Humsafar (We belong to Each other) Intro

Friends, to understand this story clearly first i will give character sketch of every important person.

Sanskar Singhania : He is no-1 richest business man in the world. He is an orphan. He is 24 years old. He is a kind hearted person. But if anyone messes with him he is a monster. Most important thing is he is married to swara 1 month ago. He loves her to the core. When it comes to her matter he is very strict. He is the owner of Swara’s University but, no one knows about this not even swara. He named that University as “SS” University.

Swara Singhania : She is in last year of graduation. No one in the college knows that she is married. She is an orphan. She is 23 years old. She is cute, sweet, bubbly girl. She loves sanskar to the core. She is very strict when it comes to sanskar’s matter. She is hiding about one thing from sanskar. She is hiding about her classmate sumanth. She is scared of sanskar because if he get to know about sumanth he will torture him like hell and atlast kill him?

They are two villains in this story:

(If there are no villains, story will not be thrilling)

Sumanth : He is psycho. He can do anything to get swara. He is swara’s classmate. He is a Womaniser.He is stalking swara and blackmailing her to spend one night with him unaware of the fact that she is the wife of the great sanskar maheshwari. (Poor sumanth if sanskar get to know about him, he will be lying on the death bed the very next second) Sumanth belongs to middle class family. He is like shoe polisher to swara. He thinks that swara is very poor girl because of the fact she is an orphan. But he doesn’t know she is the wife of richest businessman in the world. (So guys swara is hiding about sumanth)

Gargini : She is working in Sanskar’s office. She is sanskar’s personal assistant. She is after sanskar for his money. She don’t know about swasan’s marraige as she joined here after swasan’s marraige. She thinks that she is very beautiful.

There are many more characters in this story which i will add after wards when it is required and very important thing which is to be revealed is swasan’s sad past. It will be revealed in later parts.?

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