Humsafar (spoilers)


I thought to write chapter 12 but I was confused with some things. .so I decided to discuss with is the summary of Humsafar.

Aayat was a small town girl. she was in love with her best friend Fahim. Fahim loved her but he denied his love coz of his family. Aayat married to a man who treated her badly. her husband Mubarak brought her to his work place and he tried to sell her for money.Aayat escaped from Mubarak’s trap as she harmed him and his friend Abid. she went to her friend Fahim. he gave her shelter. her father didn’t believe her words over Mubarak’s.dr.chitra helps Aayat to meet embassy officer Robert. Robert decided to help out Aayat from her problem.

I told that Mubarak and Fahim are staying in Dubai. but the law of Dubai and Indian law are quite different. so I am changing the place to my imaginary place which doesn’t exist on earth đŸ˜‰ :p and I am making new law for Aayat. we all know that in India, we can harm someone when someone tried to rape or kill us, I mean self defence. I googled about self defence in Dubai but I got a negative result which was saying a woman stabbed a man when he tried to rape her (like Aayat’s case) but she jailed for three years.I don’t want to send Aayat jail coz I thought to do something different with her. I want Aayat to be a strong woman and fight for her right.

I want to know all of ur opinion. which option u want to go with?

1.sending Aayat to jail for three years (so there is a 3 year leap)

2.make a new law (from my imagination) and make Aayat fight back.

I am waiting for ur comments…please please silent readers please do comment. I need all of ur support. so please comment at least for this one.

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  1. iam really confused this option

    1. me too

  2. I also don’t want ayat to be sent to jail.. I don’t like that Dubai law… Decision is all urs…

    1. Aayat will fight back dr

  3. This is very cruel wat is bludy law .ok yaar continue 2nd point

    1. thnx dr

  4. Ruby dear, show Aayat’s fighting spirit n make a law which u think is apt n may protect women..Follow ur heart..

    1. thnq so much dr

  5. Obviously new law yeah hamara women ka right hwin yaar itna badtameez kiya tho usko marvana koi badi baat tho hein nahi

    1. thnx dr

  6. ruby,plzzz make a new law n an imaginery place

    1. yep dr I am going with the second option

  7. hey ruby dear helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how r u

    I never read ur ff but it seems nice.

    Dear make aayat fight back and make the law first to get to the same side aayat get arrested then she get helped by Indian embassy and witht he help of the reporters

    she get free from the murder and jail

    I know you can make it so superb .

    Do you???????????????????????

    hey sweetheart I came here so many times but the reason is always the poster I love the poster but the story is different .

    But still I am happy tbat you picked out such a fantastic poster.

    I love that couple and their bonding.

    but Love u too.

    Hey ruby Keep smiling

    and keep continuing

    Once a friend always a friend

    1. nishuuu such a long time!!! I missed u buddy. .thnx fo ur opinions u tc

    2. Hi nisha dear my sweeeeeet musical friend how r uuuuuuuuuuu. …missing you soooooooo muchhhhhh. you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh

  8. Hi ruby dearrryyyy, my sweeeeeetu friend….make a new law n make aayat fight back with such a jerk mubarak n his friend abid….I support you fully…dubai law is boooooo…not good…. why all the time women to get blamed for every mishap…I’m totally agree with second option….she just hurt him to save her dignity not killed she has right to punish him for torturing her n ruined her in worst possible way mentally n physically…he should be jailed n tortured in the jail badly…so no man can think about ruining somebody’s life like aayat…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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