I love u so much dr.u r one of my good friend in TU.this chapter is dedicated to u LACHU dear.

chapter 12

i went police station with Fahim, Robert and my lawyer ahmad bin jaleel. police arrested me but my lawyer gave them bail papers. I filed a case against Mubarak and Abid. my lawyer asked about Mubarak and Abid’s condition.officer said that Abid’s one kidney got crushed coz of my stabbing and Mubarak got a terrible headache which will taunt him all over his life.fahim took me to a corner of the police station and asked “when did u learn this type of defence, ay?” he was shocked about my ex hus and his frnds conditions as I am.

“it was situation fahi.”
“hmm but come back to ur old avatar, the tomboy” he pated on my shoulder. I gave h im a small smile.

“where is ms.Aayat living after that incident? ” officer asked to my lawyer looking at our direction.

“she is living with her friend Fahim” lawyer declared

“is that boy Fahim? ” officer points towards Fahim. I and Fahim went to them.

“yes officer. I am Fahim, Aayat’s best friend” they both shook hands

“don’t u know the rules of this country? an unmarried couple can’t stay together” officer gavr a piercing look at us.

“I know sir.but she don’t know anyone here except me.she was afraid too” Fahim said in defence. oops I don’t know about the law but Fahim know. still he and his cousins gave me shelter.

“officer, she is mentally week.I can prove is her medical report” my lawyer Ahmad gave him some papers which indicates my mental condition.officer read it and nodded at us.

“I want to talk to dr.chitra. ” officer said.
Robert called to doctor to come to station. after 10 minutes doctor came.she gave her statement to officer.

“mr.Ahmad, aayat can’t live with Fahim. coz they don’t have any relation apart friendship.and u know all the laws of our country” officer said to Ahmad.

“what u want to say, officer? ” Ahmad questioned

“u know about government’s hostel for girls who lost their family. she can stay there untill her case get close” officer informed.I panicked. I clutched in to Fahim’s hand.I am afraid of crowd. Ahmad think for a second. then looked at me.

“I think it is a nice idea.u can stay in hostel” Ahmad said. I hesitantly shook my head.dr.chitra looked at me and then my tight hold in Fahim’s hand.

“she can’t stay there, officer” dr.chitra spoke.

“why? any problem? ”

“yes. she only can stay with Fahim. only his touch calms her when she got violent. she needs him.she can recognize his touch even if she unconscious” dr.claimed

“but u know the rules doctor. if they broke the rules the should get poisoned. ” officer said.thank god he wasn’t a jerk.

“can I talk to u personally, mr.Fahim” Ahmad my lawyer asked suddenly. they both went to the corner.

Fahim’s pov

“Aayat is ur friend, ryt?” Ahmad asked
“best friend” I corrected him
“u will do anything for her?” it was a question. but my Answer was firm. “yes, I will do anything to make her happy”
“seems u love her” Ahmad smirked. I smiled at his thought. this is y we always says don’t lie to doctor and lawyer. dr.chitra know that I love Aayat now her lawyer too.I nodded at him.

“then marry her.only then u can keep her with u.otherwise police will send her to hostel and her condition will worse” I choked on air when I heared the words from lawyer Ahmad bin jaleel’s mouth.

“I wanted to marry her but I couldn’t coz of my family” I said to myself but it come out.

“u can convince ur family once u get marry.first they will fight bt later thry will accept” Ahmad said.if I say no Aayat will be send to hostel and I can’t help her when she screams.if I say yes my family will push me out of home but Aayat will save.she is in this state coz of me so I have to help her out from this situation.

“okey.I am ready to marry her” I said in horse voice. Ahmad gave me a thumps up.we went back to them.Aayat was looking curious.

“officer, no need to send her hostel. she can stay with me” I said. officer gavr me a question look.

“I am going to marry her” this time I witnessed 4 bright smile and one shocked face.obviously the shocked face was Aayat’s.

“best decision, Fahim” dr.chitra said and she hugged Aayat.

“u can’t do this fahi.” Aayat shouted
“I can, aay.u r in this state coz of me.if I accept u earlier u never be in this case” I said.she opened her mouth to say something but I stopped her with my finger on her lip.

“just shut up.I don’t want more argument. we r going to marry. okey”
she nodded at me.thank god it was court time.we went to court.I called juni and Fahim. coz we need two witness from both of our side.we got married with all our religious rituals.

it was an unexpected marriage for both of us.

once again happy birthday LACHU. I didn’t wished u in comment coz I wanted to give u surprise. so here is the surprise in form of AAYFA’s (Aayat+Fahim) unexpected marriage. stay happy dear.

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