Humrahi ( segment 59 )


Now i am so sure it was her…she dint leave….she stayed…somebody stayed…somebody loved me…i am not the cursed one anymore…
Suddenly i feel all my fears disappearing into thin air..
A car pulls up in the driveway …hoping it to be her…i run down the stairs …
But … it turns out to be my best friend…
Dint she just say she was with her fiance..??
Sach main ladkiyon ko samajhna bahut mushkil hai..
She walks up to me and engulfs me in a bear ..
“Happy Birthday Bhai ” she says..
“Thanks..But tu yahan kaise??” I question
“Wo i had to give you a gift” and she hands me a pic of someone i was cravig to see..
But the next moment she pulls it back..
“Agar tuze yeh photo chaiye toh meri baat man ni hogi” she says arrogantly..
“Theek hain..!” I sigh defeatedly .
“Chalo shopping..Bhai…i mean its your birthday na..” she says and turns around.
“Huh..? Tu muze shopping le jayegi.?? Kabse..? Teri tabiyat to theek hain na..?” I ask her totally confused at her behaviour..
Okay for F.Y.I ..i hate shopping..i do it only when it is of utmost importance.
“Tune kaha tha tu meri baat manega..”she exclaims..
“Okay chalo” i say with that she hops in on the driver’s seat and soon we are heading to the mall..
We shopped for 3 hours but ended up buying nothing..she rejected every piece of clothing i tried..
We entered the last shop and she nods to the sales executive and he nods back..
What the hell is happening here??
He shows me a dark green blazer…
And she likes it instantly..
Who wears green..?
She forces me to buy it and unwillingly i agree..
When we get home she dosen’t come in..she just asks me to get dressed in the blazer we just bounght and to be ready by 7 ..
Its almost afternoon now so i again try calling her up…i am dying to see her…hear her voice…
Ring ..ring….ring…ring…it goes unanswered again..
“Hath ke lakiro pr aitbar kar lena,bharosa ho to kisi se pyar kar lena,khona pana to nasibo ka khel hai,khushi milegi bus thoda intjar kr lena..” she texts back
Intezar …bass wahi toh nai hota..

I guess intezaar toh apko bhi karna hoga…

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  1. is it a chapter?
    why u write so short?
    take time but at least write something….ye to shuru hotel hi khatam ho gaya

    1. okay darsh .sry to have disaapoint you..

  2. Sree_deeksha

    Awsome one ya….

    1. thanks sree deksha

  3. Its too short….plz write long one…..

    1. thanks avan

  4. Aahna

    In this part also last lines are amazing…
    BT I have one complain y u write such short part.

    1. thank u aahana and m really sorry..

    1. thanks anu

    1. thanks kumu

  5. U always stop when it reaches at the peak ..Kay yaar it’s cheating don’t u think so?and one more thing it’s just awesome the quotes u use as Swara’s messages

    1. thanks diya and yea i love suspense..

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