Humrahi ( segment 6 )


we sat in silence.. dint say word to each other
his point of view –
hi .. how are you ?? I asked her after sme tym finally gathering some courage…she was wearing a blue top and white pants… hey hold on did I say
wearing blue I smiled at this coincidence( I was wearing the same ) and asked her how she was doing??

her point of view –
he said hi and asked how I was.. I coudnt believe my this guy was actually real here or just a part of my hallucination… he again spoke askin me wad I was doing here at the river side as no one ever came here… I was shocked an like a fool I asked him wether I could touch him… like really what was I thinking .. touching an unknown guy …and all..
I was nuts..
his point of view-
she asked me wether she could touch me.. Whatttt??? ..I don’t know why but my heart just said a big yaay .. I slowly extended a shivering hand towards her and she quickly grasped it and shrieked .. I quickly freed my hand and got up…as if her touch had given me a current like the one u receive when u touch the electric outlet …Ouch..!
her point of view –
what was that??? omg omg I can’t believe it he is really here..  he the night mare guy… omg omg I can’t believe I jus touched him… but wait what was that .. is he an electric pole..? Hell no he is human then y does he give out shock ??
omg did I scare him.. he stood up with a jerk and now he is standing and staring at me..


Credit to: Stoneheart

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