I opened my eyes..he is sleeping while hugging me..I remembered last was like a nightmare to me.I took off his hand from my waist…I put on my clothes and went to take a shower..I did my salah..

my mother in law was making tea she looked at me and smiled. .

“did u do ur ghusl?” my sister in law asked such an embarrassing question. .she indirectly asked did I had s*x with my so called husband.

I just nodded and went to help my mother in law..

“call Mubarak for breakfast” mother said..

I went to our room. he was in a bath towel.

“come for breakfast” I turned to go

“come here” he commanded.I came near him

“take a shirt from my closet” I obeyed..then he asked for a pants..I gave it too..

he came near me..I went backwards anf hited the gey closed.I gulped hard.he took his hands in my shoulder then he slowly moved his hands in my neck..his lips came near to mine.he pressed his lips on mine..I shut my eyes..

someone knocked on thw door. .he left my lips. .I felt a salty taste. .he opened the was his sister.

“I sent her to call u..but now I had to came to call u both” she said..he didn’t utter any word.he went to downstairs. .

his sister stared at me then smirked. .I looked at mirror. .my lips were cuted and blood was in it..I wiped the blood and went downstairs. ..


days passes away…I got only freedom in my periods. ..first time in my life I thanked my periods. ..I wished for never stop my periods but it is not gonna happen…his sister comes every weekend to taunt mother in law and father in law are nice people. .but my so called husband and his sister always irritated me..he always irritated me with his deeds and she with her bitter words..

he is working in dubai so he want me to come with we went to passport office to make a passport for me.I met fahim there..but I didn’t talked to him coz I don’t want to give a chance to my husband for taunting me..fahim was looking at me..I just ignored him.
we will go dubai in 2 days…finally the day is arriving which my so called husband dreamed of..I didn’t want to go with him..but everyone forced me to go with him..coZ everyone thinks that I am a lucky !!!!!



ghusl:is taking bath after having s*x and after menstruation stops

if any words or any dialogue which u don’t like tell me then..I won’t use it again.

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  1. Hw can men b so rude??

    1. Mubarak (Aayat’s husband) is a monster dr…he don’t care about her

  2. This person is so indecent yaaar , how come someone get married to him
    Poor ayat 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. her family don’t know about this coz he is descent in front of people

  3. Poor Aayat.. How can a person be like that… So bad person he is…
    Ruby keep going.. Love you..

    1. thnx anu lv u too

  4. Oh so sad for her how can he do like that with her guys we are living in independent world plzzz girls fight for ur self respect….

    1. she will fight against him soon dear

  5. Enikariyilla chila purushanmar enthukondaan sthrikale pavakalayi kaanunnath.avarude aavishyangalk vendi sneham nadikkum ath kazhinjal valicheriyum.i hate this type of men.ingane ullavare vetti thundam thundam aaki vella kaattilo kadalilo eriyanam.

    1. enikum ghonarund dr…kothiyarinj pattikk itt kodukanam ivanmare oke..

  6. Ohhh…dis Mubarak is a monster…he must rot in hell….poor Aayat…feeling bad 4 hr….fahim was good 4 hr….hope Aayat will have d courage to speak 4 herself…..write sooon…….love you….
    loadzz of hugzz n kissesss…..

    1. don’t worry dr..I will make her strong woman…hug u back dr…mmmuahh

  7. I pity of that girl ok then continue

  8. Such a heart wrenching…poor aayat…I liked fahim better for her…this mubarak is like wild animal so rude n careless…I hope she get strength of to fight for her rights n freedom. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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