We moved to new apartment. Shahid was sad cos he don’t get homemade food now. I promised him that we will have lunch together in every Friday. Shahid, shabeer and Junish helped us in arranging the appartment. It was a small apartment but beautiful. 

“Now I can kiss my wife without any interruption” Fahim whispered in my ear.I chuckled a little. He hugged me from back.

“Fahim, let me do works”




“I want to talk to Farha”

Farha is Fahim’s little sister.she is only eight. She loves me so much.

“She must be angry. I didn’t talked to her since I came her”

“Wait..I am dialling to her” Fahim dialled his mother’s number. 

“Salam, you doing” Fahim talked to his mother.

I moved from there giving him personal space.

“alhamdulillah, I am fine. ummi did you met Aayat’s mother ?” I heared him asking. it means he told his mother about us.then why didn’t he tell me anything?

“yeah..she is doing well. ummi Aayat wants to talk to fari” Fahim said to his mother.

“here..fari is on line” Fahim forwarded his phone.

“fari” I hear fari calling my name on phone.

“I won’t talk to you. you forgot me” she said in a sad tune.

“no fari.I didn’t forgot you. I was in a mess baby.”

“what mess?” she asked out of curiosity.

“it was a big people thing. your brother helped me to make everything clear”

“yeah..he is a super brother” Farha chuckled.

“a super husband too” I said while looking at Fahim. he gave me one his beautiful made me blush a little.

“when did you marry him?” Farha asked. oh no! no one knows about our marriage except the three cousins and Fahim’s mother.

“fari, promise me that you won’t say anything to anyone. only then I will tell you everything” I demanded

“okey pinky promise”

“Fahim married to me a month ago.but no one knows”

“I got it aay. I won’t let anyone know about your marriage” this little girl is really have a bright brain. that’s why I love her so much

“that’s my girl.can u please give the phone to ummi?” I requested.

“yeah sure. ummi , aay want to talk to u” fari always calls me aay.

“Assalamualaikum ummi”

“Walaikum u doing? ”

“alhamdulillah ummi. going well. we are going to tell dad about our marriage”

“no Aayat. he will get angry”

“how long we can hide it ummi? ”

“I don’t know mole.but I am afraid that he will do something to you or your family. I don’t want something to happen you” hearing my family a small tear dropped from my eyes. Fahim was sitting opposite to me. he sat beside me and wiped the tears then gave me a side hug.

“ummi…how is my parents and Aliah?” Aliah is my younger sister. she is in high school. she and fari both are in same school.

“all are fine dear. I met your mother two days ago. I told her everything you went through”

“what did ammi said? is she angry with me?” I was asking questions one by one.

“your ammi is not angry with you and I made your abbu understand what happened with. he want to talk to you. he said that he is feeling guilty for not trusting on his own daughter” hearing about my ammi and abbu I couldn’t stop crying.

Fahim cut the call saying he will ring ummi later. I cried in his chest. he wrapped his arms around me. I was happy and sad at same time. I was happy for my parents understood me. I was sad that I can’t tell them that I married to a best man in the world.

slowly slumber consumed me. I fell asleep in Fahim’s arms.


an emotional chapter after a long time. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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