Humrahi ( segment 8 )


few days passed by with me enjying my holidays with my cousins ..
my boyfriend again called me to meet this time I agreed without any persuasion.. we again met at our usual spot and this time he said that he will cmplete his wish tday  .I was confused ..
he progressed towards me … I was expecting a hug like the last time …… but to my surprise he did hug me but with so much intensity that it pained .. I asked him to leave me as it was hurtin…but his grip tightened crashing his body more into mine
…he then pinned me to the wall…pressed his body onto mine.. pressing it harder every minute… I could feel all his muscles now…I tried to push him but with my every push his grip tightened.more and more …..
he traced my face with his fingers..
.n then his fingers lingered around my lips …. I couldn’t believe this guy … he was actually going to… before I cud complete my thought process in my head he had actually leaned in closer to my face and I saw lust in his eyes for the  first time n that made me scared…
he leaned in and kissed me ….  his mouth forcing my mouth open but I dint budge .. he tried persuading me with my drug..he kissed the side of my neck..his grip still tight on me..I could feel all his bones on my hand…he again tried to lean on n kiss me this  time his hands travelling places…..well I better not mention this… his tongue trying to open my mouth .. his teeth bitting my lips for me to budge and proving his anger. .. but I dint
… his hands now went up to my T-shirt and tried to open my buttons … I cudn’t take it anymore I pushed him wit all my might..
he suddenly came to his senses and apologised profusely to me… he told me that he needed me…he wanted me and would do anything it take to make me his..his words scared me… n I decided to head home..
. he asked me wether he could walk me home to which I agreed … as soon as we left that place and were on the road he came near me to hold my hand while we walked.. I jerked his hand and asked him to stay away… he unwillingly did so n we walked home in silence …
we reached my place n I din’t even offer him to come inside .. n asked him to just leave..

Guys just wanna say here that physical relations are a part of relationships..they are not the means and end of it..
And they are definitely never a proof of love to your partners..
So pls don’t force your partners for a physical relation if they are not comfortable…


Credit to: Stoneheart

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  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    The way u write your story is fabulous……… whatever u said is cent percent true………. ur ff is just out of the world????

  2. awesome

  3. thanks Natasha and jwala..

  4. thanks k..

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