Aayat’s POV

we broke our kiss and look at the person. it was Junish.

“I am sorryyy” he bit his tongue.

“damn it! juni.can’t you knock the door?” Fahim shouted at Junish.

“sorry, man. I came yo give this” Junish gave my passport and visa.

Fahim looked at Junish with anger. I was embarrassed.

“I am sorryyy”

“next time knock the door” Fahim pushed Junish out of the room.

“I will go and make dinner for you” I turned the door knob.



“I didn’t complete my…”

“FAHIM” I rolled my eyes.


“NO…go and take bath” I pushed him to. bathroom and locked the door from outside.

“Aayat. the door. ”

“first freshen up then I will open the door”

Fahim slammes on the door for two three times.I ignored it and went to make dinner for everyone

“open the door, aay” Fahim shouted from bathroom I went to him and unlocked it. he smirked at me.I chuckled.

“my handsome hubby” I ppinched his cheeks.

“aww it hurts aay” he pushed my hands away.

“Fahim. .”

“hmm” he put his clothes on.

“did you tell your parents about our marriage? ”


“why?” I want them to know about us. or else they will think that I made their son to hide things from them.

“I don’t know how to tell them. dad is really a short tempered person.” I saw sadness in Fahim’s eyes.

” you have to tell one day so tell him as soon as possible. ”


“I am thinking about to change apartment” suddenly Fahim spoke while having his dinner.

“I am sorry man.I t won’t happen again” Junish said in regret.

“what happened” shahid asked.

I was sitting embarrassed thinking about the incident.

“not cos of that juni. actuall if we stay here Aayat have to ware her hijab all day and she can’t do anything independent.” Fahim said.

“then you both wish” Junish gave a satisfied smile.

“guys, tomorrow I am going to tell about us to dad”

“are you sure?” shabeer asked.

“yes” Fahim said.


Fahim called to his dad before going to bed. but his dad said that he is busy for few days. he will come over to us after few days.

“are you happy now” Fahim asked to me.I was playing in my phone.

“yes” I kissed pn his left cheek. he turned his right cheek and said.

“look he is crying. he too wants a kiss”

”I am not in a mood” I teased him.

“really? ”


“I know how to take it from you”

he pulled me towards him.


what will be Fahim’s dad’s reaction when he get to know about Aayat?

wanna know? then read next chapter. .

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  1. awesomee…just loved it….eagerly waiting 🙂

    1. thanks cutie

  2. Ssssssssss really wanna knw…. Awesome…. Ya dr try to continue she nd her kidnapper…. Plzzzzz its also left behind a big surprise of their past…
    But do it wen u have tym … Wonderful lovly tc bye….

    1. give me few days dr. I will update kidnapper also. I am busy with house chores.

  3. Supr episode.. Loved it.. I wish ayat’s family understands..

    1. yeah Anu. but they are not going to understand her so fast

  4. Like it..Feeling bad fr them bcz they r going to seperate.Bt it’s true if Ayaat live here she have to face diffculties cz they r not her mahrum..I frget to tell u that my niece name is also Ayaat.She is a very inteligent girl of 2.5 years.She lives in Katar.I miss her a lot.U know d best part is she calls me “ULALA”too much funny,right?1 more que,is ur profile pic is of a girl wearing abaya & doing nikab in a sitting position?Srry fr so much of my bakbakani.Bt i love to communicate with ppl:P And u r my talentent sis so u have to bear me too! Oh!I think i miss chapi 13,so i’m going to read that.Bye..

    1. Srry,i made a is *talented* Not talentent, in hurry i didn’t check what i d way what do u do?r u seriously a student leader?

    2. hahaha Aayat really funny baby. and I love people who blabbers a lot cos I am one of them 😉 and the same time I like to sit silently. strange na? offo forgot to answer your question. yep that’s my dp. a girl with white dress and blue hijab. give my sweet kisses to Aayat. . if she calls you ulala then what did she calls me? 😀

  5. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very much. keep it up honeyyy …love you loads

  6. Nice dear…Wanna know Fahim’s dad reaction…Hope everything will b fine..

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