Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 16)


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Chapter !5


Chapter 16

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“The patient Mrs. Swara kapoor is facing partial anemesia and she didn’t remember anything about her past life not even her name….
Her memory would come back or not we don’t know but don’t stress her ..she was in coma for a month soo she need full rest and

All are supposed to care of that being a family…I hope I am clear and haa I will be leaving for out of station for prior commitments soo from now on Dr. Samapath Kumar will handle the case” doctor said and introduced to the another doctor….

The new doctor introduced himself and then went to his duty….
“Thank god she is out of danger “ ram said
“But we need to tell swara about aadya or else it will be difficult for us to handle” saying this sujhatha got more tensed
“But before that how dare you sanskar to give her name as Mrs. Kapoor haan you clearly know that she wanted to divorce you but noo ….you are the same sanskar …”laksh asked sanskar
“See laksh she is my wife and we are not divorced….next thing is she wanted o divorce me but I can mend my mistakes I was asking for forgiveness .. I know I did a mistake but I can rectify those” sanskar said…
“Leave that a said both can you ? now only think about aadya now how will we tell her about swara’s condition or bhai being her father…we can’t tell aadya about swara’s memory loss…she is a kid after all” ragini said
“Yes beta I agree with you “ sujhatha said
Meanwhile nurse call them as swara was now conscious state…

All entered the room where swara was sitting biting her nails looked like she was tensed about something
“swara “ sujhatha called her
“Maa , why were ther calling me Mrs. Kapoor am I married ? Sorry I called you maa I don’t know which relation I share with everyone her but I felt like to call you maa” swara said worriedly to sujhatha…
“Yes beta be calm I am your maa only” sujhatha said caressing her lovingly…
All introduced themselves as what relation they had Ragini introduced herself as her friend and her parents too … Here sanskar was standing numbly…
Thinking how could he introduce himself as he is her husband who didn’t trust his wife love to him and throw her out off the house? Or else introduce him as her looser husband who hurt her badly?
Or as husband who loves her wife soo much that he didn’t believe her?
His trance broke when he heard swara saying
“Heloo ! Mister can you introduce yourself or let me think you’re my husband ?” swara said

Too which
“I am Sanskar Kapoor and you..r your husband “ sanskar said (stammering a little)
“I’m not going to eat you …why are you stammering” swara asked
Sanskar saw her in disbeleif
“I am I looking like a ghost to you? “ swara asked again
“No , It’s nothing like that I was thinking something else….” Sanskar said blankly….
I think patient need some rest nurse announces…and informs that doctors said that swara will be discharged tomorrow…
All were assembled in the lobby
{ A/N : parineeta is with kids not in hospital}….
“I think I will take swara to Kapoor Mansion tomorrow and today we have to tell aadya about me being her father “ sanskar said
“I don’t trust my daughter with you …so swara will be coming with us to raizada mansion and don’t worry about aadya and swara anymore “ sujhatha said..
“But we need to tell …You didn’t heard what doctor said we can’t stress her but we need to tell her about aadya relation with her” sanskar said

All were stunned to hear a voice…
“Who is aadya and what relation you all need to tell me ?” asked swara
Yes it was none other than swara
“Actually , Beta aadya is your and sanskar’s daughter soo we were worried about how you would react” sujhatha said…
“Ohh, My daughter…though I don’t remember I will try my level best to hide it from her…I need you people’s help for understanding and knowing my daughter “ swara said
All took a sign of relief that she didn’t freak-out about her daughter …
“I want to meet My daughter as soon as possible” swara said
“She is small right soo she is not allowed to come here”laksh said
Swara was little disappointed….laksh observed this
“You can meet her tomorrow “laksh said again…
“Woohooo, Yes I can meet my doctor tomorrow “ swara said jumping and clapping her hands and was very excited with little found information
“What are you doing here and Moreover who asked you too get from the bed” sanskar shouted at her worriedly

As he remembered swara should get complete rest….
Swara flinched a little but she masked her feelings
“Excuse me , you’re my husband but you don’t have any right to shut at me got it….
Anyways MR. Old Sanskar Kapoor …I can go anywhere …I can do anything soo you can’t rule me in my life…” saying this swara stumped her legs and left from there to her room (hospital)
After she left all decided to talk to aadya about sanskar and swara
“ I will tell aadya bout sanskar being her father and swara’s condition” ragini said
“She is kid ragini you can’t tell her truth, she will not get it “ laksh said
“I know laksh but trust me and let me handle it please” said ragini
Sanskar was about to say something …but sujhatha said
“Haan , laksh e let ragini try “ sujhatha said agreeing with ragini
All left to their mansion and sanskar decided he would say there but laksh also stayed with him as Raizada’s didn’t believe in sanskar….
Finally sanskar gave up on the Raizada’s and agreed swara staying at Raizada mansion at one condition that he himself woud sta with them ….
They all agreed….


Precap: aadya knowing sanskar being her father and sanskar and swara nohk jhok

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Dr. Sampath Kumar is new entry played by Vivian desai
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