Humsafar- SWASAN (chapter 1)


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Swara’s pov:
I and aadya played for some more time in the park..then I got call from sujatha maa asking me to reach raizada’s mansion ..
I and aadya left to raizada’s mansion …
If raizada’s wouldn’t be there god knows …how I would have survive along with aadya…

Flash back:

Pappa please pappa …I don’t have anyone except you people …
Please listen to me pappa please…
I pleaded him…I even catched his legs to not too throw me out but pappa dragged me out of the house and throw me out knowing that I was pregnant …
“You’re not my daughter from now on…kapoor’s may accept their thrown daughter but not us. We have some name in the society I don’t wanna ruin it ..” pappa said
“but pappa please “ I pleaded but it was of no use…
Pappa has shut the door on my face…
I unwillingly walked from my parent’s house… I was getting punished for the mistake. I wasn’t even part of it…I don’t know in which direction I have started walking…I don’t have anyone whom I can call mine…I was walking lifelessy around the streets …then suddenly something hit me and I fell down at the same moment …I was all blank ,I didn’t remember any thing…
When I woke up suddenly ..i was feeling drowsy….i didn’t know where I am but it looked like hospital but what am I doing here and ahh my head it is paining a lot…
Then door opened and a person came with the bright smile..
P: are feeling now?
I: I am fine…may I know who are you ?
I tried to get up …that person helped me in sitting
P: hey I am laksh …laksh raizada.
He introduced himself and smiled at me genuinely and he then asked me something..That reminded me off everything that has gone through …then suddenly I remembered my baby..i was worried about my baby ..Unknowingly I placed my han on my tummy to feel my baby ….
L: who are you …give me your family members number I‘ll make a call…
I: I am swara Sharma and I am an orphan…I said it with much difficulty..i was on verge to cry but I calmed myself thinking about my baby …
May be laksh sensed that I was worried about my baby..
L: don’t worry swara and the baby is fine but you need to take care of yourself..
I : thank you soo much for bringing me to hostpital…
I gave him a curt smile…the lady who was nearly my maa’s age came inside a
L: how are you beta …
She asked coming near me …and kissing my forehead. I felt like my mother is near me …then doctor came in and checked me if I’m ok or not…

Then doc declared that I can get discharged in an hour …meanwhile that lady along with laksh entered the room..
I : thank you aunty ,laksh for saving me and my baby …(keeping hand on my tummy)
Thank you from the core of my heart 🙂
L: swara I am sujhatha laksh’s mother ..
She introduced herself …we both smiled at each other …
After an our when doctor informed me about leaving ….immediately I thought of leaving but how can I pay them back…
I: aunty I will leave know…give me your address I will give you many as if I don’t have now…
I stated…I was worried they don’t mistook me..
S: beta tell me …do you leave alone here ?
She ignored my questions …she caressed my face when she asked me…
I have family but now I am left alone…I don’t have anyone whom I can say it is mine…
Nooo swara you have your baby I consoled my self …I saw sujatha aunty…
My throat went dry ..I was not able utter a single word…I was on verge to cry but I controlled myself …I composed my self …
I: yes aunty …I am orphan (stammering)
Sujatha aunty caressed my face and kissed my forehead
S: you are coming with us …
I: but aunty I can’t you …
S: your coming that’s final..
Though I was not agreeing but sujhatha aunty she is just knows how to convince people..
They didn’t pity me on my condition but they showered their love and treated me as family member…
I worked in their company as advicer later parineeta bhabhi saw my event organizing skills and helped me in establishing aadya event organizing company…

Flashback ends;

I am here in raizada’s mansion….my baby saw his laksh mammu and humped in him…
“ see princess I bought chocolate for you” laksh said
“thank you mammu “my babby squealed in happiness
“ laksh you are spoiling her “ I complained to him..
He just shrugged in response…
I saw aarav coming towards me ..
“ shonaa maa” he squealed in happiness
I took aarav in bear hug and kissed his forehead …
“see baby I bought bayblade for you “ I gave him…
Then I saw aarav and my baby playing together…aadya shared her chocolate with him too though she never shares her chocolate except aarav..
In this she is same as ragini …. Ragini never shared her choclate too anyone except me… my thought trance broke when pari bhabhi said..
“ see who telling you laksh…the one who spoils aarav with all her love and gifts” she said to me giving a glare…
I know I hurt bhabhi and laksh by saying they are spoiling aadya …
“ don’t scold my daughter “ sujatha maa came to my rescue..
“I’m sorry “ I said holding my ear…
Don’t be the trio said in unision and hugged me …
We sat in hall and chitchatted for some minutes …whie aaru and aadu where playing..i suddenly remembered that maa called me urgently but why ..i asked her ..
“ maa why did you call me “ I asked sujatha maa
“haan ..I just forgot to tell you we are shifting to Mumbai raizada’s mansion” she said…
Mumbai… no I can’t go there I have moved on with much difficutly I cant face that city…
“ maa I can’t come” I said firmly
Maa took me into a bear hug and kissed my forehead …in these years she knows how to cam my nerves…did I tell you when I was in my 8th month pregnancy maa had arranged ghodbharayi ka rasam ..i was soo overwhelmed with raizada’s love .. I called sujatha aunty as maa. From that time I call uncle and aunty maa and pappa..
They loved me like their own child…
“I know beta ,but you have to be strong and move on “ sujatha maa said
“But maa”I was cut by maa again..
“we cant leave our daughter her alone…soo your coming with us…
And if your worring about aadya event organizing company you can open new branch over there” sujatha maa said…
Sujatha maa knew my worries…she knows I would give this excuse too ..she understands more than any one…they knew about my past but they don’t know about the family and my in laws family …they never thought it was necessary …
“ you are coming with us..that’s final” pari babhi said
“ okay “I said…
We decide that we would leave to Mumbai within two days…

Later at night I was standing near window and gazing at moon … aarav and aadya slept long back..
“ I love you swara”
“I promise swara I will keep you happy”
“you’re my world ,swara”
“I can’t live without you “
His words kept flashing around…and ringing in my mind..
“why god…why me?…” I cried
Those all words were just a big lie he didn’t mean any…………
I consoled my self …
And dozed off to sleep…


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