“Fahim….Fahim….” I screamed.Fahim and three boys came running. .

“What happened? ” four boys asked in unison

I pointed my finger to tv..everyone’s eyes popped out.

“Is that you?” 3D (who wares spectacle)asked..I don’t his name.
I nodded.

“I told you already it is dangerous” fat boy shahid said

“Shut up shahi..” Junish slapped shahid’s head.

The news was like this ‘a malayali(keralite) housewife hit her husband and his friend and ran away with money and jewellery. Two men are in ICU’
My photo were also shown in TV.

“Now how can u get the tickets for India? ” shahid asked

“We have a way” 3D said

“What’s it?” Fahim asked

“India embassy” 3D said

“How man!!! Look every news channel is showing her photo and u r thinking that embassy will believe us?” Junish asked

” i don’t know…this is the only way” 3D looked at me and smirked.

“Only we four know that she is here..right?” Fahim askes to the boys

“Yes” boys said

“No” I said

“What u mean?” Fahim questioned

“I mean I too know I am here and Allah knows” I said

“This girl is out of her mind” fatty shahid said

“Ni poda thadiya”(u go away fatty) I mocked

“Now u go and sleep, Aayat” Fahim said

“Guys we will discuss about this tomorrow” Fahim said to boys.

I went to Fahim’s room.I cried thinking about my past..I was strong once. After my marriage I became weak…I remember how Mubarak treated me from our wedding night to tonight’s

I saw the boys turning off the lights..I was waiting for them to sleep because I want to cry like the hell. .I covered my face with my hands and burst out…I felt someone’s on my shoulder. .I looked at the man who stand beside me.a pair of eye with full of concern…

Who will be it Fahim or Junish??
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Credited to:Ruby

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  1. I thnk its fahim. . . Updt nxt part n emerald too 🙂

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  2. I think its juhish yaar so sad for her

  3. Now wat will happen to aayat… I think that will be Fahim..
    Update soon dr and Also other stories if possible…

    1. sure dr..inn emerald theerum to

  4. May be fahim so sad of her

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  5. i thinkf ahim

  6. Ruby thanks for sending “bd” but sorry to say my email id stucked that’s why i didn’t check that one never mind yaar plz don’t be upset dear im checked it soon. ok liveit “how ru my dear friend?, how is ur married life? Y did’t u write remainig ffs they r allso intresting, ur my best ff writer, i inspire ur fasanating writings, really: actually i am so busy to my domestic works&job my kid&my family but i love ur writings ok bye

    1. I am fine dr…so u r married? ??? wow great…u have kids too…. 😀

  7. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy, poor aayat…she had to bear a lotttttttttt. ..both jerks r in icu…good job aayat…fahim is real gentleman, caring n best friend…aayat’s words “I n Allah knows I’m here” so cute n funny. ..she can’t control her overwelming tears…I think it’s fahim who came to console her….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. next part is posted

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