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Chapter 13
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“mumma” sanskar murmured slowly….
Sanskar was shocked and numb with the new found little secret that the little devil his friend is none another than his daughter…
The little girl whom he felt connected after their first interaction who gave him tit for tat..the girl who always reminded him of swara is actually swara’s ….actually their daughter…..
He bent down on his knees to reach aadya’s level and called her
“Little devil come here” sanskar said
As soon aadya reached him he just took her in bear hug and hugged her tightly and made sure e does not hurt this little creature kissing on her hairs …
“Bad uncle friend you’re here…you didn’t tell me you knew mumma” aadya said hugging sanskar back…
She may be guessed it when she saw all the family members talking…
Though sanskar knew aadya was his daughter and swara will never defame his character and once aadya shared with him that her dad is busy in working ….he wanted to clear his doubt then he asked
“Where is your dad little devil” he asked aadya
As soon as aadya heard what sanskar had asked she immediately hung her head down and was little sad …
“Mummma says dad is busy in office and has lots of work and he has no time for me.. I know he doesn’t love me that is reason he doesn’t come to meet me “ aadya said and hugged sanskar …

While aadya was saying those words he just glared at swara too which swara shrugged his look…
If he knew he has a daughter ..he would let her feel alone like how she missed a father figure in her life….he would always pamper her and treat her like princess…he was sad he missed all of those and was angry on swara that how could she not te him about his daughter…
He then detached himself from aadya and saw longingly at her then took her little hand and kissed her and caressed her face….
“Bad uncle it’s tickling and giggled soflty “ she said as sanskar caressing her cheeks which she felt ticklish…
Aadya left with aarav as he called her for playing with her but sanskar was not ready to leave her hand which was observed by swara she immediately went near them and jerked their hands away
“Go and play with aarav in the room doll, be back when I call you down” swara said and aadya left to aarav’s room…

All the kapoor family were shocked to see aadya and the little daughter call swara mumma which means she is swara and sanskar’s daughter….
“swara beta, why was that little girl calling you mumma” ap asked
“she is calling me mumma because I am her mother”she said in calmed tone
Swara was mentally prepared for it …sanskar had doubted her character and left her but she would never let her daughter go away from him….
“That means ..”ragini was about to say something when swara cut her off in the middle
“She is only my daughter candy “she said in stern tone…
“How could you say that she is my daughter too” sanskar said out loudly…
“Mr. Sanskar kapoor keep your voice low my daughter will get scared and get down …and yes, I repeat myself again aadya is only my daughter” swara said giving sanskar a glare…
“She is right Sammy how can you believe a cheater she may have child with that affair” saying this a person entered

All were shocked to see samaira there…yes it was samaira who was called by sahil to investigate further….as soon as she
was called she was unaware of the situation she happily came there to insult swara more there… who heard aadya convo ..she stood near sanky
“Why all of you are shocked … I am saying for your good Sammy …this b*t*h is trapping you again don’t fall for her again Sammy…
I have an idea do DNA test it will be clear..”
Before she could speak anything more she was slapped hard by sanskar
“You blo*dy b*t*h ,I don’t have to get DNA test to be done because I know she is my daughter and I don’t need any proof and moreover, how could you defame swara wit that photos and latest controversy I believed you as a best friend …but why did you do that” sanskar said
“What are you talking about sanskar” samaira said
“Actually we have pictures of morphed swara intimate with another men are actually yours and the information that yesterdays news scrolls and your behind it” Sahil spoke confidentally
“What are you talking about and what is the proof ?” samaira said and tried to save herself
“Sahil , take her in custody and take her out of my sight right know “ swara said to sahil in raged tone
“Sammy listen to me…she is trying to frame me..”before she could speak more she was slapped hard by swara …

“Just shut your blo*dy mouth and I don’t have to try to get you trapped justify my self for the thing which I didn’t do …and now get lost from here” swara said angrily …
With this sahil dragged samaira out of the mansion aong with him and took her in the custody…..
Immediatey sanskar just hold her shoulder as he wanted to know..why did she hide this much big news and his daughter aadya from him…
“Why didn’t you tell me about aadya” sanskar asked swara
“Why should I tell you about addaya and moreover who are you to tell about my daughter aadya” swara said calmly…
“What , how dare you say …who I am to know about aadya .. I am her father and I need to know about her” sanskar said
Griping his hold tightly on her shoulder…to which she swara hissed al a little but then covered up her emotions and played cold …she just jerked is hands away
“She is not your Daughter Mr. Sanskar kapoor she is only my Daughter …now it is proven my Character is clean chit…soo you can take a leave from this house and let me warn you stay away from my Daughter…” swara said
Showing sanskar exit door of raizada mansion………….


Precap: Swasan confrontation….Accident


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