Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 17)

Hii all how are you missed Humsafar?..well I don’t think soo 

Chapter 17
At Raizada’s mansion..
Our little princess was near temple area of raizada mansion as she heard her mother is ill…she remembered once swara telling that if small children’s pray to god with good heart and loyalty…god almighty will always listen to them…
“God please, cure my mumma “ aadya prayed holding her hands together
“Mumma told me that if small childrens will pray will fulfill their wishes…I always ask you to bring my pappa back I will stop asking that from now on…give me my mumma back I don’t want pappa ..i only want my mumma back” saying this aadya started crying …

These was witnessed by someone who had tears in his eyes that is none other than sanskar whom came along with ragini and laksh..
Even ragini and laksh were having tears in their eyes seeing the scenario in front of them..
But… sanskar cursed himself more and more seeing his daughter crying..he wanted to take her in his arms and console that little soul and he was about to step forward when he heard

“I always ask you to bring my pappa back I will stop asking that from now on…give me my mumma back I don’t want pappa ..i only want my mumma back” Sanskar world crashed into billion pieces
He felt hurt…he was numb…if he wouldn’t have done what he had done five years ago then it would not be the same…that little soul would have been happy with her mother and father …aadya would not have felt lonely and deprived from father love and protection and it was all his mistake sanskar was blaming himself…..
If he would have listened to swara or would have given one chance to her explanation and foremost if he would have trusted her love and loyalty towards him..this would not have happened…
“Now aadya would never ask god to bring her pappa back and felt sad for me not being here “sanskar thought

“I wanted to console her but how can I face that little innocent soul…Where I myself is responsible for everything happening around her and moreover I was scared how would my baby, my doll will react to me being her pappa” sanskar thought
Meanlwhile …
Ragini went near aadya and took her in the bear hug. To which aadya reciprocated
“Maasi mumma….mumma …where is mumma?” aadya asked ragini searching for her and seeing behind her

“Mumma is hospital beta…*aadya became sad again and hung her head low*but mumma is completely fine and wants to meet you beta” ragini said caressing aadyas face…
As soon as ragini told aadya that swara wants to meet her aadya was full of joyous knowing her mother is fine..aadya just clapped her hands together and started jumping around…when ragin again catch hold of her and said
“Maasi mumma wants to tell you something..” ragini hesitated a bit and laksh still gave a cold look to ragini and sanskar was seeing ragini hopeful and teary eyes…
Sanksar was worried when he saw her daughter sad and was bit relieved when he saw her jumping around after getting swara health and now was tensed as he knew what ragini wanted to talk with his little devil…

“Tell naa maasi mumma” AADYA whined
“Beta ..i wanted to tell you that*ragini felt her words got struck when she saw aadya hearing it carefully* ki you want to know who is your pappa?” ragini asked aadya
When aadya eyes twinkled and was eager too know who is here father…for whom she used to pray to god…
“Say naa maasi mumma who is my pappa?”asked aadya excited and was searching for new person around her…
And got disappointed as she saw no one around…

“Sanskar is your pappa “ragini said relieved finally revealing it truth to aadya…
“what …bad uncle is my pappa “ saying this tears rolled down her eyes and turned towards sanskar
And she went near him and pulled his pants while he saw her indicating to see down or bend down….
Sanskar immediately knealed down and took her in bear hug as he couldn’t take it anymore or hold himself from taking his daughter near him …he hugged her tightly yet made sure she is not hurt or crushed in his arms…as aadya reciprocated the same ….
As he detached himself and started giving her feathery kisses all over her face….
And took her in a bear hug again..while aadya pushed him hard and sanskar was worried by her this reaction……….

Swara was resting in her ward while ram , sujhatha , Annapurna and durga prasand went to cafeteria making sure swara is resting and to have the coffee ..
Mean while grabbing the opportunity someone entered swara room…
As swara was wide awake..that person bombarded her with questions….
“Miss ..or Mrs.kapoor or Miss. are you feeling?” asked the person
Swara was trying to get who is that person …what was he saying…
Till then rest unkown person entered room with the same questions..

“soo swara I would like to ask are you feeling know …please tell us…we want to know that how was your relationship with sanskar kapoor …did you really cheat on him…if no then what about the vedio which is viraled around …you were having affairs with Raizada’s son Laksh Raizada?…what is your reaction on the vedio..Which shows you slept with many people to crack the deal? …what your reaction on that.. Is it true? Please tell …Is it true? All the people watching these news channels want to know what is the truth and is this accident a strategy to divert the topic…tell swara tell…people want to know your characterless or not…?” yes they were none other than news reporters who were surrounded around swara…

Swara was trying to recollect why they were calling her bose as she was raizada …why people were saying she cheated and had affairs with someone to get some deal…they called me characterless but why who are these people…why are they talking like this as soon as she her about accident being fake she stiffened a bit why they are calling her accident fake/stratergy…she felt numb tears were rolling down from her eyes…and finally she could not take it and shouted……..

“Stop…stop” holding her ears and crawling within herself….
Precap: Aadya’s reaction….Swara’s reaction…

I know it is short update and after a long time apologies for that 
I will be ending this ff soon as there is very low response.
Thank you everyone for commenting  and for your support :*
To know what’s going to happen further stay tuned too Humsafar 
Byee all , love you all a loads 

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