Aayat’s POV

today was my case hearing. it was Mubarak’s case which he filed against me. Mubarak’s lawyer accused that I tried to kill Mubarak and his friend Abid for money. but my lawyer easily proved that I was treated badly by Mubarak and I did all this for self defence. the court decided that free me from this case and giving punishment for Mubarak for false accuse.

I looked at Fahim. he smiled at me. thanks Allah I won my first case. I am sure I will win the second one too 🙂 .


shabeer, shahid and junish were really happy. the three of them were in celebrating mood. I just wanted to sleep cos I was so tired.

“I want to take some rest” I said to everyone. they all nodded. Fahim came with me to room.

“aay” he came close to me and cupped my face.

“you are brave….”

“….because of you, fahim .”

we both smiled at same time.

“take rest” he let go off me and went to hall.

I slept for some time. I woke up when I heared Fahim’s voice.

“dinner is ready.come”

I nodded at him. he extended his hand.I took it in mine and went to dining room.

“thanks, guys” I say

“thank to your lovely husband. he made all this.we just helped him in cutting and chopping” Junish said.

I looked at Fahim. he winked at me. I intertwined our hands and whispered ” thank you”

he gave me a side hug and said “everything for you”


after 2 days.

today was my second case hearing which I filed against Mubarak.

my doctor gave her statement about my health condition. judge was satisfied with my medical report cos my doctor waa famous for her sincerity.

again we have won. now I am free from all this. I wanted to talk to my parents. Fahim made me to call them. but they are not ready to take me back.

I couldn’t control myself from bursting out. Fahim hugged me tight.

“everything will be fine, Aayat. I will make them understand. please stop crying” he was caressing my hair.I nodded my head.

“now give me a beautiful smile”

“I am not beautiful” I say.

Fahim got angry. he let go off me and went to Junish.

“juni, I am going to office.I took half day leave. ” he said while heading to his car.

“what about Aayat? ” juni asked.

Fahim didn’t say anything. he drove off. shit! how stupid I am. I am made him angry.



I opened the door for Fahim. he didn’t looked at me.

“shahid, give me a glass of water.”

instead of shahid I gave him water.

“I don’t want” he went to our room. I went after him.

“I am sorry”

he was searching for his clothes. I took a green t-shirt and gave to him. he snatched it from me.

” I don’t want your story. ”

“please please please”

he stepped closer and closer to me and I stepped back until I hit the wardrobe. I gulped.he looked straight in to my eyes.

“don’t ever say that again. you are the most beautiful girl for me. understand? ” saying this he pressed his lips against mine. I smiled and then kissed back.

suddenly someone opened the door of our bedroom.


I know it has been tooo long I didn’t update this story. sorry for that.

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  1. wow nice episode. ..who could hav opened the door? thnx fr updating. .update nxt epi asap….n also emerald n kidnapper. ..

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  6. Hey ruby I just loved this episode.. Gud one.. Keep going will be waiting for nxt part…

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