I got up early and did my daily routine. . I went to kitchen with the thought of making breakfast. I don’t know where this boys put all things. .

I got everything after a long search and I made breakfast. .I am sure today 4 boys will be happy coz I made our Kerala food.I don’t like eating but Fahim do.he loves food πŸ™‚

I heared boys fighting it means they all woke up.I went to living room..they r fighting on who make breakfast today! !!

“I already made it” I folded my hands under my chest.

“really! !!!! ” shahid jumped from his place but he stopped when 3d glared at him.

“get ready and come for breakfast” I went to kitchen. .

“I am hungry. .I want my breakfast now” shahid came after me.

“there is only one bathroom in hall and one in your room. so can I use it?” Junish asked coz Fahim already went to use hall’s bathroom.

“its not mine Junish its urs..u can use it without my permission” I smiled at him

“okey. ..from now its ours. .not mine and ur..okey?”

I nodded at Junish in approval. .I know how much nice Junish is coz Fahim always used to talk about him.Junish is 3 yrs elder than Fahim (also me)

shahid and 3d started having their breakfast. ..

“what’s ur name 3d?”

“shabeer” he said in annoying tune.

lol he didn’t like me calling him 3d but I like it πŸ˜› Fahim and Junish came after shabeer and shahid’s breakfast. .I had my breakfast with the two boys.

“why did u made breakfast Aayat. ?” Fahim asked

“What u mean?” I narrowed my eyebrows

“u don’t need to do all this .we will make our breakfast” so he don’t want me to work.

“I made it coZ I was hungry” I lied ..and I know that he know I am lying. .

“u and hungry I can’t agree Aayat” Fahim chuckled..all while Junish was staring us.

“what??” I and Fahim asked in unison.

“u both r talking like couples” he laughed at his own words.

“shut up juni” Fahim slapped in juni’s shoulder.he chuckled

“we r going guys” shabeer said. they both went.

“where are they going? ” I asked to Fahim.

“they both r in uni.” Fahim got up from his seat..

“thnx for this delicious breakfast Aayat” Junish said.

“Aayat” Fahim come towards my chair and stand beside me.

“when did u learned cooking” he teased me

“what u mean by when did I learned. . I know cooking from long” I mocked at him

“yeah…how can I forget that u r specialised in burning eggs” he mocked back

“faheeeem” I threw an Apple on him

“aauch…” he threw apple back
but juni catches and ate it.

I and Fahim looked at each other surprised and laughed juni too joined us.I forget all my pain for some time.

“gotta go Aayat. .by..we will meet in evening. ..come fahi” juni took his bag and car key.

“I will be there in a minute. let me take my bag..” Fahim went to our room.I mean it was his room but now mine. .basically its ours πŸ˜›

“thanks fahi” I gave him a weak smile.he came near me

“.don’t open the door for any1 and don’t make any noise. it?” I nodded at him.he came more closer to me but giving a personal space.he tapped ln my cheek. I can feel his love in his touch. an electricity passed through all over my body.

“take care” he left ..I stood in that state for five minutes. .still I feel his touch in my cheek. .

where you guys are from?????? I am from Kerala, God’s own country πŸ˜€

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  1. I am from tn Ruby …. Yea got ur hamsafar …

    1. we r neighbours devu πŸ™‚ what r u doing? I mean study or job

  2. I am frm hydrabad ( telengana)
    Nice update dear …..
    Junish is such a nice person !!!!

    1. u r from my bunny’s place πŸ˜€

      1. Who is bunny ????

      2. Bunny means Allu Arjun right Ruby..

  3. Hai ruby njan evide und.

    1. ijj ivde illengi anne pereel keri thallum πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

    1. thnx swara

  4. Ruby today’s episode is nic dear. I just love this Junish’s character..
    Ruby njan avida nenanu ennu ariyilla?? And njan malappuram varundu ente cousin’s marriage. May be by 2months..

    1. malappurath evideya dr varunne?

      1. Manjeri…

      2. ente natinn kurach ponam mrg kazinjal ee vazi va πŸ™‚

      3. I’ll surly try.☺☺

  5. Fahd loves her wowww awesome

  6. reallyy r u orthodoxx tooi?? i read cmmnt last chap

  7. Awesome episode, fahim is very gentle n caring…aayat little releived…boys convo r funnn…lovely story. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…it’s from u.p. india,

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