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chapter 10

we went to karama centre (mall).I was wearing my niqab (veil) so no one can recognize me.Junish said to us (me&Fahim) to go and select clothes for me they (Junish, shahid&shabeer) will be in men’s section. we headed to buy clothes for me.Fahim was holding my hand through out the shopping. I felt secured.

when I went to buy some undergarments he let go off me and waited for me.I smiled at his behavior coz he didn’t embarass me to come the undergarments section.

I selected some and said the girl tl make my bill.I went to where Fahim was standing. he was smiling at eyes are on Fahim.I didn’t look at cause me to bump to someone. I was about to fall but the man grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him.a sudden fear passed through out my body.

Fahim’s POV

I was waiting for Aayat.after few minutes she appeared. I am sure she was smiling inside her niqab.I smiled at her.suddenly she bumped to a man.she was about to fall but the man pulled her tiwards him by her dare he put his hand on her waist? I gritted my teetg and went towards them.

Aayat screamed and shouted at the man.she looked panick and she hited the man with her leg and hand.she was acting like crazy.the man waa dumbstruck. everyone thought he did something bad to her but I know he didn’t. I told the people he is innocent and she is my WIFE.I don’t know why I said that.aayat didn’t stop screaming and hitting the man.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her to my body.when I touched her she stopped hitting. I hugged her tight and whispered to calm hug made her calm down.everyone went back to their old lady came to us and put her hand on Aayat’s head.

“some bad dream is haunting her, son.look, ur touch made her her more, she will become fine” I smiled at the old lady.

Aayat was unconscious. I called juni and told him about Aayat’s condition.the two boys said that they will pay the bills and take the clothes.I and juni went to hospital with Aayat.

doctor was Junish’s friend athira’s mom Dr.chitra.I told everything about Aayat. she was shocked.

“she was tortured badly.that’s why she is afraid of men’s will take her time to recover. ” dr.chitra said.

“but doctor she become calm whenever Fahim touches her” Junish said

“is it Fahim? ” I nodded at her

she stood up from her seat and went to the bed where Aayat was lying.

“juni, come here” she called juni to Aayat’s side

“now touch her..and tight ur grip whenever I say” she ordered to juni.juni obeyed.he touched lightly in Aayat’s hand.then tightened the grip as Dr. said.Aayat jerked his hand away and screamed. whenever juni touched her she acted crazy.she pushed his hands away and threw her hand and legs in air.I can’t see her like this..i don’t care about the doctor or anyone.i want her to be ok.I got up from my seat and pulled Aayat into a hug.immediately she stopped her actions. still her eyes were closed.

“this is what I wanted to see” Dr. chitra said with a huge smile.I and Junish looked at her furrowed eyebrows.

“what u mean doctor” I asked

“u see, juni’s touch was an other man’s touch for her but yours not.she can recognize ur touch in a second. only u can make her fine, Fahim” she said with a hope

“I will doctor. I want to see her as old Aayat”

afyer few minutes aayat got consciousness. we went back to our appartment.shabeer and shahid were already there.

“aay..u go and take rest” I dropped her in her room. she nodded.

“fahi, I need to talk to u” juni grabbed me to living room and locked the door.

“what’s the matter juni?”

“why u care about her so much? why u want the old Aayat back?” juni’s question made me shock..


love u all..February 28th is one of the best day in my life.I talked to my best friends for hours. . 😀 one was our Fahim (I am not revealing his real name) another one Appu (vidya) …they both are my weakness.

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