Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 15)


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Chapter 14

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Chapter 15

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Sanskar’s pov….

I was sitting near the bed where swara was sleeping peacefully ….
It’s been one month since swara was admitted in the hospital since then she was in coma… I have not been allowed to meet her Raizada family banned me from meeting swara…when swara slipped into comma and didn’t even let me meet aadya too…
They blamed me for her condition….
Yes I am only solely responsible for her condition right know but I know she will get up at any moment but I want to be with her…
I realized how wrong I was when I judged swara foe no reason , blamed her for no reason..that too when I was about to loose her…

Swara asked me few questions if I ever loved her …she proved me I don’t love her …she said I would question our love symbol too how could she think about it …then I realized my behavior with her five years back she tried to tell me convince me and explain me but I never listened to her…
She was right I never saw back in those five years I have somewhere accepted swara cheated me blindly how I can be a jerk and doubt her love for me….
And didn’t even find necessary to cross check whether she is fine or not I was a jerk at that time…
In those five years ladoo, dad , mom tried to convince me I was wrong ….every time I remembered swara I hated her more for no reason
I wish I would not have believe those pictures but Sammy was most unexpected person whom I thought as my close friends but she was the one and only solely reason behind my split with my love….
That day she planned to kill my swara and almost succeeded in her plan , swara slipped into coma in very few hours of that merciless accident that is only when I realized I can’t afford to lose swara …

I will wait for her to recover then …I will ask her for her forgiveness but will not loose hope ….
Right know with the help of ragini I sneaked to meet swara …ladoo did allow me to meet swara at first after I was thrown out by raizada…It was hard to convince her too make her believe I can’t live without seeing swara …. I never believed in god but I pray and plead him to make my swara fine again…
“Swara …please get up naa I had enough punishment of your silence, you know right I can’t see you like this in this condition…please get up see our I mean your daughter is missing you swara,..
Please swara I know I was at fault .. I should have trusted you and have faith in our love…
I catch hold of her palm….

Please swara get up scold me ….punish me and torture me for my sins, my mistakes ….slap me but please get up” I said while slapping her palms on my face….
“Swara I am really fed up off pleading you …you will not listen to me …you will not open your eyes on my plead that is fine …. At least think about aadya is he nothing to you were living your life for that little soul atleast open your eyes for her……
I know you listen to everyone and me too

You don’t respond to me fine then listen from now onwards I will not try to convince , if you don’t get up know I will die now itself
I am solely reason for you being here and what is the reason of me being alive when my love , my wife is not listening to me …” I said
I made up my mind if swara doesn’t want him near him ..not reacting….that means she has no interest in being alive….doctor said few days back
“ If the patient doesn’t want to react …we can doo anything it looks like she has no interest in being alive …she is deeply hurt by something that is only the reason she Is not responding to our treatments …I wish you all luck and hope she will gain her willpower back” doctor said
Those words were running in my mind still like fresh incident …I daily come with a hope that she would get up but she never got up till now…I had enough of this I can’t live without her …I am feeling helpless now …I can’t bare this pain anymore…
Every time I see her lying on bed under this condition I feel broken more….
I can’t even imagine how she would have lived this five years I atleast lived with the hatered and had reason but my love I didn’t even gave her the reason …
I tried to talk with addya but i couldn’t …
Today I have to leave this world.. If I can’t be with you then there is no meaning of my life… Me being alive
I started to leave the room when something stopped me …I turned and saw swara’s hand moving a little and gripping my little finger…
I immediately leaned down and pecked her forehead

“Thank you soo much swara “ I said
I hurriedly called doctor and when doctor asked me to wait out side for the check up…
I called ladoo to inform everyone…within less time every one was present here…
Meanwhile doctor informed me it was miracle to swara react…he said it will take one to two hours to gain her consciousness completely
We all were waiting for swara to get consciousness in her room ….
She got up slowly asking for water …I was about to take water to her but sujhatha aunty made her drink water and glaring at me…
Infact everyone was glaring at me expect ladoo …why not I deserve this…
But the world stopped around me when I heard swara saying….

“who am I …what I am doing in the hospital…” swara tried to get up and sujhatha aunty helping her get up
“May I know what relation between me and you all is? Can you tell me my name…I can’t remember anything…ahh my head is bursting in pain” saying this swara fainted
Doctor asked us to escort from the room ..we waited in the lobby for doctor to arrive and tell exactly what happened to swara ..
Why did she react in that way?
As soon as doctor came into lobby … all the family members including me bombarded him with questions like

“What happened to swara?”
“Why did she react like that seeing us?”
“Is swara okay , fine ?”
Then doctor asked us to calm down
“She is facing partial anamnesis..she may or may not remember anything related to her identity and everything…IT will take time to recover” doctor said
I was shocked beyond …It was all because of me 🙁
End of pov…

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