recaps:Aisha recognizes Fahim’s touch even in her unconscious state.

Aisha’s pov

we came to our appartment. shabeer’s mother called and told the four boys to come to their home.every friday the four boys stays with shabeer’s parents. Fahim. decided to stay with me.I told him that I want to call my dad.

I called my father.

“who is this” abba asked

“abba, it is me, aayat”

“why did u call me, u murder” clear anger was visible in his voice

“abba, I didn’t kill anyone. he was tried to..abba cut me off “u almost kill ur own husband and u steal his money too.was this I taught u, Aayat? ” he was fuming in anger

“u heared wrong, abba.he waa selling me to someone” I said as tears started flowing from eyes.Fahim squeezed my hand.

“he and his family told me that u will say like this..shame on u Aayat” hearing this I felt dizzy.he planned everything. he told my family that I am bad not he.

“fu*k u man.u r trusting a bastard not ur own daughter. what type father u r” Fahim yelled at my dad on phone

“so u tried to kill ur husband for this Badtameez” abba asked me

I open my mouth to say something but Fahim spoke instead ” she don’t have to prove herself to a man like day u will get to know she was right and u will regeret about ur word” je hung up the phone.

I looked ay Fahim teary eyed.he consoles me.

after two days dr.çhitra (I forgot doctor’s it same name?) called.she want to meet mr.Fahim invited her to our their home became mine too.she checked me and told that physically I am well but not mentally. she suggests us to meet someone from Indian embassy and tell my problem. one of her friend is working in indian embassy. so she told us that she will make us to meet her friend.

the next day I and Fahim went to dr.chitra’s home. there was her friend Robert Zechariah. he greeted us.he recognize me.

“Aayat. .u r police searched for u all over in dubai and indian police thought that u went back to india.but u r still here” he said in amusement. I gave him a tight smile

“u know mr.Robert, she didn’t do anything wrong.she was doing self defense” Fahim said

“you?” mr.Robert asked to Fahim

“my friend” I say.Robert nodded

“Aayat, why didn’t u went to police station after harming ur husband an his friend?”

“she was afraid like the hell.that’s why she came to me.I was the only who she can trust blindly” Fahim spoke again for me.I looked at him with I can feel his love in hus words. Robert looked at dr.

“chitra, can’t Aayat talk? my all questions aee answered by her friend” Robert complained.

I can talk but I was afraid of every man except Fahim’s cousins. but I will afraid of them if I were alone with them.I was holding Fahim’s hand tight.

“she can talk but u know mentally she is weak. she is afraid of every people especially men and their touch.” doctr spoke

“she is holding a man’s hand, chitra” Robert smirked

“Robert, she is normal only with him.only his touch can calm her” doc said.

“it is weird” Robert said as he gave me a strong look.I looked down and tightened my grip on fahim’s hand.Fahim held me tight and mouthed ‘I am with u’

“it is not weird for us, doctors” doctor said.Robert nodded.

“okey, Aayat. file a case against ur ex husband” Robert said as he stood up from his seat.

“ex?” Fahim asked.

“yeah..he divorced her when he got consiousness.” Robert said buly to us and went.

I was little happy coz he divorced me.we went back to our home.tomorrow qe have to file a case against my ex husband. I decided to become strong. and I have some people who loves me and encourages me and I have my almighty too.


thnx for ur support and love everyone. .love u all..

I forgot Aayat’s ex husband name also. I think her ex husband’s friend name was Abid. if any1 remember pls let me know. .

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  1. aayat ex husband name mubarak dear

    1. thnq soooo much sanju dr

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    1. thnx dr

  3. Seriously how can her father say like that with his daughter

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  5. Ruby w I was happy to see that u posted this story.. I just hate Ayat father. Wat kind of father us he.. Now its fight back time rit… Update kidnapper also if possible.. Love you..

  6. I will update kidnapper and emerald in two days dr..I am in a bit confusion. I was writing the next chapter but there is somethings about law of Dubai which I am not aware of.if anyone know about stabbing someone in self defence is prefered as crime or not?

  7. good episode…felt vry happy to c u back…update asap…

  8. Hi Ruby di ! I jzt nw realised u were writing another story – humsafar. So I immediately read all the 11 chap. And it was awesome. I mean ur a fantastic writer. Love u !! If I were a boy na I could have surely proposed u. ?? Pls update she and the kidnapper. Sorry I am always asking u to update something or other. But u no I addicted to ur stories.

  9. Awesome episode ruby dearrryyyy it’s superbbbb, I’m glad that aayat’s husband divorce her…loved fahim a lotttttttttt. …she is in very good hand, who she truths blindly n he tooo loves her blindly…but why did he reject her proposal in the past?…keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

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