ananya, vivi, rose, hayathi, faima, liya and roma (i am sorry if i forget anyone’s name)thnx for always supporting me buddies. .. zayn, sara and swara….thank u for reading and commenting…

we reached Dubai.his friend Abid came to pick us.we are sharing a home with Abid and his family. .but i didn’t see his family in our home. .

two days passed. .Mubarak never changed..he always loves my body…he never asked am I happy or not..I was living like a bird which kept in a cage.


“Aayat. ..Aayat” someone shook my shoulder.

I couldn’t open my eyes..I was shivering. .

“AAYAT” the man shouted

I opened my eyes with much difficulties. .my head was paining.I looked at the was Abid who shook me…I gulped. .I forget about all pain of my body and sat on my bed and wrapped my self in duvet.

“you know what time is this????” abid asked

I nodded no

“6’O clock..and u r still sleeping. ..Mubarak is super angry. ..I told him I will wake u up..if he were in my place he had threw u frm bed”

I tried to get up…I feel dizzy. .I was about to fall Abid caught me from my waist…I get shocked and pushed his hand away..

“hey u r burning. ..let me check” he came near me and put a hand in my forehead. .

“u have fever..let me tell Mubarak” he went to hall

I went to bathroom and brushed my teeth..I put a shawl on my head and went to kitchen. .

“Aayat” a gasp fell on my neck


he kissed in my neck

“Abid is right…u r burning” his grip in my waist tighten..I closed my eyes..

“now u r hot” saying this he laughed loud.

Abid came to kitchen. .

“I am going to shop” abid said.

“without having breakfast? ” Mubarak asked

“she is sick..I will have from hotel”

“no need..Aayat will make breakfast for us..right Aayat? ” Mubarak asked

I nodded and started to make breakfast. .Abid went back to hall..Mubarak stayed with me..he helped me!!!!!! I thought maybe he is changing for better…

he took my hand in his..I looked at him and gave him a smile. I was weak but was happy too coz of his sudden change. .

he pulled me to him.I wrapped my hands around him..he cupped my face.he leaned to kiss me.he pressed his lips on mine. .I kissed him back..

“Mubarak” Abid came there..I unwrapped my hands but Mubarak still hold me by waist.I felt awkward. .

“why did u interrupted between our kiss? ” Mubarak asked

I looked at him shockingly. .he is saying our personal matter to his friend.

“it wasn’t ur first kiss na…u always kiss her” abid said with a grin on his face..

“breakfast fast is ready” I said and removed his hands from my waist.

after having breakfast Abid left..Mubarak stayed with me.I went to our room. .Mubarak came with a glass of water and tablet..

“wanna go to hospital? ” he asked

“no…I am ok” I lied.

he lift me and put me on bed..then lay beside me.

“I want to sleep” I said

“I will make u sleep baby” I know what he meant…I was wrong. .he didn’t change. .he was acting. .still he want force him on me.

he put his hans on my waist..his fingers playes in my stomach. .

“how did he check ur fever?” he asked

“what?” I asked back in a shock..

“where did Abid touched in ur body?” he asked shamelessly

I pushed his hand and sat on our bed

WHAT IT MEANS MUBARAK? ?? I first time rised my voice coz he is doubting in my character

“did he gave the fun which I gave ….” I cut him off with a hard slap..

“don’t dare to point finger on my character Mubarak. ..I didn’t say anything till doesn’t means that I can’t rise my hand” I breathed heavily

he looked at me with anger in eyes..he stormed to hall..I didn’t cry..I was really frustrated. .

because of sickness I slept…

I heared someone’s talking. ..Mubarak was talking in phone. .it was about some deal..I tried to listen more..but he was talking in low voice. ..

he came to room. .I pretend to sleep. .

“Aayat” he called. .I looked at him

“I a m sorry. ..I was teasing u but u took me wrong” he apologized

was he really sorry for his deeds??? I can’t trust him..

he cupped my face

“I am sorry Aayat. ..I am really sorry” he kissed me bt I didn’t kiss him back..

was it boring? ???

Aayat is a strong woman but she is silent for her family’s sake..she will become old strong Aayat in next chapter.

I wanna know which is ur favorite story of mine?

1.why so much pain in your love?
2.fragrance of love
3.Emerald. .the devine love are mine

favorite jodi


supporting pairs

1.Aparna (appu)-Sidharth (sid)

if any other character u like mention it also…

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  1. Hi ……I want to know where this Fawad khan and Mahira Khan ‘s show humsafar (Pakistani show)or its just there pic

    1. no dear I just used the pic for my story. .this story is nothing to do with fawad’s Humsafar. .. anyways thnx for commenting 🙂

  2. so sad for aayat

  3. i like your story humsafar my favorite jodi is aisha zayn

    1. thnx swara dr

  4. My fav story.. . . FRAGRANC OF LOVE , i dnt knw y bt i luvd dat story vry much n was sad wen it ended. . .

    I luv al the jodi’s, al r my fav. . . If askd one, den i luv mehru n anwar and sona alan. . . 🙂 😀

    supprtng jodi is obviously sid n appu. . .dey r so cute n funny 😀 😉

    in the on air ffs, al r my fav. U r jst awsm dr. . . Cuz i feel dat der is some kind f social msg in ur evry story n dey r wonderful dr 😀 :-)Luv u n keep doing gud 🙂

    1. mine too dr…I don’t like to write a story without a message. .and I can’t write a common love story without a social message. ..thnq so much for ur support dr…love u too

  5. Yaa ruby i like fasanate, love story’s strong woman charecters indipendent. This one ok intresting

  6. Fragrance of love my fav dr actually i like all ur ff….. but fragrance of love a symbol of mother love thats why i like it more… sona alan was my facourite couple…. roma and suyash supporting was nice

    1. thnq so much for commenting dr

  7. Evn ma fvrt ffragrance of lve.. actually I lkd name of stry..cpl..sona nd alan. y so much pain in your lve also nce..sid nd appu…Ma fvrt cute cpl..nd itha where is ua biography?

    1. dr actually njan athu vendan vechu…sorry da

  8. I m feeling sorry for Ayat and by the way your all stories are awesome I personally read them all I just loved MehWar jodi

    1. thnq so much dr

  9. I luv all ur ff its very great Ruby plzzzz update u r mine ff its very interesting andwant to see their romance nand rubi who is the hero of this story mubharak or his frnd plzzzzzzzzz cmnt

    1. u can read you are mine in morning dr…I will reveal the pair soon

  10. Hi di!! I loved ur both the new stories too. This man , Mubarak , I just hate him !! Wish that Aayat soon takes a stand . Sorry I couldn’t comment earlier. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. thnx dr…Mubarak will pay for his deeds soon

  11. Hai ruby I think I am a bit late.. Coming to today’s episode felt bad for Aayat. I want her to be strong and that slap was well deserved.
    My fav ff is fragrance of love. Even now I used to read it. But I also love ur other stories also. Fav jodi will be mehwar and support sid-appu. The last two stories have just been started na need to go little more to be clear of jodis. And frnship betwn jery and emerald Also is cute.. Overall I love everything u write.
    Keep writing.. Love you dear..

    1. your comment means a lot to me dr…my favorite is also fragrance of love 😀

  12. Ente fav fragrance of love.pinne innathe ep super aayirunnu.mubarakin angane thanne venam.ayath be strong yaar.

    1. thnq so much dr

  13. No doubt….my fav jodi is Mehrin and Anwar….no one can replace dem….. And fav story FOL…..and i lyk all ur stories tooo…tc

    1. thnx vivi

  14. Hi rubyyyy dearyyy…it’s really superb epi…aayat slapped mubarak…wow…he really needed this …so cheap n ridiculous guy…I love aayat’s boldness…so brave…ruby wow I love all your stories…you’re asking to choose, but I love each and every one and all the characters…your hard work behind all these precious gems…with each story you made a very special place in my heart…first I liked your simple cute story of Alan n sona…then I became your fan with fragrance of love, n then emerald,n now this n you’re mine…no I can’t choose…I love them all equally…no love you the most for sharing these amazing stories with us….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh, take care dear friend

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