Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 10)


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Chapter 9

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“Maa” swara said I low tone ….
Swara was numb too react..she recalled her moments with her mother and her family …she was pampered by her family and then she got married to sanskar …all was going good but that day when sanskar left her she needed her parents …they all left her because they were worried about society not her…..
All the flashes were coming in front of her rakhshabandhan with her brother, her birthday s and celebrations with her family …her cooking classes with her mother and her pranks and naughtyness…her school days with her friends …..
And that fatefull day when she was dragged out of sanskar house and then her parents house….
She spoke again “ Maa” in fact she tried to retort when she was again slapped ….on the another cheek…

When she saw the person she was shocked….that was her father…
She catch hold of her cheek she was with teary eyes as she saw father slapping her for the first time in her life…
That father used to take her side more than rajbeer …who used to fight with her mother just to give her happiness and what ever she wanted….
“pappa “ swara said….
Before she could say anything ram interfered in between
“How dare you slap my daughter?” ram asked shekar

“I am sorry Mr. raizada , I am ashamed of my daughter today because of her you name is defamed and..” shekar said before he could say anything sujhatha cut him off
“What are you saying about and how could our shona defame us” she said with rage….
As soon as sujhatha got to know they are swara’s parents she was shocked too see her getting slapped for no reason …swara is her daughter she cannot tolerate anyone dis-respecting her…
“Swara is my daughter and I know about her soo you people better spill or get lost from here” she said again…

Sharma family was taken aback and with sujhatha’s words…
“We are talking about your name –fame is being defamed by our own daughter whose husband left her five years ago for her disloyalty and affairs and your supporting her “ sharmistha swara’s mother spoke with the harsh and stern tone looking at swara angrily…
While sharmistha got slapped ….
That is none other than sujhatha …she could not bare anyone defaming swara and her character…
“Just keep your filfth mouth shut and don’t you dare bad mouth my daughter” sujhatha said with stern and loud tone

Swara realized that she was blamed for useless things and her own mother is calling her characterless where as raizada’s where supporting and believing her…
“what…can’t you see her husband left her for her affairs and still your calling her your daughter and she trapping you too and I am her mother and I am sorry and telling you this” sharmistha said

Swara could not handle it anymore..
“maa , enough is enough….. My husband left me because of your son left and extra marital affair with his secretory and I know he has many affairs too soo in and all your filfth son is responsible for sanskar kapoor leaving me his wife ….” Swara burst out
“Shutup swara “ rajbeer said was about to slap her when ragini catch hold of his hand and jerked his hand away….

“Don’t shut swara…people present here let them know you had affair with your secretary and left me because you were bored of me and I was not in fault and haa nbhai left her because of you“ ragini said
“I think you didn’t see the news Mr.Raizada …so you don’t know about her truth about your beloved swara “ rajbeer said again
“Ok lets see the news and for only to clarify you and we do believe swara…just to prove you wrong” aadarsh said…
Then parineeta ascorted everyone to garden area and asked them to start the pooja as per rituals and complete their nuptials they will be back soon…
Raizada’s , kapoor’s and sharma’s were presnt in the tv room when …laksh switch on the news channels….all were shocked to see the news ….swara froze and was numb …
The news scrolls were that

“Miss.Swara Sharma who works in raizada institutes has trapped many business deals by luring on the business deals…she had many affairs that why Mr.sanskar kapoor who was husband of Swara Sharma left her because she is having extra marital affairs…
Right know she is targeting Mr. Laksh raizada who is son of Mr. Ram raizada and Mrs. Sujhatha raizada….It is also said that she had an affair with their elder son Aadarsh raizada too…
Wow she is good player in this she is managing both the brother’s with her beauty..well congarats to her saying this the repoter laughed…..
In that scrolling swara photos with sanskar , laksh ,aadarsh and sahil and intimate photos with other persons were showed…

Laksh immediately switched of the tv….
“I said you Mr . raizda “ rajbeer said
For which he got tight slap from laksh and he said
“Not a word against swara from your filth mouth of yours get that” laksh said while catching his collar and when someone calpped on the scenario….
“You would support her only Mr. Laksh as you are having affair with her” said sanskar
“what the hell are you talking bhai?” ragini asked
“Yes laddoo I am telling the truth this friend of your is not worth of my love she had an extra marital affair when she was married to me and now she trapping Laksh into thi”sanskar said…
“sanskar” “bhai” both dp and ragini said together…
“I know you won’t believe me…even I didn’t believe when I got those mail with those picture’s which just scrolled now and then on that day when I got a call that she was with some men there when I went there swara was hugging that person and talking with him closely….” Sanskar said
“I thought I did wrong with you…and I loved you more but you have proved me wrong ..You characterless woman “ sanskar said ponting his finger at swara …
Swara was numb to react as she heard sanskar saying those brutal words but he pointed finger at her character and called her characterless she composed herself and then…
Then she gave a tight slap to him …sanskar was shocked too see her react like this
“Mr. Sanskar Kapoor how dare you haan” saying this she catched his collars…
“I have proof swara” he said sternly
Removing her hands from his collar and taking out and showing his phone where he kept all those pictures where swara hugged that man and laughing with him…
Swara was shocked to see those photos and then ragini and rest of all took the phone and saw the photos …

“Bhai this is sahil ..uttara’s husband ..I was also there when they met eachother and I went shopping with uttara as swara and sahil would order food for them we were bestfriends and sahil you know his name he was like our brother you know that …how could you bhai….and those photos can be morphed bhai …” ragini asked
Swara was all numb at that what was happening around she was remembering her happy day s with sanskar and then that day when he throwed her out off the house she was recollecting everything and composed herself…..
“Leave it, ragini no need to give him any explanation when he doesn’t believe in me…let it be “ swara said and turned to sanskar and ponting her finger at him….
“And you Mr. sanskar kapoor thanks for clearing you don’t love me…and who are you too point your finger at my character….
I don’t want to justify with my relation with laksh like you people…
As I am framed in this news I will prove that these are fake and morphed soon …Get that in your little brain “ she said again
With stern ,rage and loudly making it clear to everyone
Saying this she fainted…..

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