I felt someone’s touch on my shoulder. I removed my hands from my was Junish! !! what he is doing here!!!

“u r still awake??” I asked.he sat beside me.

“I couldn’t sleep because of you” he said with a smile

“what did I do?”

“u were crying loud.I was sleeping in living room. I heared ur crying so I put ear phones..still I couldn’t sleep” he was trying to make me laugh.I laughed.

“they lost their diamond” he said. I couldn’t get the meaning.


“two idiots. ” he said

“I can’t get u” I was clueless

“u will get me try to sleep.good night” he walked to living room.

“thanks and good night juni” as I said juni smiled and closed the door.

2 years ago when I and Fahim were best friends. I got a friend request from Junish. when I told him about Junish he said juni is his cousin and he thinks that my account is fake account of Fahim. it was funny.

mine and Fahim’s likes and dislikes are same.even our thinking is same..but Allah decided something for us.that’s why we both are now ‘just’ friends. I miss those days…Fahim always talks funny. we both talked for hours but never
bored.he was something to me.maybe still he is.but I wasn’t anything to him 🙁

my every days start with his good morning texts and ends with his good nights text..we used to chat at late night…slowly he became my habit. ..a bad habit which I never get rid off…

you know I can feel him in every single things of my life..I remember him ,when I hear Arijit Singh’s songs coz he was our favorite. I remember him when I enjoy rain, I remember him when I get sick.I remember him when I eat sweets.I remember him when I scolded by my parents. I remember him when I watch a movie especially fast and furious. I remember him when I read something. I remember him when I see a painting. I remember him when I see guitar….yes I can feel him in every bit of my life..

he made me happy before but he completly changed one year ago.he stopped talking me on calls even he didn’t attend my calls. he stopped texting me.when I text hjm he barely replies or else says I am busy is all because my stupidity. .if I haven’t told him that I love him more than a friend..then he will be with me always like our old times…


Fahim and Aayat is real persons from my life. .u guys ever met friends like them?

Aayat and Fahim’s attitude and everything was same.they get angry on same thing and happy on same thing.

one more question:

can u guess who they are?

good night my souls. ..

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  1. Ruby it was short but gud. I like juni’s character.. And about fahim and aayat.. I can’t guess?? Plz tell us??

    1. me and my best friend

    1. thnx swara

  2. It was very sweet
    If they r real characters frm ur lyf how i can guess !!????, 😉

    1. its me Zayn 😛

  3. What it is real story

    1. story is not real. it is my imagination. but the character Aayat and Fahim is real

  4. Awesome episode, short but cute…juni was cute n funny..fahim n aayat very similar to each other…both r your friends right? ….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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