Humrahi ( segment 7 )


I stood up and again extended my hand and introduced myself and asked him for his name …

he was reluctant at first but then he took my hand and shook it .. and even he introduced himself ..I began laughing seeing him so scared ..
his point of view –

I was actually scared to shake her hand because of that shock … and she thought it to be funny … and started to laugh… I was confused at first but then I realised that she was laughing at me … I was staring at her awestruck .. jus cudnt take my eyes off her ..
as if her smile or seeing her smile like this was the best thing that had happened to me in this world .. like this was what I had wanted all my life .. my sole reason for existence …
her point of view –

I stopped laughing only to realise he was staring at me with his big big the eyes of a cat .. yup they were actually green.. I bet he was half cat ..I asked him wad hppnd he just said nothing and we settled down to talk and know more about each other .. soon I dint realize and it was late in the evenin..he offered to drop me home to which I answered in negative .. Me being me the not so abhla nari kinda girl..we reachd the road and headed towards opposite directions ..

each going their way .

Credit to: Stoneheart

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