Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 12)


Humsafar- SWASAN

Hii all are you all?

Chapter 11


Chapter 12
Sooo here it is …


Just get lost from here sanskar kapoor goo away swara showed him her hands towards the doorway then she clenched to er self and started crying keeping her head in her knees….
Sanskar and everone were shocked to see them there while sujhatha and ap moved towards swara….as soon as swara saw sujhatha she just hugged her tightly whereas ap just caressed her hairs ….
“Like seriously how much drama you will create to sympathize yourself” said rajbeer
before rajbeer could say something more he was slapped by laksh…
“Now you all sharma’s will go by themselves or should I call security to throw you out…” “OUT NOW” laksh said with full rage and in anger and by this Sharma family left…
“can you all please leave as my sister needs some rest from all the fiasco happened today “ laksh said moving towards sanskar…
“Chotu…I have ACP sahil to solve the issue regarding news channels soo he will help us to finf the real culprit
“said aadarsh caressing swara

Swara saw sahil and exclaimed In happiness as she met her bestiee’s husband who was good friend of her…
She smiled at him…
“hii sahil how is uttara and your son uttsav?” she greeted him and asked sahil about his whereabouts
“they are fine swara but I am angry on you this much happened and you both didn’t even bother to tell your problems but no issues “ he said smiling at them
“I am sorry , but on a serious note I want this case to be solved immediately” swara said to sahil…
They talked about the case and kapoor’s left along with sahil….
Let’s eat dinner parineeta told everyone as dinner was ready…
“I want to say something . I actually want to thank you for everting you all gave me today “ swara said as her eyes were wet
“what swara you are our sister and daughter of this family for us but I don’t think still you accepted us as the family “ laskh said in sad and dramatic tone
Though he knew swara loved them as family unconditionally 🙂
“It is not like all are my family and always will be a family “ swara said with a smile on her face
They all had a gala time and family time….
Unknown to whats going to be happened in future…
“Madam I heard that they called police for inspecting this case and all the raizada’s are with her” a person said
“what did sanskar do with her” asked the lady..
“Sanskar sir was angry but when swara health got effected he then started caring for her and all supported swara not him only sharma’s were against her” said the person…
“oo god what I thought today will be the last day of swara in this city but no this raizada’s ruined my plan” the lady gritted her teeth
“Your soo useless get lost from here” the lady said and the person went off
This time you will not be saved by anyone swara….because this time you will be ruined…then she called someone and said something to them…
“I should get that work done”she said in the phone


In Raizada’s Mansion….
All were very tensed about the news and as everyone was calling them too know what is happening in their life …everyone was tensed and fed up with this rumor …
“It is all because of me all have to face this things” swara said
“swara how many time should we remind you that we are family “ said sujhatha in stern tone ..
“I am sorry maa” saying this she pouted…
They shared a hug..meanwhile sahil entered the mansion along with kapoors
“why did you ask all of us to be here “ asked dp
“yes uncle, I called everyone here to tell the real name of culprit for yesterdays news” said sahil
“Then tell na sahil” swara asked him….

“swara actually the culprit behind this fiasco is SAMAIRA akka sanskar’s friend not only this I got to know that the pictures sent to sanskar are morphed pictures which were sent five years back…
AND More interesting thing is that it is also done by samaira and those pictures were with her ex-boyfriends and motive is unknown and we will find out that too” sahil said
“Why would she want to defame …why?” swara said with the low tone
“why ..why why” even sanskar murmured the same
“we have to find that out the reason for that I need some time and then we can take actions” sahil said
“Ok we have to find this soon “aadarsh said
Then swara turned towards sanskar and said
“You Mr. Sanskar Kapoor got your answer I am innocent get that in your mind and now get lost from here “swara said
While showing him the way outside the mansion when

“mumma , mumma” shouting this aadya came near swara and
“mumma , see I made a get well soon card” aadya said while glanicing at swara
While swara was shocked too see her daughter and her little secret is out now….
“see naa mumma” aadya whined
Swara saw the card and smiled at her and leaned at her knees and hugged her
“Its soo beautiful my princess” saying this swara kissed aadya’s forehead
“Mumma…” sanskar murmered in shocked tone


Precap: Accident


How will sasnkar react knowing aadya is his daughter?

Whose accident is gonna happen?

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