn’t even gave a glance at me and bothered to know I am there here…
And my little devil is also upset with me…
End of pov
Sanskar just signed and looked at both samapath and swara

Precap : swaaadya’s meeting…aadya’s reaction

Dr. sampath kumar – Vivian desai
Thank you everyone for commenting on this ff it means a lot to me 🙂
Stay tuned to humsafar to know further

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