Fahim took me to his appartment where he and his 3 cousins was 10 at night..
“My cousins are not here.I was ina party with them.I made an excuse to come to you”

“Thanks Fahim”

“Go and change your clothes” he opened a room for me.his flat has 2 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall and a balcony.

I freshen up and changed into my churidar..I only have some undergarments and two wich i wore when i came here other one now i am wearing and i have my abaya also.because I couldn’t pack my all things suddenly. I heared some noise. I opened the door. There were 3 boys with Fahim. .Iam sure they are his boy is tall and handsome second one is wearing spectacle third one is fatty..

“Aayat..”Fahim called.I went to hall where the four boys standing

“Hai everyone” I said to everyone

They looked at me with wide eyes.

“Fahim it is dangerous to keep her here” fatty said

“What danger shahid?” Tall boy asked

“She hit two men and ran away..they will file a case on her” the spectacle boy said..he was looking like a genius.

“She was helpless dude..that’s why she hit them” Fahim said..I liked it when he stands for me.

“I am sorry guys..I didn’t meant to trouble you..I will go from here once I get my ticket to India

“We didn’t meant that Aayat” tall boy said

“You are not going anywhere” Fahim said
If anyone have problem with her, they can go from here..I won’t stop them” saying this Fahim went to his room.

Spectacle boy and fat boy looked at each other while tall boy said

“Maybe you are hungry.come with me” he invited me to kitchen.I sat on a chair.tall boy gave me pasta and orange juice.

“I am Junish, Fahim’s cousin”

“Aayat…Fahim’s…bes..i cut in middle coz i think i am not his best friend i told..Fahim’s friend”

“If u feel tired you can sleep in my room.” He gave me a broad smile..I nodded at him.

“Don’t worry about her juni..i can take care of her.she will sleep in my room” Fahim said.he was standing in kitchen door.

“Its her choice fahi..she can sleep wherever she wants..right Aayat? ” junish asked

“Yeah” I said

“Come boys let’s cleam the room” Fahim called everyone

“Finish ur food I will be back” junish said..I nodded at him and eat my food like I didn’t eat for years..

After having dinner I went to hall.I searched for remote but I couldn’t get it..that time the fat boy was going to kitchen. .I called him.


“Eh…” He looked at me puzzled and pointed to him

“Me?” He asked

“Yeah you..where is remote controller” I asked

He went to kitchen then came to me..

“Here” he said in an angry tune

“Thank u thadiya” I smiled at him.he went without saying anything.

I turn on the tv..I put a news channel. .coz I wanted to know whether they gave a statement or not..I am pretty sure abid and Mubarak’s injury is not that much bad..


Thadiya:fatty in Malayalam

Was this okey???

Whether I continue this story or not??? Let me know buddies. ..if u guys are not interested then I will stop writing. .

Credited to:Ruby

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