Humrahi ( segment 9 )


in the night I could not sleep and kept tossing n turning ..  I thought hard about a person in whom I could confide my feelings… of anger… shock.. n disgust ….n then it struck that maybe I shud go to the river side n talk to the nighmare guy ..maybe … I don’t know y but at this time he was only the recourse that I could find .. .. so I got up and got dressed and headed towards the river side ..
the moon was shining bright as it was full moon night.. the water was calm with a big reflection of the Moon in the center ..the waterfall making light noise which was calming my mind ..I jus retired under my favourite tree ( obvious I had a favourite tree as I have been going to this place since like ever ) and dint realised when I dozed off …
his point of view –
I got up with a start … I dont know y..  I hadnt seen a nightmare or anything like that … the fan was on its usual speed … I wasn’t even  thirsty … nor was it morning …. then y..?
I sat up on my bed wondering what to do … cz sleep was miles away now… I decide to read my book … naaah… that wouldn’t do .. then to study..?? … that would surely make me sleep … tried it fr 2 hours but got bored too soon….
then i thought about going fr a walk in the garden…i changed.. n went to the garden  .. my feet automatically turned towards the gate .. n to my surprise they were now heading to my favourite place the river side…
i reached and the scenery i saw there made my jaw drop … in the admist of the whole beautiful scenery was her … sleeping there like an angel that had just decended from the sky… n wad a coincidence she was wearing white too..her innocent face just complemented the scenery  .. I settled myself on the opposite tree and started soakin myself in her beauty..
I dintc realise when I dozed off … seeing her face..
her point of view –
when I got up in the morning .. I saw the nightmare guy sleeping peacefully beneath the tree opposite mine .. his mouth was a little open so I went up to him and closed it… all this while seeing his face.. his soft hair brushing against his forhead.. I lifted my hand thinkin to sette them back so that they wouldnt disturb his peacefull sleep…but soon I realised what I was about to do .. I quickly took control of my hand … and the sudden realisation made me blush… I got up with a sudden jolt and ran all the way only to be stopping at the entrance of my room.

Credit to: Stoneheart

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