Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 14)

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

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“sanskar kapoor I am asking you to leave my house right know”swara asked sanskar too leave the house
“I ‘m not going anywhere swara…not till I get my answers” sanskar said….
“sanskar just leave ..swara doesn’t want you to be here “ said laksh..
“Let him be laksh .. I ‘m not gonna talk with strangers…right know let’s go from here I have to discuss with you reagarding press meet “ swara said
Swara was about to turn ignoring sanskar’s presence when sanskar catch hold of her shoulder and pulled her towards him
“Sanskar, leave her “ said laksh said
Trying to pull swara from sanskar’s grip ….
“Laksh stay out of it … It is between me and my wife soo stay out of “ sanskar said

Swara pov

He left me all alone…he throw me out of his house…Moreover he didn’t believe me , my love, faithfulness for him he just believed those morphed not even asked me for explaination …..
Now from nowhere I am his wife like seriously he is mad or what I am never gona forgive him ..Never ever…. I am not old swara who would forgive easily , Five years back I bared everything But not now … No one can hurt my self-respect .. I will never let anyone rule me anymore…
I jerked his hands away…
“I am not your wife ,Mister “ I said poiting finger at him….
I started moving aside when he again catch hold of my shoulders and I am trying to free myself from him
“Why didn’t you let me know about aadya , swara…why ?”sanskar asked…
“Who are you to inform about my daughter” I said still trying to free myself from his hold and he gripped me more tightly
“She is My daughter god damnit and I didn’t knew about it” sanskar said
“No , Mr. Sanskar kapoor aadya is only my daughter not yours” I said with confident
I saw him getting hurt but I can’t melt …. I was also been hurt didn’t he see my pain ….
“She is my daughter , get that swara and you kept me away from my daughter, MY DAUGHTER SWARA My blood” sanskar said…

“Your daughter Sanskar …like really …let me clear you sanskar she is only my daughter get that in your tiny head…I am her mother , father both in shot I ‘m a single parent” I said sternly…
“she is my daughter too swara” sanskar said
“NO .. I said she is only my daughter”I said
Now also he is claiming aadya as his daughter not ours …I will never let aadya know about you sanskar…
Now also for him he himself is important not me …leave that not us… he is the same selfish , arrogant sanskar… Not that sanskar whom I loved…
“Swara ok she is your daughter but why didn’t you tell me …she is our love symbol” sanskar..
I jerked his hand this time….
“LOVE…what love are you talking about ..which love your talking about can you tell me …whose love …I don’t think you love me or I should say you loved me ….” I said
“Swara what are you saying why are you doubting my love?” sanskar asked me
“Are you saying that I am doubting your love…let me remind you I never doubted your love ..You are the one who doubted my love…my faith fullness” I said
“Swara listen to me it’s not like that…..”

Before sanskar could say something I cut him off in the middle
“What is not like that sanskar what is not like that…..” I said catching his collar
Before he could say something I again started
“Do you even know the meaning of love …love means trust …love means beleiving someone blindly like I did five years back….But you didn’t sanskar …you didn’t …” I said
“No swara..”he said
“Acha ..tell me something sanskar and give those answers only in yes or no ok”
“Now let’s start” I said
“swara” sanskar called me
“Only answers sanskar nothing else” I said with stern tone
“hmm” sansar hummed
“First question is that did you love me truly?” I asked him

“Yes swara ,I loved you and I will always love you” he said
“I said only answer in yes or no bus”
“ I don’t think you love me anways , Second question is do you believe me?”I asked
“Yes, I believe you swara I know what I did five years back..”
Sanskar was saying something I cut him off again
“how many time should I remind you only answer in yes or no…
NO I don’t think sanskar ,you believe me anyways my next question is that did you leave me because of those morphed pictures?”

“Yes , I mean I didn’t believe at first then rajbeer left ladoo soo I thought….” Sanskar was about to say something more I cut him


“what you thought that I cheated on you right…then you doubted me my love ,That means you didn’t trust your love didn’t believe me ….. You don’t love me sanskar cause love means trusting your partner …you didn’t do that sanskar soo you cant claim you love me” I said
“swara..”he tried to tell something I showed my hand to stop
“Soo , its proven you didn’t and don’t love question why will I inform you about my daughter aadya why will I tell you?” I said
“Because she is my daughter I have right to know about her” sanskar said
“Still sanskar you say you love me and call aadya only your daughter not ours…huhh…anyways leave that you lost your right on the same day you threw me out of your house and you expect me to tell you about aadya haan…” I said
When I was about to say something more…
“Swara I accept I did was mistake but that doesn’t mean you kee me in dark and not knowing about my dau.. I mean our daughter” he said

“Oh really our daughter … If I would have told you about aadya then you would question about her identity you would doubt my love and declare her characterless woman’s daughter …najaise aualad like you did without even listening to my plea and explanation….”I said
“ You remember how did you throw me out …how did you catch my hair … did you pull my magalsutra …you called me cheater , charaterless you left me without any reason…at least rajbeer left candy because he had affair he had reason then candy had you people to console me…did you once even think where I will be did you ever see back like how I was and how I am ….
If rajbeer was wrong then you were also wrong…if rajbeer is unforgivable then you’re are also no less than him” I said

While tears were rolling down I rubbed them …
“I have decided Sanskar I would give you divorce and aadya custody will be mine …maa I am going to lawyer “ I said and glanced at everyone
I then took my car keys and left with bang…
Sanskar tried to stop me….

End of pov…

Sanskar ran behind swara …calling her and trying to plead swara to stop …
Sanskar followed her in his car then suddenly swara car was crashed with truck he was numb he just stopped his car and went near swara’s car and picked her up in his arms ….
She was unconscious lots of blood was flowing….he took her t the hospital then informed swara’s accident to Kapoor’s and Raizada’s

Precap : Swara life is in danger…..Aadya knowing sanskar is her father….NEW ENTRY

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Too know that stay tuned too humsafar
Bubye love you all a loads :*

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