Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 18)

Humsafar- swasan
Chapter 18
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All the media gathered and were asking swara those numerous questions…she was just scared and just crawled withing herself and covering her ears to stop those noises…
Suddenly someone shouted at the
“What is this going on here ..this hospital neither any conference nor any fish market and this is hospital which has some rules and regulation which needs to be followed and now I don’t wat anyoff reporters here soo shoee away right now” said the person
“Who are you to shoe us away and can’t you see people want to know what’s going ?” told one of the reporters aggressively

The person just clutched his fists to control his anger and just cooled himself down his eyes were red as his was suppressing his anger level…
“Like really this is hospital and I am doctor and she is my patient and I will decide who will talk to her and not and it’s my concern and moreover people doesn’t want to know what’s going in others life but you just want your channels trp so stooped so low that you all forgot your humanity and help others and some morals I think you need to be thought that as I told you this hospital don’t you think the mess your creating her is also effecting other people who are also patients and their relatives soo now go away from here” said the doctor…
Mean while all the elders of Raizada and Kapoor entered the scenario..and sujhatha immediately ran towards swara and took her in a bear hug…
Whereas doctor turned towards swara and introduced himself

“Hi, I am sampath kumar and I am your doctor from now on “he said
And put his hand forward towards gesturing here too shake her hand with him as she would feel free to talk and he thought and divert her mind from
Swara immediately reciprocated the same with as genuine smile on her face
“You can call me Sammy too and winked at her “ said the doctor

To which swara laughed and all the family members were relieved by her laughing…before she could ask anyone anyfurther question she was given sedative by which effect she slept an hour long,,
Swara felt her head heavy or something bitten by some objects continuously then she remembered those questions..Meanwhile she sat on the bed with the support of the right hand and she was about to fell when someone catch hold her by arms and helped her to sit properly

“Is it necessary to get up by your own can’t you just call someone for help …why are you being so stubborn can’t you just take care of yourself anything happened to you again then what would I …”the person was shouting at swara and cut him off in middle
“Hello mister angry young man … Cant you see I am recovering “she said proudly with a smile
“Yes, I can see that “person commented sarcastically
To which swara got irritated and huffed and started murming something withing herself
Swara mummuring…

What does he think he is only the one who has power to rule over me…I know he is my husband but that doesn’t mean he will rule over me…when ever I meet him he just trys to dominate last time he hugged me tightly then like he would give me death glares when I talk to Sammy I mean my doctor when we were talking normally something when he arrived…like seriously I hate him ….sadu kahdus kapoor he is I thought myself and chuckled…
End of murmuring

The person was none other than sanskar
Sanskar was mesmerized to see her murmuring though he could hear what she said he felt pinch of anger but controlled himself lastly when she was smiling on something something and smiling he had relief that atleast she talking to him…he composed himself
“Why are you smiling yourself*a tille curious to know her thoughts*I am saying something and your smiling “ said sanskar
“Mr. Khadus kapoor can’t I freedom to at least laugh?” she asked sanskar and folded her hands near her chest huffing in anger…
“Khadus kapoor aha not bad shonaa …I love to be called by various name you give me” he said and chuckled
Swara got more irritated

”Ohh..please stop your cheesy lines” swara snapped
Sanskar face immediately paled ..meanwhile someone came ..
“Soo, how is my patient swara” asked Dr.sampath with a smile..
Swara Who was irritated till now gave a wide smile to him..
“I am good Sammy “ she said..
Sanskar pov..
Whatr she was hell irritated with me now she is smiling at Dr> Sampath …god sankar control yourself…

And wait …she called him Sammy is that his nickanam..if it is why is need to tell swara ..what is need to swara call him that..huff..
God give me some patience I can’t loose her
End of pov…


Precap: swaaadya meeting….aadya’s reaction on sanskar

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