“you didn’t said ur would be husband’s name” fahim, my best friend asked..

“I don’t know fahi..i didn’t ask” I said

“why Aayat?? he is your soon to be husband” he said

“so???? fahi don’t make me angry…good night” I hang up..

fahim and I are best friends….but I love him like the hell..he knew it..but he acts like he don’t know..coZ his family wants a rich and beautiful daughter in law..

I agreed for this marriage for my family’s soon to be husband is my dad’s choice. .I lost my love..I lost my dream I lost everything. ..I cried like hell…my eyes were turned to red..

after 2 weeks. day

Aayat weds Mubarak I saw on his name is Mubarak! !!
everyone one was happy. .I pretend to be happy. .fahim came and took pictures with me..he seems double happy. chest started paining while thinking of him…

we reached my in laws home..everyone teased us..I even didn’t looked at him..

I entered to our room..I plastered a fake smile on my face..he gave me a broad smile..I took my all jewellery in cupboard. .I took a nighty from my closet.just then he pulled me towards him…I was shell shocked. .I started breathing heavily. ..he kissed on my neck…I pushed him away and ran to bathroom. ..I cried under the neck was burning. ..

I opened the one was in room. …I lay on bed and slept. .


something was running on my tummy. .I opened my eyes…it was his hands. ..his hand was running all over my body..I pushed his hands and jumped from our bed..I looked at him scared.

“what happened? ?? why r u staring me??? this is our first night..let’s enjoy it” I wanted to shut my ear hard…whatever he said it embarrassed me…

he pulled me to him..I tried to free myself from him but he had a strong body to abandon me..


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  1. interesting

    1. thnx swara

  2. Ruby it is u with another different story.. Love to read it… Want to know more about the story.. Update soon.. Love you..

    1. ezudandan vijarichadayirunnu but manas sammadikande..thnx da

  3. awesome. …

    1. thnx Sara

  4. Hey ruby dr another story thank u so much dr intresting yaar

  5. Hai ruby ninta ella storiyum supera….

    1. thnq so much dr

  6. Wowwww rubyyyy dearrryyy, new story…awesome my lovely friend. ..loved the start n I thought it’s you but it’s you for real…I’m so excited to read this story…all your stories are precious gems…may Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life n give you strength to keep you n your loved ones happy…title n leads names very good…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and take care sweetie, muaaaaahhhhhh

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